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Legend states that any who drink this mysterious liquid before lying down for the evening will awaken a new man (or woman).
Well... the legends are true. I bought a bottle of Fantasia from a shady merchant. The next day, I awoke a world away with a new body.
That was a long time ago now, before the three Pony Tribes truly united as one nation. Discord's prison cracking allowed me to break my own petrification and I have to say I'm not happy with how Celestia's been running Equestria in my absence.
My name is Kikiru Kiru. I'm a female Dunesfolk Lalafell, an Adventurer... and I used to be human.

A crossover with Final Fantasy XIV. Heavensward and Stormblood content may or may not be included, as this story was conceived before the announcement of either expansion.

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As a former lv107 Wildwood Elezen Bard/BLM/ Lv102 PLD/WAR, id wreck the floor in equestria

5982172 Hence why I'm currently limiting the individual Jobs to roughly iLVL 50-60.

so wall of text made me skip a lot of reading but description cool. This au interesting so try read The female male adapting has to be hard on him from the female biological strife had to be a eye opener and big changes to old male habits gone lots of awkwardness.

Eorzea! I recognize that bulge! I mean, name!

5983097 Hm... well, considering that the description outright tells you what this is crossed with, it's really not hard to figure out.

Reference lost.
Oh well, I'm sure someone will get it eventually. And then feel ashamed of themselves, and never mention that they got it.

5983417 Honestly, I tried looking it up... and ended up in the vicinity of 4-chan and Tumblr. Not good places to be.

Hence the shame. You were on the right track though.

I had an idea for a FF14 Displaced Crossover. Then I realized I already have enough stories I don't update often enough. :P

Interesting. I'd like to read more, especially as a player of FFXIV, though I never got big into the raiding scene.

If I had to guess the remaining jobs, I'd guess Scholar and Black Mage. I know Scholar would have overlap with White Mage, but frankly it's more believable than White Mage is. Mostly because she is already a level 50 arcanist, and Eros and Selina are summoned beings just like she is used to using as Summoner. Black Mage because it compliments a caster's skill set, as she already showed she can use Swiftcast from Thaumaturge.

Then again, Summoner can also cross-class abilities from Archer, and Bard just seems like the kind of class that would be fun to have in Equestria, especially with all the song and dance routines everywhere.

I wonder why Kikiru Kiru claims that she can't work toward the Adventuring Guild or Chocobos anymore. I assume Chocobos are around, if Apple Bloom knows of them. And if the Adventuring Guild no longer exists, make it again.

5986199 You make several valid points. For the classes, I actually have the remaining two already chosen... and none match up. The thing is, Kikiru found the crystals for the jobs, she didn't directly level/unlock them. For the time being, or at least until I explain it away in-story, operate based on the belief that the Jobs have automatic access to all of the cross-class abilities. I've got a possible explanation and limits for this in the works, but it's not finalized yet.
For the later points, it's very hard to establish a legal guild without the government's permission/acceptance. A thriving and successful guild doesn't just vanish, especially not one that had Celestia's support and membership before. On the Chocobo aspect, it's hard to start a ranch from scratch, especially when you have no land to build on or resources... and see the previous statement about needing government permission.


There are lands other than Equestria. Doubly notable since Eorzea is a small part of the bigger world in which it's in, with hostile entities like the Garlan Empire, so it's not like it's a new idea.

The Crystal Empire itself is outside Equestrian control, though at this point in time it's lost to history.

5986326 Note that in the sentence right after the angry rant, Kikiru mentions the dragons. She's not entirely given up now, but she's not leaving Equestria until Discord's taken care of. The angry rant was just an expression of negative emotion and venting, to let Kikiru clear her head before she made her next moves.



I was just thinking that other nations would absolutely jump on the chance to have her working with them. Especially if she can raise their military standards like it was implied she did in the past. Equestria is, after all, really weak.

It'd be easy to claim that Princess Luna and Kikiru Kiru are under the corruption of Discord, but I doubt that, since Kikiru would have noticed. Even if Kikiru was affected, as a trained adventurer she'd have broken out of the effect after a few minutes at most.

