• Published 8th May 2015
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When Fire Meets Chaos - Fiona Rose

When a demonic centaur returns secretly to Equesria, Discord is faced with a difficult and dangerous relationship.

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The Visit

Later that evening.

"Well, now it's time to hit the hay. I'm tired." Fluttershy yawned as she got up and headed toward the sofa following Discord.

"I agree. Today was quite chaotic." Discord replied while getting up on the couch and then lies down.

"Did you see the prank I did on Angel. Hilarious!" Discord laughed.

Fluttershy rolled her eyes and gave a slight glare at the comment but then went back to her gentle smile.

" *sigh* Goodnight, Discord." Fluttershy said softly. She turned the light off and left the room.
Discord laid his head and closed his eyes.

"Discord." A deep voice hissed. Discord awoke with confusion. His glowing eyes opened.
He sleepily got up from the sofa and he witnessed a orangish scarlet light coming from under the door and the windows of the cottage. Discord was puzzled as he walked cautiously to the door. As he opened it, he saw no sign of the light or anything unusual.

"Is somepony trying to prank me? Well, it's not scaring me." Discord harrumphed as he yawned and closed the door.
He turned around but was instantly blocked. Discord was baffled and a bit frightened to see that what was blocking his way stood a mysterious figure with glowing yellow eyes which Discord couldn't make out who or what it was.
"Why so frightened, old friend?" The figure spoke with a sly tone. Discord knew that voice. It was familiar. But he was unable to remember.
The figure edged toward the moonlight coming from the window, revealing Lord Tirek in his weakened form.
Discord looked straight at him with his jaw open in shock.

"T-Tirek?" Discord questioned.

Tirek leaned closer to Discord then he placed his hand under his chin.

"Yes, Discord." Tirek replied.

Discord changed his frightened look to a look of seriousness.

"What are you doing here?" Discord scowled as he pushed Tirek's hand away. "I'm guessing you're just gong to take over Equestria like you did last time."

"Oh no. I'm not really here for that." Tirek replied.

"For what then?" Discord asked with a confused look on his face.

Tirek gave a look of pity of face. "I came here for help. Your help." Tirek said slyly as he moved up closer to Discord.

Discord's face went sour. "My.....help?"

Tirek nodded. "Yes."

"With what?" Discord replied.

"How would you feel if you were trapped in a isolated place for all eternity?" Tirek growled.

"Well...I would know exactly how you felt because I was turned to stone!" Discord growled.

Tirek was sly and careful at his words of manipulation.

"No, Discord. I mean trapped in loneliness." Tirek urged as he walked by as he flicked his tail across Discord's tail. "Hint hint." Tirek implied.

Discord struck a red face of horror and disgust.

Discord turned his head away from Tirek's direction. "What?! No! I-." Discord didn't even know what to say. He was so confused.
Why?! Why would Tirek find such an idea appealing? Why is he doing this? Discord thought. Maybe he's just doing another one of his tricks.

"Come on, Discord." Tirek soothed. "This is a one time opportunity to be with someone who cares for you."

"But I have friends who care for me. Like Fluttershy." Discord implied.

Tirek ran his slim finger down Discord's spine, causing him a dreaded shudder.

"Not the same way that I care for you." Tirek grinned.

Tirek grabbed both of Discords arms and turned his head in Tirek's direction. Tirek leaned towards Discords face and closed into a forced kiss. Tirek seemed to grasp Discord pretty strongly even when he was at his weak state. Discord couldn't push him away. For he felt like he shouldn't but he wanted to.

There was something about his exciting kiss that made him strangely willing to put his arms around Tirek's neck and join the kiss. Then after a moment, they broke the kiss slowly.

Discord gazed upon Tirek's eyes.
He struck a feeling he never felt before for the centaur. He felt like he needed him.

Discord smiled and returned the kiss. Tirek tripped Discord causing both of them to fall back onto the sofa. As they ended the kiss, Discord grew very sleepy and comfortably put his arms around Tirek's waist and fell asleep.