• Published 14th May 2015
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A human suddenly finds himself as one of the Pinkie Pie clones from the episode "Too many Pinkies" He would have simply hidden so that he could keep living, but unfortunately he found himself with the others, starring at paint. What will he do?

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What we choose to do as we stare at anything but death. (re-edited)

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we could never even have fathomed in our minds that we would ever be a part of. This one situation I found myself in would be just that, something I never saw myself in. Oh, right... Forgot that part. Let me start over.

Hello, my name is Alexander and I am currently in the worst panic attack of my life. Does it show? No, it doesn't. If it did, I'd have a beam of certain death to my face. This one thing also happens to be what is inducing my panic attack... Well, at least a part of it. You see... No, let me explain something else first.

I am a human. A bipedal, furless monkey that comes from an advanced civilization that has managed to attain space flight. Sums us up well enough? I hope so, I don't have time to go into detail. Now, on my planet (I come from planet Earth. Most humans do as far as I am aware.) there is something called television. It allows people like me or any other person to watch information on a flat screen. The information can vary from being worldwide news to a TV series for kids. A TV series for those of you who don't know about TV, is an adaption of comics for the TV. Now, I happen to be a fan of a certain show that is called "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." It's a show about ponies who live in Equestria.

I should also mention that I'm explaining things because all of this is an attempt to break the fourth wall. I don't know if I'm currently succeeding or not so I'll just keep on going.

The reason for the certain doom ray of hopelessness and the fact I'm scared out of mind right now is because I have found myself in this very weird situation. I have found myself in Equestria. Not just in Equestria, but as a pony. Most people from the MLP:FIM fandom would stop me right there and say something along the lines: "Stop it right there! What the hoof are you complaining about?" For those of you unaware, ponies have hooves. Seeing as they have no hands their language replaces hand with hooves in their way of speech, some other words got pulled into the ponyfication of the language as well. One of those is the word 'heck' it is replaced by 'hoof' for some reason. As shown in the season two ending where Twilight states: "Who in the hoof is THAT?". Now that I explained that let's move on.

Now, where was I? Oh, right! Most fans of the show would stop me right there. Equestria is a peaceful and magic filled nation. Why wouldn't one want to go there as a pony and have a chance at becoming one of the magical races like Pegasus, Unicorn or Earth pony? Well, It does sound lovely, but please, let me finish.

I'm now a pony, in Equestria. Not just any pony, apparently. I couldn't just have my body transformed into a pony, instead I have to inhibit another pony's body. About here people would go: "I've read enough Humans In Equestria stories like this, I'm out." To you I say, wait. I'm not done yet. There would be many implications for trouble right there. If someone found out I had replaced one of their friends it would be bad enough, but I actually managed to avoid that one particular issue and land myself even farther into the abyss. For you see, I have become Pinkie Pie.

JUST LET ME FINISH, CELESTIA DAMN IT! Most just cried out: "I've read that too!" I'm telling you! This is different. I'm not just Pinkie Pie, I'm one of the damn clones from that one episode in season three "Too Many Pinkies"!

There. As any hardcore fan of the show would, I know that the clones in the end all get sent back. This is one of the things that is currently tearing me apart. I most likely could just run away from the rest of the Pinkies and hide until this whole thing is over... But there is a problem. I happen to have the worst timing ever... I woke up during the paint drying scene! I'm currently stuck in a room, full of other pinkie clones and the real Pinkie Pie, all of us looking at a wall of paint as it dries. Not only is it pure torture, but if we look away or get distracted we fail a "test" and get blasted back to Celestia knows where.

Yeah, you kinda get what I'm getting at here... But wait. There's MORE!

As I gained the body of this Pinkie clone I also got its memories, and let me say. THIS. IS. SO. FUCKED. UP! These clones are not what they seem. In the show, the clones are seen as rather stupid and only have the one desire to have fun. That is not true in this case. These clones, all of them are living, breathing, prefect Pinkie Pies, in all aspects but one! They're all for replacing the real Pinkie Pie. They have all been through this thing before with other ponies and they know they would most likely all be sent back if not careful, so they devised a plan. And to be honest, it is a brilliant plan, but it is so evil! The plan is to replace the real Pinkie Pie by creating this very situation! Every clone is currently sacrificing themselves in an attempt to distract the real Pinkie Pie so that she would be out of the way. According to the show, however, we know that plan would fail, unless my presence changed something or this is a world that doesn't follow the show.