No. Kikiru is having a crisis of faith instead. Not unwarranted since she has been attacked by her former companions and her legacy perverted while she had sacrificed untold years of being trapped in stone and aware. And while she may be willing to make that sacrifice again, even after being told she is considered a villain, she isn't in a rush and Discord isn't bad enough in the short term to waste her newfound freedom.

It may be something else that caused the changes in attitude towards her from the Princesses, but it isn't related to Discord. She'll have to do more research on the matter before deciding if she really has a place there anymore, or if they are under some kind of spell.

Big question is: will Discord be defeated as per canon? In a way, that outcome would only demonstrate the Princesses' point that Kikiru is neither needed nor wanted. But that implies that Kikiru's speech will have no effect, and I'm thinking it will, in a negative way since it's Twilight's faith that carried her through the day canonically.

We are rather curious how those OUTSIDE of Equestria would treat this petite Displaced would be faired? For we believe the Zebras may have likely in some form taken a page and preserved her methods if having gathered that, or the griffons having their own guild, so much world building can be done just by that history that could force Equestria to 'evolve' from that knowledge given out.

And another stories Celestia & Luna I just want to bitchslap with a Power Fist until they cry "Horseapples!" Especially Celsetia. I don´t know why but "manipulative Celestia" and "blindly following, never doubting her big sister despite clear evidence Luna" allways rub me the wrong way. Propably because it´s a total reverse of their cannon characters.

That said, until now your story is really well written and thanks to your notes easy to understand.
The crisis of faith you gave Kikiru totaly tugs all the heartstrings. The small philosophical tid-bits about innocence, good & bad and the defintion of a hero/villian were a neat touch too. I really like such thoughts.

I would bet at least one of my life that the Zebras would treat her well at least. Maybe even the Griffions too. I am not that firm in Final Fantasy lore but methinks Alchemy is a thing there plus the whole "white Magic" and "Resourrection" stuff sounds pretty much like white Voodoo to me and that would fit the Zebras pretty well, would it not?

5992079 A crisis of faith may push her to leave Equestria spreading her knowledge and thus forcing the princesses to try seeking her out. perhaps even Discord sent at some point though it may lead him seeking freedom again...

Hmm, that would be a very interessting twist with oh so many delicious possibilites.
Let us have tee and bicuits while we wait for the future to unfold, yes?

Holy carp, guys! I posted the newest chapter and went to take a nap, only to return to find actual speculation in the comment section. I... I need a moment here.
Canary, good points as always. You're actually forcing me to think about the future of this story a bit, instead of just letting the moment to moment write itself.
Schroedinger... I hate Chessmaster Celestia too. It's not technically outside of her canon either, as she's been shown to manipulate events to push ponies into certain positions, i.e. Twilight's arrival in Ponyville. Normally she's benevolent about it, but when she gets the idea that you're a villain, you're pretty much screwed. Luna's not entirely a blind follower here. There's a bit that we're not seeing from Kikiru's perspective, but let's just say that Celestia was not happy with Luna's interference.
Architect and Schroedinger again, There may well be copies of Kikiru's work preserved in other countries. Or, Celestia could have demanded it be destroyed in diplomatic negotiations. The unfortunate truth is that Equestria has a lot of power thanks to the Princesses' abilities and it also gives them that much more room to browbeat the other nations into submission. That's not to say it couldn't survive in remote places or through a few specific lineages. We'll just have to see, won't we?

5992322 Thou must also take note not all of other nations may as it were, 'accept' what is said. some could outright give a expletive and refuse dealings with said Equestria and become powerful enough to throw their weight locally by the displaced's teachings, others could simply say 'oh of course we'll get right of all this potentially game changing power we could use against you or our neighbors', to which blaming possible 'rogue elements' as possible secret governmental moves.

The Griffons as a example are omnivores by nature and combative, why would they give up on the combative or other hero jobs when they could defend themselves from say dragons or other species from their territory. Even one of Daring Do's main enemies could be seeking knowledge for other means besides himself, we have never seen him not a selfish if or just the last of his kind with a vendetta. control the sun for a thousand years? Sounds like he has issues against a certain alicorn if he wanted to push her territory.


