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The Librarian and The Alchemist - Frozen Quill

It's been a little while since Twilight Sparkle became the Princess of Friendship and turned into an Alicorn. Now she seeks a more active and capable assistant to help her around the library.

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The Librarian and The Alchemist

It has been one year since Twilight Sparkle became the Princess of Friendship and turned into an Alicorn. With her assistant, Spike, becoming ever the more busy in his own life Twilight decided to look to hire a more 'active' assistant to help her around the library. During her search she happened upon an enthusiastic, and somewhat novice, alchemist whom she hired and moved into the library. The library stands proud within the town of Ponyville as the sun hangs high in the sky on this particularly warm summers day. A silhouette can be seen from a top window, eagerly working along to their own monologue.

"If we put this in that and that over here... Yes, then we add this compound to the complicated mixture on our left... Followed by a slight pinch of this unknown powder like substance which should yield a positive result... After the mixture stops fizzing we add this final drop of ether liquid... Ah ha! I did it!"

The voice is quickly followed by a violent explosion which shakes the library and the town. The window is soon fogged up by thick black smoke before being hastily opened and a Unicorn with a forest green coat, orange mane and tail hangs out of it, violently coughing and wheezing.

"It didn't work... It did not work..." The Unicorn says to himself while face hoofing.

"Garrick, did you try turning down the heat to a simmer before adding that final drop?" A soft voice says from below the window.

Garrick looks down to see Twilight Sparkle returning home with her saddle bags on her back filled with scrolls. He takes a pondering stance leaning on the window ledge before sighing harshly and shaking his head.

"I knew I forgot to do something... Damn it" Garrick realises.

Twilight shakes her head and continues inside the library while Garrick pulls himself in from the window. He then focuses on his chemistry set which is spewing forth black smoke. Garrick sighs heavily in defeat as he begins to clean up his mess. A few minutes after Garrick finishes cleaning up and repairing his damaged instruments, Twilight comes upstairs to check on him.

"You have been making trial attempts at that healing formula for weeks now, and each attempt ends the same way... Even when you add the simmer it still blows up. Perhaps it's time to try another recipe? I bought a load of alchemical formula's while I was out and hoped they could be of some use to you." Twilight states slightly worried.

Twilight levitates several scrolls in her saddle bag over into a neat pyramid on Garrick's desk. She then shuts the window using her magic. Garrick sighs and sits down on the floor, his ears drooping as he ponders his many failures.

"You know I strive to make what has not already been made, to test and push the boundaries of modern alchemy and create concoctions which will benefit all Equestria..." Garrick boldly states raising a hoof into the air.

Twilight pats Garrick on the head gently which makes him lower his hoof. She then levitates a nearby open scroll over to them so they can see it's recipe.

"Yes, but when you can't even brew a moderate healing potion that uses local ingredients... Baby steps Garrick, baby steps..." Twilight says in a warm comforting tone.

The two suddenly hear a loud knock at the front door and look at each other in bewilderment. Garrick stands up and they both proceed to go downstairs and stop before the door.

"Were you expecting visitors?" Garrick asks looking confused.

Twilight simply shakes her head before their ears perk up from hearing voices arguing on the other side of the door.

"I'm not using the wagon! For the last time sister we don't need your music here!"

"Oh, but come on! Everyone needs happy cheerful background music in their life~"

"No, no and no! I told you when we set out we are doing this my way. Older brother is the only one of us doing his mission and I know for a damn fact you do not need me to be there when you deliver the you know what to the you know who..."

"Is it so wrong for a sister to want her twin brother at her place of work during an important event..?"

"Fine... But for the love of our father, leave that accursed wagon outside!"

"Fine, fine shall we get on with this? We are burning precious time."

"You contradicting son of a-"

The male voice stops as soon as Twilight opens the door to see two ponies in old cloaks. The pony on the right is wearing an old, worn out dull pinkish cloak while the pony on the left is wearing a dull greyish cloak. The pony in the grey cloak pulls down his hood revealing a dull golden Unicorn with a brown mane and tail.

