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I exist? I don't exist. You can't prove anything. It's all a conspiracy.


Princess Twilight invites Princesses Luna and Celestia over for tea, and they discuss various topics. It's all incredibly normal.

Yeah, right. Like that could ever happen in Equestria.

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Well, Dotted Line in main character in brilliant short story series by Ghostofgeraclitus.
As to the underminer - I am not sure.

I like it, it's short and funny. However, your spacing and line breaks are all kinds of messed up.

Underminer is from The Incredibles.

“She tried that once. The farmers were… understandably upset that their crops were catching fire.”


“The same as you two. I have actually been practicing our martial skills with the Royal Guardsmen. They…” she paused, “have a long way
come to match the Royal Guard of a thousand years ago.”

Accidental enter?

And I have my own internet cookies. Fresh. Have a few.

Don`t you think that this is a little overkill?

Gosh darnit, I was afraid of that. I'll see about fixing it, thanks for pointing that out.

The Underminer is pretty obvious to anyone who likes Pixar films, but I'm afraid I can't place Dotted Line.

This was interesting. Incidentally, how does Shining Armor compare to the Guard of yesteryear?

You know, the question of Shining is actually... I could make a story about that.


The head of any military force in any civilized nation is almost never the most powerful or most accomplished warrior, but the most experienced. I imagine Shining's better than most in the Guard, but still kind of a creampuff compared to the hardened war-veterans of a thousand years past. No amount of smacking a Manticore back into its own habitat or catching thieves or the occasional scuffle nearly and non-violent changeling invasion matches up to actual life-or-death-every-second combat!

Still, finding out exactly how he matches up would be interesting.

Dotted Line are The Underminer are both references to other works. The first person to guess one or both gets an internet cookie!


Is the Dotted Line a Family Circus reference?


Shining would be tossed around like a baton, compared to the Guards of yesteryear. What with 0 actual Life or Death combat experience, and the dumbing down of combat training to non-lethal, to less-than-lethal combat. In these last for centuries of peace.

I saw that incredibles reference as soon as the rumbling began.

Cheerful, enjoyable bite-sized thingy. Good work - nothing especially memorable or epic but just something to make the reader smile and think some nice thoughts. There's not enough stories like that.


But... but Shining is REALLY good at throwing pies. He's a Marksman First Class! Dangerous stuff!


True. But they've (nor Shining Armor) never learned how to handle Bomb Pies (both throwing and eating without exploding), eat canon balls and spit arrow heads, nor shot balls of fire from their/his plots.

The Old Guard, ate exploding pies for breakfast and farted buckshot. Spat projectiles after devouring the spent artillery from the air (just after they were shot), and blasted artillery from every orifice.

That's not when killing Hydras with their barehooves, or flattening armies with a single blink.

"These were made in a factory. A bomb factory. They're bombs."


How else do you expect Spongebob to make explosive bubbles?

[Isn't science fun.]

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