I really liked Kikiru's speech to Twilight, but I thought depending on circumstance and the rules for the setting you have in mind it may have even gone further.

Like Kikiru could have pointed out that Twilight and the others were the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, but that Discord's mental effects on a trained person would have already worn off. And what training have the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony? Their former bearers were the Princesses themselves, companions to Kikiru. What about the new ones? Perhaps Esuna could have cured it instantly, why doesn't the Bearer of the Element of Magic know it? Celestia did.

Or she could have pointed out that Discord hasn't even begun to really do anything yet, and last time it took sacrificing her life, basically, and both Princesses' power combined with the Elements to win. Where are the Princesses now? Is Twilight or her friends ready to make the same sacrifice that Kikiru made last time?

She'll fight him, eventually. They are tied together by fate in that respect, but when the Bearers were completely useless and with no backup? Yeah.

And finally, the Princesses dismissed her help, saying it was neither needed nor wanted, and she wants to see what the Princesses' chosen champions will do, since they are supposed to replaced her, and thus be able to stand on their own.

The funny thing is... Kikiru doesn't even know that Twilight and her friends are the new Bearers. As far as Kikiru knows only Celestia and Luna can use the Elements. This is actually a significant plot point that nobody's picked up on.
You just poke holes in my logic so easily... Alright. Some of the nations did try to resist Equestria. However, they were reliant on the Aetheryte Network to reach each other, which unfortunately had Equestria as its center. When Celestia destroyed the Equestrian Aetherytes near the borders she effectively cut off the various nations from easy travel between each other. If they needed anything, they'd have to go through Celestia and her demands.


Probably because it's... not that important a plot point. Kikiru acknowledges that they are Celestia's Answer to Discord. She doesn't really think about what the Princesses are doing, only that whatever it is, it wasn't working. That they'd send others, not even go meet Discord themselves, the Princesses may have has some kind of plot or even wished to deal diplomatically with Discord as far as she could tell.

Even if she did know, would that have changed anything thus far? They didn't have the elements on them. The Princesses weren't helping them either.

*edit* I imagine if they are somehow roped into going after her later, and she sees them wearing the elements, she'll make commentary that the Princesses think so lowly of her that they wouldn't even come deal with her themselves, that they'd give the Elements to children to do their duty work for them.

5992424 We shall have to ask this of thou, would the world be flat or round? By appearances they would have GREAT networks in their own country or closest neighbors, factor in the use of ships and things would regardless be slower all around even if they went through Equestria. Imagine the costs of travel through it by different means just to reach the other coast when they could merely have a longer stocked 'container' style of ship avoiding by going away to the other side of the world and thus further mapping out.

Excuse me while I go flip a table.

You are very welcome. Your story is beautiful speculation stuff.^^

True, true. Still, Chessmaster Celestia is a stone cold bitch that deserves a planetary Re-Structuration to the face, plain and simple.

Indeed, we do. That would be a nice flipped bird to the cake-butt. Yeah, fight the system!

I think you two just broke Nero.

5992514 *pets the mortal author's head gently with a inky appendage.* It takes perspective, though her preparing her resources may just be a build up to her leaving?


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I cannot help myself.

from making further commentary

Now I've thought about it, Luna's initial commentary to Kikiru and then her immediate follow up response was... bipolar? Criticized that Kikiru would play with pets while Discord roams free, then immediately saying not to do anything with Discord. It's very weird. She's being held to two standards simultaneously it seems, why can't these ponies just decide what they want her to do.

5992748 It was basically a criticism of Kikiru's lack of concern over Discord's freedom. Luna then forbid Kikiru from actually interfering in the matter any more after she heard that Kikiru had already tried fighting him once.