"Please come in, the library is open today." Twilight offers the estranged pair.

The Unicorn quietly shuts the door behind him after entering with his sister. He then uses his magic to remove his cloak fully and places it on a nearby coat stand. Twilight's eyes widen as the dull golden Unicorn spreads a pair of wings, his mark a steampunk-looking hourglass with a pocket watch in front of it, the chain of the pocket watch wraps up and around the hourglass.

"I'm sure you have a barrage of questions dear princess but please allow me to first introduce myself as I have very little time to waste. My name is Clockwork. I am one of the three Alicorn's from the far east. As you can guess from our outside argument that the cloaked pony beside me is my twin sister." Clockwork looks to his sister for her introduction.

The dull pink cloaked pony sighs and removes her hood to reveal a violet coloured Alicorn with a pink mane and tail with black highlights.

"My name is Ecstasy, I'm 'The warden of emotion'. Before my brother begins his boring lecture on life, death and the universe I want to ask a personal favour from Garrick..." Ecstasy begins before searching underneath her cloak within her hidden saddle bag. She then pulls out a small glowing pink pouch with a love heart on it and levitates it to Garrick who takes it with his magic.

"Before you ask, held within is the essence of love in a basic powdered form. Do not ask how or why, only focus on what I'm about to ask of you. I would like you to produce a heart shaped easily consumable small sweet using this essence." Ecstasy explains.

"You want me to make this into a heart shaped sweet? Do you have any idea how much of a failed-" Garrick is cut off by ecstasy raising a hoof.

"Please, I have faith in your abilities even if you don't. I must go now and let my brother explain to Twilight his reason for being here." Ecstasy states.

Ecstasy bows respectfully and opens the door with her magic before leaving and closing the door.

"Could I talk to Twilight in private please?" Clockwork requests.

Garrick looks at Twilight before nodding and leaving upstairs with the pouch of love essence. Twilight leads Clockwork down some stairs further into the library and sits them both on comfortable cushions.

"Would you like some tea?" Twilight asks levitating a teapot and cups.

Clockwork shakes his head and levitates the tea set away from them.

"I need to have a serious talk with you about Garrick... I know during the time he has been your assistant you have found yourself growing closer to him. Perhaps you did not mean to but you have started having feelings towards him." Clockwork begins.

Twilight's eyes widen and she blushes at Clockworks words knowing they are true. Twilight goes to speak but is stopped by Clockwork placing a hoof on her muzzle.

"You don't need to say anything, I already know. I know you will get much closer to Garrick... However, because of what is required of him you must let him go for a time... I can't explain much at this moment, but his purpose in this world is far greater then he or you know. I'm not saying don't get close to him. It's not my place to tell the Princess of Friendship who she falls in love with. All I am asking is you prepare yourself to part with him. Not forever, but for a time." Clockwork finishes explaining before he stands up.

"Clockwork, does he have to go? Do I really have to part with my alchemist..." Twilight asks looking distressed.

Clockwork sighs heavily and nods gently to Twilight.

"As I said, it wont be forever. I can't explain more now, lest I risk his time with you being shorter then what it has to be. I bid you farewell Princess, please make your time with him last... Don't let your heart feel any regret for what you didn't do because of station or image. Enjoy what you have and make it worthwhile... My brother would tell you the same, although he has had a much harsher experience than I." Clockwork states with a bow before leaving the room and exiting the library.

Twilight sat on the cushion for hours pondering and thinking about Clockwork's advice about her and Garrick. She decided to finally get up from the cushion and make her way up the stairs into the main lobby of the library. The day outside is gone, replaced with night. Twilight shoots a glance up at the stairs towards where Garrick works. Twilight takes a deep breath before ascending the stairs and into Garrick's room to see him silently working away on his chemistry set trying to make what Ecstasy asked of him.

"Garrick, I need to talk to you... Before you say it, no, it cannot wait until morning..." Twilight states.

