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Thirteen-year-old Shining Armor finds his little sister crying. He makes it his mission to cheer her up and find out why she is crying.

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I'll kill you people with cuteness! :twilightsmile:

Or I'll just stuff everything full of cookies.



My job is almost done.

5966602 My God, he's gonna kill us all with cuteness!

Princess Shining has a nice ring to it don't you think?
And I'm gonna bet this'll be featured.

Did Somepony say cookies?!?

Do not be alarmed, we are ambassadors from the Cookie Kingdom. We have come here to inform you that the reader, known as Izanagi, has passed away from heart-related complications initiated by the condition know as "cuteness overload."

Cute. It reminds me of me and my sisters.


Err...are you talking about me or Shining Armor, 'cause I'm not male...

Couple of minor errors in grammar, but it's pretty much on point.
This seems like a little look-see into something bigger... is that what we're gonna see? :pinkiegasp:


This connects to my other story Tomb Of Magic in a few ways, which connects to my universe. I honestly hated writing this story to an extent since I'm not fond of the genre. But I turned it into an experiment* of using this narrator type and so on.

I'm rather pleased with it now, though.

*Normally you put efforts into experiments...so I get an F for effort

Looks at his "To Read Later" List
Hm... "Crumb-y Day". Seems innocent enough. Might as well read it.
1,282 words later
Looks at his computer screen, rereading the last lines
Wow... that was good. I never someone would make me do this in a short story, but...


SOON, all shall "d'aww" in despair

6048500 Oh no...

I'm excited to hear more...


Just click the 'author' tab...maybe you will detect my master plan.

Dawwwwwww HRKK! x_x

adorableness... you hath captured it wonderfully ^_^


Thanks! (And this isn't even the best of my stuff) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and if you wish to add Crumb-y Day to a fluffy fic group just let me know. :twilightsmile:

6862153 well so long as the majority of your stuff is SFW you can join my group the Safe For Woona League we would be glad to add such cute things to our ranks ^_^


Sweet! While this is the only pure fluff story so far-I tend to write adventure stuff-I do write cute filly Luna and Tia adventure fics-although some are a bit sad.

>.< I dont like the sad ones. Though I love adventure, I wrote quite the decent Elder scrolls crossover. Equestrian scrolls. Just when you think the ending is sad BAM!!! in your face... happy ending ^w^


Well, I don't go out of my way to make people cry-that's not my style.

6862227 lol
oh and hey, if you so desire you can actually stay in SFW, its a nice group and I do various lessons and help with anyone looking to improve their writing styles. I kinda have my own teaching thing going on to help any new writers. honestly doesnt look like your work needs it but I did see your current groups seem to suggest it is something you are looking for


Sorry I often write dark* stuff, so I might not be able to contribute much. :twilightblush:

*Not 'everything is dark for no reason' stories but still dark

Although since I only write Teen and Everyone fics I guess I can put all the E ones there. So, sure! :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

6862264 ^_^ we will be happy to have you along, and mind you I founded the group and I have yet to write a single E stoy XD
More or less its focus is on the escape from the more... clop based stuff and not the dark or violent ones, To date I think there is only just the one M rated story in there and honestly it needs to be reduced to a T... IF THAT. lol its a silly fiction about Freddie Mercury killing internet trolls XD
so yeah, Talk with the other mods, they cave give you pointers about which stories they prefer go into the group but we still are happy to have new members and will do our best to help out


Okay! When I'm not writing almost all the time I 'll come and loiter in your forum...mwhahaha. :raritywink:

Is noice, thanks for the warning about this being your worst story that specifically compelled me to read this.

After reading a super sad fic, this brought the smile back on my face. I mean, just look at the title. Super duper happy title, so I obviously chose this to read to cheer up. It was super duper cute. :yay:

This was as sweet as chocolate chip cookies. Though where's Spike

I guess the answer hinges on how you headcanon Spike's early life. If you go with the idea Celestia took care of him for some years, he's with her. If you subscribe to the idea Twilight's family took care of him, then he's just likely not in the house. The parents being away means they aren't likely to leave a baby all alone in the house without some kind of adult supervision. He'd also be way too young to help Twilight with her homework. Most likely, he's in his own room/nursery or out of the house.

He decided to go check upstairs to see what was wrong, but not before he shoved some cookies in his mouth.

He has his priorities in order. :raritywink:

Of course! Cookies can’t be left unattended; who knows the trouble they could get into.


Unattended cookies will be eaten.

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