Every clone was assigned a time at which they would try and distract her, the earlier your time is, the higher the priority for you as the replacement, but the bigger the risk if the clone before you fails. It's a balanced system and quite a fair one to be honest. With higher risk comes greater chance of reward... And it has already been my turn. None of the clones has said or done anything as I missed my turn, but every single one that gets shot in my field of vision has always taken an extra second to give me an evil glare. One that says, you're so dead when you're back in the mirror pool.

Another reason to be scared in this situation. Right now I have one goal, I'm trying to survive as well as keeping the real Pinkie Pie away from the spell. The need to do something else doesn't help. I'm determined to stare at the paint as the other clones disappear one after another. My time is running up short and I'm running out of options of what to do. I know where the real Pinkie Pie is, I've already decided to sacrifice myself if Twilight targets her before I come up with a better plan. I'm really not keen on dying though.

As I keep trying to figure out a plan to save both mine and Pinkie's hides, at the same time as trying to sit completely still, I get a very bad feeling. Seemingly, so do all the other Pinkies except the one in front of me. We all have a twitching tail! Most of us ignore it but a few get blasted as they jump up gasping or screaming about a twitching tail. The clone in front of me does something far worse, it turns around towards me with an evil grin on its face.

"Fun" it says like it's the most natural thing in the world. The message is clear; when the code word "Fun" used for communications between the clones is uttered, using different pitches and lengths of the word means different things. This one means one thing. "Death." Before I can completely grasp what is going on I once again hear the spell being fired by Twilight. Once again the evil smile gets bigger as the clone crouches down and jumps up. I realize what it has done, the spell is coming right for me!

My time is up! I don't know what to do, this clone is crazy! It gave away its own chance, so that I would be hit! As my panic nearly makes me jump out of the way, I see the panic on Twilight's own face. She knows there's a risk I might be the real Pinkie Pie and that she has now shot at me. I'm conflicted, if I jump out of the way I'll save myself, but if I do I'll also be one of the ones who lost concentration and will most likely be singled out as a clone. As I'm unable to decide, my body freezes up and I prepare for the worst, somehow still managing to look at the paint. It is a good thing I do. I'm saved at the last possible moment by Rainbow dash as she dives in front of me with a mirror! I'm saved, but I also immediately see a new problem. We now all know the spell can be reflected by mirrors, and we're all Pinkie Pies, we all know where to get a mirror.

As relieved as I am from escaping certain doom for a while longer I also know that this test is now worth nothing! Anypony can now escape the spell as long as they see it coming. But the mane six don't know this, they still see all of us like mindless clones who only know how to have fun. So let me translate what just happened... SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

I still dare not look away from the paint. I hear the spell being cast once again, and once again hear the sound of it bouncing off of something. I was right! Just as I am about to turn and run for my life, I hear something else. It's the fast beating wings of a pegasus. I hear a crash and Rainbow Dash screaming for Twilight to shoot the clone she managed to restrain, hopefully they'll be able to do so to all the others.

For every single moment I'm getting closer and closer to losing myself in my ever growing panic. I can not tell the time and it is starting to bother me. I haven't heard the spell being fired for quite a while. I'm unsure if this is because I and Pinkie Pie are the only ones left or if the rest of the clones are now reconsidering their plan. I don't even know which one is the best case scenario and I'm scared. Really scared.

As I keep looking for a solution, I start an internal clock to measure the time. Hopefully I can outlast all the clones and save myself and the real Pinkie, somehow. After three hours of constant thinking, listening to complaints of how long it's taking and paint gazing I realize that the paint has dried, I'm about to point it out to Pinkie's friends but stop myself. After another fifteen minutes the wall is re painted, at least I'll have something to look at.

It is completely silent. I'm starting to feel tired. I don't know for how long I can keep this going, but I have to keep on doing this. The time keeps on going and it keeps on getting worse and worse, fifteen times already has Rainbow Dash tried to fool us by shouting something in style with "Look over there, FUN!", but no one is reacting. It's starting to seem silly, there are no clones left in front of me and there haven't been for many hours, there must be some left, either that or It's only me and the real Pinkie Pie left. In my boredom I finally manage to hatch a plan, if you can call it that. It's simple, but so full of risks. So utterly stupid that it might actually work. I'm hoping this works. Sorry in advance for doing this Pinkie.