5992424 They could not travel to the old, boats, caravans? . besides various races of this world they can fly.

I can not imagine races without horn, giving up the ability to use magic magic especially blanca.usarla would facilitate much of their lives and would do independant of the races that can use magic naturally

although to break the Aetheryte Network and many countries remain isolated, the knowledge given by the protagonist should allow succeed on their own.

even if they have incomplete knowledge magicos, but with time and research continues.
should be able to fill the voids

Another important point happened with the ponies who developed talents in Arcanima, conjury, White Magicand Adventurer's Guild?
I can not see giving up their destinations easily much of their lives on a whim of their leaders
I can see that the guilds of Equestria emigrated or went underground

in fact the number of scenarios is quite large .this is a great story, I'll be waiting for the next chapter

5995620 I said easy travel. Boats and Caravans take weeks to months to arrive, while the Aetheryte Network could transport people and resources within seconds.
As for the other details, like the former adventurers... even I don't know yet. We'll just have to see what happened to them in due time.



I said easy travel. Boats and Caravans take weeks to months to arrive, while the Aetheryte Network could transport people and resources within seconds.

I understand perfectly, but it is better to give up the magic, by the whims of another nation
only white magic could have a tremendous impact in times where certain drugs have not discovered type, or advanced surgery techniques.

the quality of life of these nations would look very damaged and in a land where there are so many magical threats
in the same comic was an army of shadows attempt to destroy cantelot in the last century and its origin was unknown or become helpless by a magical tyrant, as shadow
citing a grumpy old
Magic must beat magic

I can see that some nations prefer to remain isolated before giving up magic, and others to be very dependent Equestria or very fragile in its economy surrender

although it is only my opinion nothing more

5995862 The real problem is that when Celestia banned the magic Kikiru taught, she went at it with a "Surrender or Die" mentality. I can't remember if I mentioned it in another comment, but the Griffons, minotaurs and Dragons tried to resist and preserve their new abilities, which only caused Celestia to personally fly to the capitals of their countries and raze them to the ground. With the "strongest" of the countries taken down, the others fell in line fairly quickly. I'll go into further detail in the story later.
Keep in mind that this was before Celestia had properly established her "benevolent mother" persona.


5996003 He had assumed that the most they did was create economic blockades, but this changes everything
under this new development in the best case they went underground with the danger of being persecuted by their own governments, for fear celestia

This could explain in this universe several things
the other races seem to shy away from Equestria

because shadow was on bad terms with Equestria and because it was able to banish an entire country
could also explain why chryzalis attacked Equestria knew that no nation would bother with race, funny serious than the other races look to chrisalis as a liberator by this
or because their only real ally is Arabian Saddle


Are you honestly going with genuinely evil Celestia / Luna? I can't say I'm a fan of that interpretation at all, it's very OOC for what is shown in canon (a few manipulations could more easily be explained by the aid of prophecy than super chessmaster tendencies; half the situations almost spiral out of control to Celestia's detriment were it not for some luck and natural harmony, and we've never seen any indication that she is malevolent), and I find it difficult to believe that Twilight Sparkle and her friends would continue to work with her if that was the case.

Also, that completely ignores that Kikiru Kiru would be a horrible judge of character to have had them as companions in the first place.

6000820 I never said outright evil for either of them. There are other factors at play that haven't been revealed yet. However, remember that Celestia was once a fierce warrior herself and the sacking of the other countries took place well before the current era. Plenty of time for history to be written by the victors. Plus, note that in the show Celestia is determined to do anything she can to remove threats to her little ponies. Geez, this would be so much easier to explain if I could advance the plot faster. Sadly, the demands for internal struggle must be met on all sides before that can really happen. Thankfully the Discord arc should be wrapped up next chapter and I can start to reveal the broader plans I have for this story.


Plus, note that in the show Celestia is determined to do anything she can to remove threats to her little ponies.

Um, no. This is not a canon depiction of Celestia, that never has been.

She lost against Chrysalis, the plunder vines, Tirek. Against the Changelings she could have used greater power, but probably choose not to to avoid collateral damage. Similarly against Tirek. She also set Discord free to have him reformed, and didn't take any and all action she could have against Discord the first time, and with the Crystal Empire when it reappeared. At most she sacrificed herself, she never sacrificed others.

