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Legends always persist, no matter how much you want them to leave.

As Twilight Sparkle starts to adapt to her new life as a princess, a familiar face arrives in ponyville. He may be one of her worst enemies, but he may just be the string that can unravel a thousand old conspiracy. One that hides under everyone's noses.

Sombra has been on the run. With his empire gone and his magic fleeting away, he must find his amulet that could return him to his former glory. But with a princess that could blast him if he showed any signs of evil, he finds it quite the task. As he tries to hide his identity, he starts to question whether what he used to have is what he really wants.

Teen for swearing and violence, the beginning is set around the middle of season five, with it's own spins on continuity.

On hiatus until further notice.

Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 17 )

Zombra goes to Ponyville

Zombra goes


Who is Zombra?

Yeah I do need an editor.

Hey I'ts fine, I kinda do have a big grammar problem, and It is just, just point me to an editor group so they can help:scootangel:

This is so amazing:rainbowkiss:
Keep up the hard work my friend and so you get a like:pinkiehappy:
Love your story so far:heart:

6445748 thanks! I hope that you'll like what is coming up next:twilightsmile:

The Crystal King is one of my favourite Paper Mario villains. I haven't read this story, but if the king in it is anything like the Crystal Knig below, then what you've got is gold!


6545222 oh man, I am so sorry, the crystal king is referring to Sombra:twilightoops:

6545557 Oops. :twilightoops: I feel so stupid! :facehoof: Good story idea anyway!

there are a few grammatical and grammar errors, and i think it could do with a bit more description and fleshing out, but overall, its great! would you like me to point out the errors, or you fix them yourself?

6566497 PLEASE point out the errors I made, Grammar is my big weakness so if I did not catch it, then I will probably never catch it on my own. Also, please tell the parts that need more fleshing out. (at least the ones that need it the most.):derpytongue2:

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