I do it all in a swift motion. I pull out a small hoofheld mirror out of my mane as I turn around and see her, the only other Pinkie Pie in the room. Bingo! As I hear the spell being flashed, I throw the mirror in the way of the beam without even looking. I know Twilight's position relative to me. I can already hear a few pairs of hooves and the flap of Rainbow's wings, but they won't help her now. My plan unfolds as I leap towards Pinkie Pie. Another beam right now could get me, but Twilight has yet to charge another one and she won't have any time after I get close enough. I fall right down on Pinkie I extend my forehooves outwards in a hugging grip, ready for anypony. It goes just as planned.

The sudden hug surprises her enough to tear her gaze off the painted wall and make a loud gasp in surprise. I grin internally as my plan unfolds and we are both flung across the floor in a roll, making it impossible to see who of us is who, only the fact that I'm the one hugging her giving away our roles. As we come to a stop Pinkie looks me in the eyes. She has no idea what's going on as I scream: "STOP!" I hear everything and everypony stop, the flap of wings, the charging of the spell and the sound of hooves. I keep on hugging Pinkie Pie and continue. "I'll say this once, yes I'm a clone, but right now I'm holding the real Pinkie Pie and if you shoot us Twilight, we'll both get sent to the mirror pool!" I am bluffing, I have no idea how the spell actually works. Hopefully the book didn't specify what would happen if one blasted a pony holding onto another.

Waiting for a response and getting none, I assume that my bluff worked. They are waiting for me to say more. I am afraid and dare not even try looking at them. All I can do is look at the pony in my forelegs. The one pony with an unsure look on her face, a terrified unsure look on her face that also seems to hold something else, relief? Oh yes, right. I forgot I just admitted to being a clone and said she was the real one, she had doubted herself in the show.

"However," I continue, "I am not like the others. I do not know how, but I'm not just one of those clones created by the mirror pool. I somehow ended up in this body not so long ago, sitting there staring at paint. I was terrified of the situation I found myself in as I saw the memories of this clone. Also, you should know that these clones are not as stupid as you think. They've had you all fooled. They have all been trying to fool you so they could get rid of the real Pinkie Pie and replace her. I'm not one of them! I want Pinkie to be the one to stay, but I don't want to go back either, especially not since I betrayed the other clones and will most likely not receive any warm welcomes in the mirror pool. Please, I beg of you, let me stay here and at least tell my side of the story properly before you send me back." At this point I'm openly crying and sniffling. I'm so scared, if this doesn't work I'm as good as dead, if not actually dead. But at least it's the real Pinkie Pie that lives on, right?

"And why would we listen to you? You just admitted you're a clone and you threatened us with taking Pinkie with you!" Rainbow Dash accused me. I was about to respond, but before I could somepony else did.

"Now hold it there sugar cube. We could at least listen what the girl has to say, seeing as she's not just jumping around saying 'Fun' all the time." I hear the sweet voice of Applejack.

"And what stops her from lying to us? She just threatened Pinkie!" Rainbow exclaimed, making my dread of the end closing in rise back up.

"Actually, she might have saved Pinkie. She just told us for certain who the real Pinkie is, and she stopped me from firing at her when I didn't realize it could end up sending them both back." Twilight said. "But it is also true that she is holding the real Pinkie hostage. So her explanations are questionable." Twilight ended her deduction, not making me feel any better for having done this.

"See, that's what I'm talking about. She's a clone! So let's send her back to where she belongs!" It hurt to hear such a thing from Rainbow Dash as a former brony. Man, I really am in the deep part of the pool if I'm on bad terms with Rainbow Dash.

"Please, listen to me. I had no choice if I wanted to avoid being shot at as soon as I spoke up. So I did the only thing that came to my mind! I've been trying to do this for the few last hours! So please, don't send me there." I say, still looking into the eyes of Pinkie Pie, finding comfort in her eyes showing me sympathy. (Or is it empathy?)

"And we're supposed to believe that? I'm not-" Rainbow manages to say before being interrupted.

"I believe her." Comes the voice of Pinkie Pie from underneath me. Once again smiling, also with tears in her eyes.

I am shocked. I didn't expect this, I'm getting help from the one pony I thought would resent me most of all. New tears start forming in my eyes as I finally find courage to look up at the other Ponies. "So please, hear me out and let me walk around without the threat of that spell," I look at Twilight with as much of a pleading look I can manage.