That just doesn't sit with the idea that Celestia ordered other cultures to cripple themselves, else she did it for them.

Literally the only thing that comes to mind that can begin to justify that behavior (and even then, would not be justified much!) would be if primals were being summoned by the FFXIV magic and were doing the permanent brainwashing cult thing, and kept coming back so long as it was being practiced in excess somewhere.

It doesn't excuse the behavior to Kikiru Kiru at all, and by the logic of the Elements of Harmony should have been able to undo such brainwashing effects the same way they undid Discord's effects.

Something tells me a blast from the past Crystal Empire would complicate things greatly, and still practice Kikiru Kiru's stuff and/or be a target for primal summoning.

Argh! Come on! I can't defend myself on some of these points without spoilers for future chapters! For the time being, imagine that Kikiru's magic is being treated on the same level as Dark Magic is generally regarded. Too dangerous to be used by the common pony, or any creature in this case. Past Celestia had a slight bout of Righteous Fury once the catalyst for her actions came about (can't reveal without spoilers) and immediately did her best to ban it across the world. Basically, she saw the potential for evil Kikiru's magical studies held and sought to stamp it out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Maybe I was misreading Celestia's in-show character a bit, but she's often shown to be a protective mother-type and that trait was still present in a lesser fashion in the past. So, to eliminate a perceived threat to her ponies and the rest of the world, she goes all out in destroying Kikiru's influence. Add on the fact that she felt betrayed and angry once she learned the "truth" about Kikiru's magic, which leads to the history that I've proposed so far. It's only Celestia's edits to the history books that keep the general opinion about Kikiru neutral or slightly positive, basically preserving Celestia's desired memory of Kikiru as opposed to the "truth". This also leads in to why Celestia acts so harshly to Kikiru once she's been freed.
(Apologies for any glaring typos, I edited and spliced in sentences here and there as needed, didn't really check the overall for any glaring mistakes)

Something that I feel I should mention is that all of the content in this comment section is still subject to change. Just because I use a particular theory or plan down here does not mean it will actually be put into the story and become full canon. The comment section is mostly for you guys to bounce your ideas and for me to respond with what I think happened/is going to happen. As I've mentioned at some point down here, I like to let the story and characters write themselves for the most part. If they decide to "go off script" then there's really little that I can do about it. Once a chapter's posted, it's posted and we all have to live with the consequences.
I know it may sound weird for me to say that, but I don't like making significant edits to the story unless if it is absolutely necessary.

Even if you didn't plan your chapter to go this way it still turned out good.

"Are you prepared for the consequences?"

Funny, that statement goes the other way too. Are Celestia and Luna prepared to deal with the consequences of attacking and belittling Kikiru Kiru instead of dealing with her with respect? Before Discord was dealt with?

Her interference was neither needed nor wanted. As far as messages go, you can't get any stronger than showing that she can single-handedly neutralize the elements on a whim, non-lethally. And talking Discord down without sealing him, what a surprise. Ignore her at your own risk.

Unfortunately I see the possible repercussions of this as the two Princesses either killing her . . . assuming they are strong enough for that, it has been over a thousand years and Luna was crippled by having the Nightmare effect dispelled, or holding her down so she can't interfere while the Elements are used on her. Interesting, the fact that the Princesses can't use the Elements themselves makes that much harder, since Twilight can be defeated so easily as she's not properly trained. Especially as a summoner can use a summon to do that automatically and independently of herself. Not to mention suffering Kikiru's fate of getting hit in the crossfire.

I'm actually hoping for diplomacy instead from the Princesses. The age of violent barbarism should be long past, no? And it'll enable Kikiru Kiru to not be treated like public enemy #1 and she can meet the locals. [Plus, there is no guarantee that Kikiru could be attacked and killed or sealed without incredible collateral damage to everything and everyone. And that's assuming she doesn't get stronger or have any help. She does have Discord's primal essence, if he is such a thing, and he isn't even sealed.] But then again, that logic would have had them treat her well in the first place. Well. She's shown she can't be ignored and dismissed, for better or worse.