Garrick tears himself away from his work and briefly begins to open his mouth to speak but as soon as a chance was seen Twilight took it. Garrick's eyes widen as his lips are met by Twilight's whose eyes are closed. Garrick suddenly shifts his eyes to the left to see a part of his set about to bubble over and explode like normal. Using his magic Garrick turns the set down to a simmer. The chemistry set settles down stopping the explosion before Garrick closes his eyes, finally embracing the kiss which seems to last forever.

Two years later

Two years after Clockwork and Ecstasy visited them Twilight became more bold with her feelings towards Garrick. Making them obvious to Garrick, following Clockwork's advice, not wanting to waste any of the time she had with him. Garrick, with Twilight's help, made many trials making heart shaped sweets using the love essence powder Ecstasy provided. After various trials and errors Garrick finally created and perfected a simple yet effective formula for turning the essence into the heart shaped candy using magic as the catalyst. In terms of the relationship between the pair, Garrick decided to return Twilight's feelings and the two went on many eventful and romantic dates within Ponyville, sometimes extending to Canterlot. Also during the two years the Golden Oaks Library was destroyed in Tirek's uprising and replaced with a brand new castle on the outskirts of Ponyville once the event was resolved. One day Twilight is happily skipping towards her new castle humming a soft song, with groceries in her saddle bags on either side of her. When in view of the castle, Twilight suddenly stops in her tracks upon seeing an explosion from its direction. The window of Garrick's room opens shortly after and he hangs out of it coughing violently. Twilight rolls her eyes and shakes her head before continuing to the castle and stops just in front of it.

"Did you remember to turn it down to a simmer?" Twilight playfully asks with a sly smile.

Garrick ponders for a moment before hoof palming and shaking his head.

"I knew I forgot something... Damn it." Garrick says in disappointment.

Twilight giggles as she enters the castle and sets down her saddle bags before going up to Garrick's room and sighs softly at the sight of him cleaning and repairing his chemistry set, which has grown over the years to include better and more varied instruments. Once done, Twilight trots up and gives Garrick a kiss on the cheek.

"You really need to remember the most important steps in your formulas. Speaking of which, did you finish the amount of heart sweets Ecstasy asked for?" Twilight asks looking at four large bags by Garrick's desk.

"I know, I know but I get so caught up I forget certain details... As far as Ecstasy's order, I've written down the whole process and made the required amount she asked for in her letter." Garrick smiles returning a kiss to Twilight.

The pair suddenly hear a loud knock at the door. Twilight looks at Garrick who nods and they both go down stairs to open the door. In the doorway is Clockwork and Ecstasy accompanied by a third cloaked pony.

"Ah Clockwork, Ecstasy we have been expecting you. Please come in." Twilight gracefully offers the trio.

The three enter the door before Clockwork uses his magic to close it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again Princess, as you can see our older brother insisted that he join us for this visit." Clockwork greets Twilight before looking at their cloaked brother.

The cloaked pony removes his hood to reveal he has a pure white coat with an ice blue mane and tail which has black highlights.

"Hello Princess Twilight Sparkle, my name is Chrono 'The Chronicler'. I'm here to offer what little I can during my brother's talk with you. However, first there is Ecstasy's matter to resolve before we can converse, dear sister?" Chrono prompts Ecstasy who clears her throat.

"Yes, Garrick I trust you have the sweets and formula I requested two years ago?" Ecstasy asks Garrick who nods and heads upstairs.

Garrick comes back down holding the four large bags of sweets and the scroll with the formula written on it. Ecstasy takes the scroll with her magic and puts it in her saddle bag under her cloak.

"Thank you Garrick. I told you I had faith in your abilities. I know I don't need to test them myself to find out." Ecstasy states with a smile.

Ecstasy thanks Garrick before putting up her hood and levitates the four bags. She then opens the door and leaves putting the four bags in her wagon outside. Ecstasy closes the door before Twilight speaks up getting their attention.