"Fine, If Pinkie trusts you, I guess I do as well." Twilight says as she powers down her horn that had been active this whole time. I feel relieved. One less threat, for now. Now I have to really convince them.

As I'm about to let go of Pinkie Pie, she takes it a step further. "Pinkie Promise?" she asks Twilight, making Twilight freeze in her spot. "She wouldn't." I thought to myself. But Twilight sighed and hung with her head.

"Fine. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my ey-Ouw!" She yelped as she poked herself in the eye by mistake. I would have found it immensely funny, but I couldn't laugh, not at all. I had just been this close of being sent back into the mirror pool. And Twilight had lied without even hesitating. My only ally in this, right now, was Pinkie Pie.

The threat now removed I hesitantly removed myself from Pinkie Pie who immediately bolted up from the floor and enveloped me in a hug of her own. "Don't worry. I'll help you." She said.

"Thank you Pinkie, Thank you." I said, recovering from the sudden hug and hugged back. "Thank you."

Author's Note:

So... My first one shot. Something I spent hours on from the moment I had the idea to the moment I finished writing it... I have a test in 15 minutes... Best Idea ever...

This story would not have been possible without the right track of mind. That one track was found here. Give that Author a few cookies and likes.

So how was this for a read?

Edit: I have now fixed everything pointed out by my proof reader Greycait. i uploaded this first time before he had a chance to take a look at it. I just couldn't ignore such a story not being published after more than 24 hours. So hopefully this story is now a bit more pleasant.

2nd edit: I have corrected a few things pointed out by Princess Cadence.

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Comments ( 220 )

*Claps* Well done!

Yay! I get cookies!
Okay, as for this story, I think you should add the dark and comedy tags, at least because the beginning part was funny; it was almost a parody of other 'human in equestria' stories! XD

I personally am not a fan of the concept (I don't really have any interest in 'Human in Equestria' stories) but that's not a criticism, it's just me personally, so don't worry about it.

I'm not great at knowing what tags to put though (My two most popular stories only have the AU tag because I don't know what else to put) so maybe you shouldn't listen to me on that part XD

Anyways, not bad! ^_^

Oh I see it's public now ^_^

I'm liking this immensely

Against all odds.

Whoa. Hold on now.

I am a human. A bipedal, skinless monkey that comes from an advanced civilization that has managed to attain space flight.


Jesus, that's brutal.


My one complaint would be the passages. They're awfully clumped together and could use some breaking up in order to tone down the text-wall effect. ^^ Try not to have the same character talk in the same passage, either. I don't think it's a rule, but it helps. Certainly needs a second pass though.

x vefdcnvgfv help jdhkfdjgbfhfx x oifjruisofljgdkgosvkxj x dkfjgkbd


This should have a sequel about alexanders life now that there is less of a threat

This is a really good premise. :pinkiehappy:

Really cool idea, that was executed very well, lemme just reach into my pocket anndd SLAP a like right there just for you.

I think that it deserves a sequel. It feels like it was leading up to one. Anyway this is really good.

Don't do a sequel unless you have some really good ideas for it. Sometimes ending before the "end" is best.

To answer your question, I thought is was a good short read. The only things really bad that stuck out to me were the spelling errors/wrong words, but since you did it as a one-take, I wouldn't fault you for it. :twilightsmile: Good job on your first posted story.

Welp. This was featured quickly.

ether an epilogue or a sequel is needed

A bit rocky in the beginning for about the first five paragraphs, but a very tense and exciting read nonetheless.

I really want to know what happens next. This feels like many side stories could be made that take place after this event. Hehe and the two pinkie's could consider each other sisters. and play the twin game from time to time :pinkiehappy:

Don't know if it'd be interesting to continue beyond this. Have to ask yourself what would this premise allow for that would make it interesting to read. Finding individuality when you are a physical clone of somepony right up to their cutiemark and abilities seems like a logical extension to this if a full length story sequel is considered.

Regardless, I enjoyed this story.

5974995 Well, that's a miss and a half. I'll fix it right away.


Wow... I was hoping for Featured and I did actually write it in such a way so that it would be open for a sequel. We will all have to see. This was all written in one sitting from the sudden inspiration, I'm not used to writing stuff like this to be honest. If I really do write a sequel I... I just thought of a plot... +20 to this might happen. See ya later good folk, I have a brew of ideas to try out.