Maybe we'll get to see some of that famed Chessmaster side of Celestia as she wonders how to deal with Kikiru without violence. It's definitely possible, more-so than Discord even. But can she bring herself to do it? To bury her simmering undeserved hatred?

I feel there was lost potential for a real funny scene of Celestia and Luna arriving to congratulate the bearers for saving Equestria from Discord after he undid everything and vanished.

6005799 Now you're making me want to write interlude chapters from other perspectives, if only to entertain these sorts of possibilities.

Great chapter. Look's like Discord isn't going back to being stone anytime soon.

We believe that from events so far, it may spark unintentionally privately spoken words between the sisters when they discover what has transpired. Perhaps one of the mane six or a few not fully focused on twilight but in the moment may recall what the adorable displaced and discord spoke of, even going so far as how they seem to act with each other up to that point which could bubble a sibling discourse. The elder believing she had things 'in hoof', while the younger stating the elements should have been given some course of training or they to have waited in the 'wings' to stop interuptions with the royal guards.

Only for her to discover how weak they have become, under her older sibling's care. The insult it would be onto her Night Guard might force her to reenact from her own knowledge ages gone combat knowledge and training, perhaps with or against her elder sibling's wishes. Though also a realization from the elder if she thought about it, the WAY she Destroyed their friendship could prove that she might had ruined any diplomatic talks. With the adorable displaced now being disillusioned by her former friends actions towards her, she'll spurn any attempt even believe if the Mane Six were sent after her to try that she may out right believe they are trying to 'harmonize' her into stone or to lure her into imprisonment if not death. 'You really believe I will follow you six off to a executioner's block?' May send them reeling with Applejack seeing truth to her words by what one of their princesses have said to her let alone by what the revered white monarch.

But we do wonder how those who heard of or safe guard the Displaced's teachings might do to help her escape Equestria while Discord's new actions will perhaps mostly keep them busy, depending on weight of duties even Cadence might be sent having been taught a thing or two perhaps on manipulation since it is more along the lines of emotions and feelings. Remember she is the youngest alicorn yet, surely her aunt would have taught her things likely not taught in this age to place it as 'Cadence my niece you will someday have to do certain tasks yourself that you wish for none of our little ponies to learn of.' as a example or we could be drifting in our thoughts. Also we wonder if Cadence wasn't used in her own ways to 'build' bonds with twilight as a future valuable mortal piece to keep close to the throne, who would be stupid enough to NOT have a pony on the magical scale close to Starswirl the Bearded or potential if she's of his line.

Also Cadence wooing Twilight's Brother? Another possible manipulative move, for the games of immortals make others their pieces or yet to be. It could explain in a way why the changeling queen didn't use herself and replace Shining Armor and fed on Cadence if there was no love for HIM, which could have caused a commotion to be triggered making the shield in canterlot and forcing a change of plans to disguise herself as Cadence instead. Oh the potential, if desired of course...

6006146 You... just... you. Damn it all, Architect! You should know by this point that I shouldn't be given ideas! I hadn't even considered where Cadence fits into the whole situation. The odd thing is that I thought about Chrysalis, but not Cadence. Those two usually go hoof-in-hoof...
This is one the dangers of world-building, I suppose. You pay so much attention to the small, immediately relevant details but forget the grand scale of things.

6006310 *help's to feed their creativity and twist them slowly.* Thou must know we only offer our ideas, so far we seem to be holding a record with the one called Canary In The Coal Mine for blowing thy mind. Or at the very least figuratively at such lengths things can be, we art very delighted by this turn of events regardless.


great chapter:pinkiehappy:
twi personnel apprenticed to celestia was completely overcome, this should prove that monopolize, remove and prohibit in an exaggerated way the knowledge and power is a double-edged sword

It lets you easily control his kingdom, but leaves the population defenseless, to the whims of the powerful few.

shadow easily dominate a small nation by itself

if anyone else would have won NMM could have defeated and the world to hell

In addition, the princesses accuse her of being a threat to the world, but how they will react when he learned about nmm, in other stories never dealt this even when the protagonist was innocent and moon acts as if his past did not exist

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