"Shall we all go to the room below where I've set out cushions and tea for your visit?" Twilight asks with a smile.

Clockwork and Chrono nod before Twilight leads all three of them and Garrick downstairs. She then sits them on four cushions as she pours them all cups of tea. Clockwork clears his throat before speaking.

"It makes me happy to see you and Garrick have gotten much closer after my last visit. It's better to have no regrets then to live your whole life wondering 'why?'. Just like last time, I should explain why I'm here... You see, it will soon be time for you and Garrick to part for a while..." Clockwork begins.

"Before you react, Garrick, I'd like to say this won't be forever... There will come a day where you will reunite with your beloved Twilight Sparkle. However fate has a plan for Equestria and that involves you... We truly wish we didn't have to tell you any of this and it didn't have to happen..." Chrono continues.

"So your telling me... That in order for me to fulfill the purpose fate has laid out for me, I have to split with Twilight for a while?" Garrick asks with a stern look.

Both Chrono and Clockwork nod with sad expressions.

"As my brother said we truly wish it didn't have to happen... Another thing I should mention is that you will both forget each other. However, the feelings left behind will always remain in your hearts." Clockwork states sipping some tea.

Both Garrick and Twilight's eyes widen and they stand up in surprise.

"What! That can't be possible. I wont allow myself to forget about Garrick nor him I..." Twilight's voice is filled with stress.

"Please calm down Princess Twilight... I understand this is difficult for you to accept but please believe me when I say it must happen. If it was up to us you wouldn't forget about each other, however, we understand it's important for Garrick's role... I know your not the unreasonable type Princess." Chrono tries to calm Twilight.

"I might know of a way you might be able to keep your memory Twilight... However, it's an untested formula which even I can't see what it might do. If you want to test it then I won't advise against it, but I will warn to be careful. Also, for Garrick, I have another formula which is what you will need when the time is right." Clockwork explains.

Clockwork levitates two scrolls out of his own hidden saddle bag under his cloak and lets Garrick take them in his magic. Twilight and Garrick look them over and nod.

"Thank you for your warning, but if there is a chance to not forget I'd gladly take it even if Garrick won't remember me..." Twilight says with a smile.

Chrono and Clockwork stand up and put up their hoods before sighing deeply and all four of them head back up to the main lobby. The Alicorn brothers walk over to the door before Chrono opens it with his magic.

"We are again sorry. Were it our family had the power none of this would have to happen... Nobody would have to feel the loss and sadness which follows all of this stupid plan... We must go and leave you and Garrick to each other, please cherish your moments together." Chrono says before they both leave and close the door.

Garrick and Twilight stand there for a few minutes in awkward silence before either of them decide to speak.

"Are you sure about the memory potion? I mean, I'm confident to play out my role if it means I get to come back someday... I'm just worried about using this non-tested formula to brew a potion whose effects are unknown and..." Garrick is cut off by a kiss from Twilight.

"I love when you talk all technical and alchemical... I'm sure I want to test it. I refuse to allow it simply be that I'll forget you. If you don't create it with me, I'll do it on my own. Let's just sleep for tonight and sort things out tomorrow... All this fate talk is giving me a headache." Twilight states holding a hoof on her head.

Garrick nods at Twilight and she leads them upstairs to sleep so they can rest and ease their tension.

Five years later

During the five years after Clockwork's second visit, Twilight and Garrick worked tirelessly day and night to create the two potions that Chrono and Clockwork gave them. The memory formula went through many trials that ended in explosions of various sizes and magnitudes. It took till the one hundred and twenty fifth trial that it actually went how the formula stated and turned a calming violet colour. The other formula, however, took a mere five trials before it went correctly and turned a silver colour. Each formula was poured into separate vials and locked away in a magically sealed jewellery box sized container to await the day they would be needed. The rest of the five years Twilight spent relaxing and getting much closer to Garrick. Their sexual life also took a massive leap forwards when Twilight got very brave, again acting on Clockwork's 'have no regrets' advice. The day came during the winter month before hearths warming eve when Twilight and Garrick received the letter from Clockwork telling them where to meet him and what to bring. The pair found themselves walking towards a hill in the middle of nowhere, in the snow.