:fluttercry: IS SOOO FUCKIN GOOD


I am a human. A bipedal, furrless monkey...

Just one r. >.>

Oh my god. There NEEDS to be a sequel to this story.

Even if it is a short one. I demand this story involve it be having the mane six be given the "why you suck" speech, as our human tells Twilight Sparkle why her PAINT idea was one of the STUPIDEST FUCKING RISK TAKING IDEA that she had ever conceived.

If you need inspiration for that. This review will most likely grant it.

But my god are my jimmies rustled having to come back to this episode.

Fuck you season 3.

5976333 Well, that was mighty depressing... At least Alexander, thanks to the clones memories, knows he saved the real Pinkie Pie.

5976545 Yes, but I do have a plot for a sequel none the less. I might not work on it for a while, but I have something planned that won't be to much out of place and should work wonderfully with the current story. And this time, it won't be exclusively from Alexanders point of view.

He (and by extension, you) have a point, but there's a few more things to consider. Each iteration of Pinkie Pie seemed... less like Pinkie Pie, and more like a parody of her. It even got so bad that most of them couldn't even be bothered to remember their best friend's names, something Pinkie herself takes very seriously (to the point where she can instantly recall the names and pertinent information of more people than I myself have ever bothered to remember). Remember, Pinkie may act like a ditz, but she certainly isn't stupid. Not to mention that the later Pinkies seemed awfully malleable, and by that, I mean even more so than Pinkie is normally (which could point to them being people-shaped constructs rather than actual people).

Anyway, the point of all this is that I think it would become extremely obvious very quickly if the wrong Pinkie was picked. The only possible way around this is if it was one of the earlier Pinkie Pies that made it, but even then there would be evidence, gaps in her memory perhaps. In which case the episode where Pinkie introduces her sister should prove that she's one hundred percent genuine Pie.

Does this mean I agree with their 'test,' or with Twilight Sparkle's downright draconian methods of solving the problem? Not just no, but heck no. There were a million different ways they could have solved that problem (and better), but they couldn't be bothered to explore them properly. Which is stupid, because they certainly would have been a heck of a lot faster than watching paint dry.

Now, I get where Twilight is coming from. She tends to at least try and solve all her problems with magic, and to be honest, Twilight isn't the best at lateral thinking, mostly she just tries to solve whatever problem she has in the most simple and direct manner she can think of (which isn't always so simple, mind you) without thinking of the repercussions. This, at least partially, stems from the focus of her childhood studies and sheltered upbringing.

Rainbow Dash, on the other hoof, is a mare of action. She doesn't like to think things through, and in fact, often goes to great lengths to avoid thinking things through. I wouldn't exactly call her stupid, but she seems doggone determined to go through life using her brain as little as possible. I can see her just going along with whatever plan Twilight came up with.

Applejack, if anypony, is the one I'm the most disappointed in. She's supposed to be the sensible one, but her bias against magic (and trust me, it's there) kept her from adding in her two cents. Which I feel could have saved everyone a whole lot of time and effort. She's also not one to stop from asking the hard questions, unless, of course, the subject makes her uncomfortable, like magic. Basically, my opinion of her actions in this episode is that she purposely stepped aside so she wouldn't have to deal with the fallout of Mirror Pool shenanigans.

Now, onto my last point, should the Pinkie Pies have been allowed to roam free? That's... kind of a tough question. While it wasn't obvious immediately, the clones were rapidly slipping into what I can only call mental retardation. While some of them might have been able to build a life for themselves, I doubt that all of them had the faculties necessary to do so; there's also the distinct lack of memory (not to mention the education that comes with it), the lack of friends, the lack of family, and the lack of funds.

Many of them would have ended up becoming wards of the state by sheer necessity, and the others would find themselves without support in a world that constantly mistakes them for someone else. Now, these are all problems that can be solved, but it is neither cheap, easy, nor expedient to do so, it is a very serious responsibility. And that's not even counting the things that are out of their control. Remember, nothing is truly free, these Pinkie Pies were created and sustained by something, what if, simply by living, they drain Pinkie of her magic? What if they only exist temporarily? What if they're tied to the Mirror Pool and something happens to it? What if they lack the ability to sustain themselves?