"Garrick, are you sure about this..? I don't want to be without you for any length of time..." Twilight states as they near the hill where they see Clockwork standing atop it.

Twilight takes a deep breath before Garrick leads them up the hill to where Clockwork is standing.

"I'm glad to see you well Princess Twilight Sparkle, Garrick. It's just me today as my brother and sister are elsewhere dealing with two similar events like yours. Today is when our plan is put into motion and the wheels of fate slowly turn to aim at three people this day... Garrick, I truly wish there was another way but time is not on our side... The appointed hour draws near. Please say your farewells and prepare yourself." Clockwork explains with a sad expression on his face.

Garrick hugs Twilight tightly and gives her a long passionate kiss before reluctantly breaking them apart and walks over to Clockwork.

"Did you bring the silver concoction you made? And does Twilight have the, what should be, violet concoction?"

Twilight levitates both vials out of her saddle bag and keeps the violet vial while she sends the silver vial over to Clockwork who takes it in his magic. He then encourages Garrick to drink half before he throws the vial over the edge of the hill to hit the floor below. Suddenly a big beam of orange light hits the spot where Clockwork threw the vial causing a small shock wave.

"Now is the time Garrick! Your destiny awaits you on the other side. I promise you will return some day. Please go now as we have very little time before he notices the obscure rift!" Clockwork yells keeping his balance.

Garrick takes a deep breath before running up and jumping into the beam of orange light. After several short seconds the beam disperses and Garrick is gone. Twilight quickly drinks the contents of the vial she is holding and throws the vial away. Clockwork walks up to Twilight who now wears a sad, lonely expression.

"It pains me to see you like this Princess... But believe me when I tell you it had to be done for all Equestria. I can't tell you more as I must go to my brother and sister so we may continue our roles in this vile chess game. If you wish to know more and I advise against it... Your esteemed Princess Celestia can tell you more, although after you know I pray you feign ignorance like she does. Should he learn of our plot too, soon all will be lost..." Clockwork says while casting a slow teleport spell making his voice echo towards the end.

Twilight sighs deeply before turning around to head back to Ponyville. She stops after a few steps and passes one final look at the hill before leaving the area, her heart filled with sadness.

Author's Note:

I am finally done with the three back story fics that lead up to 'The Chained Luna Cycle'. I however am taking a well needed break from all this chaos. The CLC will be out soon but not soon enough I can give any sort of date. Although I hope you will enjoy it as it will include all three of the previous stories pairings and much more. Please comment about what you thought and felt during this tale. :pinkiehappy: :moustache:

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Comments ( 3 )

Personally like the story: Garrick as an alchemist, Twilight getting close to him overtime, and most of all the plot in the story that leads up to the other events that Yuuki and Ryota. You're getting the Chained Luna Cycle back in action with an origin story to back it up (kind of like the Avengers type of deal) and I love the concept very much so. I'll be looking forward to the CLC in the near future.

You should let people know that you need to read The Chained Luna Cycle in order to better understand this story. Please respond to this comment.

I try my best to reply to all comments in some small way or bigger ways. It's meant to be that this fic, The Fox and the Moon and Changeling one I have are prequel fics or fic leading up to CLC. They were the three starter fics I did when I decided to properly write on this site, I have plans to rewrite this fic and the Changeling one while changing maybe certain aspects of The Fox and The Moon. The CLC universe is getting the same major overhaul treatment that I gave DMM. I realise I should take down/blog post about this, but I've been taken away by life and this week has been especially busy. Also my proofreader was essential in how I reworked DMM so I'd want him on this project but he is having issues, which is detailed in my latest blog post by him. This was a very early work of mine and their are plans to overhaul its universe so it's more to the quality I'd like. (I apologize for any odd grammar in here, just woke up from something disturbing and came on to check the site.)

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