These are tough questions, and they have no easy answers. I really think it's a shame, because there's so much that could have been done with this episode, but they went for what was quite possibly one of the worst possible solutions. It was only sheer luck they didn't zap the real Pinkie by accident.

5976687 You realize that it's a family show and all it was meant to teach was that you sometimes have to choose between friends instead of trying to please both by being in their company?

From one point of view I'd say you're over analyzing and that if this bothers you so much, then maybe you should think about the fact that this happens through the whole series. If it really is as "stupid" as that then maybe not watch it? But, on another note I agree. Sometimes there are so much better ways to avoid/prevent and solve certain situations that one thinks Twilight would have thought of.

Always wanted to see exactly this. Thanks, man.

My only issue with the episode itself is the occasional unnecessary gross-out, and the fact that the second half kind of felt flat to me. I realize that it's a kid show, and that the episode itself was created to establish a very simple moral. It's just that I enjoy over-analyzing things. I like coming up with strange and interesting theories about various characters, their motivations, and the world around them. And furthermore I have fun debating these things with other people.

I love the show, I don't find it stupid at all, and I'd be hard pressed to find an episode I didn't like for all that I may rag on them sometimes. I apologize if I came off as unnecessarily antagonistic.

5976856 It's cool. It's just that I might have gone a bit defensive, I really enjoyed that particular episode and it's in my top 3.

5977113 Yeah, I've seen this picture... I'm surprised the other pinkies didn't just go flat maned then and there... It really is a horrible visage that one...

You should make a full blown story, off this one shot

5977159 I'm making a sequel. Bear with me...

5977174 You again? Yay. Somehow, I end up reading all your stories...

5977337 Well, as long as you're enjoying yourself.

A good premise, but there's a hole in it that bothered me a bit:

If every pinkie could pull out a mirror and they were an organized collective who could still communicate at the expense of failing the challenge, why didn't they just all bum rush Twilight?

Besides that, I'd just point out that your AU elements weren't actually needed - since the spell is irreversible and no mention has ever been made of a way of viewing what's inside the lake, you don't actually know what happens after being hit by the spell - without such a method, the author couldn't have known, either, and the bit about "returning them to where they came" would just be an assumption. Things could be totally fine on the other end, or you could just die, which was of course a big point of controversy with the original episode itself, at the time.

In-universe, perhaps there is an assurance that Twilight had that we as viewers didn't that things resolve fine for targets of the spell (such as a way of viewing the other side of the lake), but the main character doesn't know about it, and that uncertainty would not only be enough to take the place of the clones' death threats, but could also have been used as another point of dramatic tension as he struggles with the choice of whether or not to take the plunge into the unknown so that Pinkie doesn't have to.

Liked the story, regardless.

5977423 I used the AU tag as I'm basically portraying all clones as evil. Something I really doubt is what's really going on.

I'm aware; I'm just saying that it wasn't a necessary element for serving the purpose it did.

Of course, that's only for the story posted here - a sequel could build on the AU elements in a more meaningful way.

5977656 I guess. But I think I'll keep it anyway.

He could just change his colours with dye. Two pinkie pies would get confusing

5977832 That was already planned in the sequel.

Straighten his hair to look like pinkamena diane pie instead of pinkie. :pinkiehappy: see now I look different. :pinkiecrazy:

hehe. this was cool. definitely falls in the category of "one-shots where I wish there was more". sooooooo...can you make it a 2 shot? ;)

In hindsight, Twilight's plan was actually really really terrible.

One thing I always wondered aboutbthe spell is why would it affect the real Pinkie Pie anyways? There would be something about the clones that would make them react like they did but the real one shouldn't have it as she didn't come from the pool.

5978103 The spell most likely would have another effect on the real Pinkie Pie. The book only said that it might send her away, or at least that how I remember it. In the worst case scenario it's actually a magic draining spell that sends the magic back to the source and would outright kill a pony if it drained them of their magic, or make them like they became after Tirek. Gratz Twilight, you avoided becoming something like Tirek.


I want to ask before even watching that video. Is this another "review" that utterly ignores everything said in the episode and saw it as "OhhhmaiGAWD TWILIGHT was muddering all da Pinkies!!!" Because that idiocy needs to end.


Or, as Jerry Peet said:

You're trying way too hard to demonize a cartoon character.

She didn't murder them, she dispelled a mirror image back into the pond. If you want to demonize a character, don't demonize them for crimes you're making up.

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