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Hi! I'm a creative writer with a drive to become a better storyteller. :D


Applejack has a brief conversation with Discord concerning apples and natural growth.

Now featured on Equestria Daily: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/07/story-apple-sprout.html

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Liked it!:pinkiehappy:
(and I did not find flaws):twilightsheepish:

5951906 Wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ;3

good story I like this treatment of the relationship between AJ and Discord.
Also found two typos courtesy of the master of typos Spell Check

a small first aid kit strapped to the understand. [ underside ]
his had seemed more and more like an open book [ he ] ????

I really thought this was sweet, and a great look at the friendship between AJ and Discord :ajsmug: I've always felt like his relationship in the show (up until now at least--who knows what the rest of the season will bring lol?) with AJ and Rainbow Dash was the most strained, but this was a great example of how they could related to each other now that Discord's fully reformed if they took the time to have an honest, simple conversation. Thanks for this :twilightsmile:

AWWWWW..... Cute little story.

5952305 Thanks for your kind words, and for pointing out those typos. I've already gone and fixed them. ;3

5952486 That really means a lot! It is going to be interesting to see how Discord interacts with his new friends in the show now, although like all the characters he should bounce off each one of them pretty well. And I figured that one type of discussion AJ and Discord could have was patience versus instant gratification. Thanks again!

I enjoyed this. :)

Patience vs. instant gratification was definitely a good one to go with (and speaks to aspects of their characters that go beyond ‘honesty’ and ‘chaos’ too.) And I’m really looking forward to seeing how Discord interacts with everyone now too, even if we do have to wait another whole week to see it, lol.

5955999 That's very true. The fact there is another week to go for that episode will probably get a bit excruciating at times. But great things are definitely worth the wait, right? :ajsmug:

Oh yes--Discord in a tuxedo and top hat with The Smooze and acting adorably jealous over Fluttershy's friendship? Absolutely worth the wait :yay: (Meanwhile, I'm still wondering who this 'other friend' is she's supposed to bring instead of him. I'm crossing my fingers for Bulk Biceps lol).

5960478 Very true! I wonder if Discord is going to try and act refined because he believes his pendant for chaos is what caused Fluttershy to choose another friend to bring to the Grand Galloping Gala instead of him? Apparently, there was a card in the G3 pack that suggested one partygoer might be Maud Pie, who has a "secret desire to attend" the event. So perhaps that is Fluttershy's guest? ;3

5965004 Oh I could completely see him putting on airs, trying to act like he's the best gala guest there ever could be XD I also bet he's going to be buddying up to the Smooze in the most over the top way possible. Ooo, interesting possibility--and it would be great to seeMaude back :pinkiehappy: They're doing a crazy good job keeping all the details about this season under wraps. It's making each week a surprise, but it's so frustrating lol.

5965454 Actually, the fact they are striving to keep most of the details about this season "under wraps" is definitely one of most notable things about S5 so far. Do you watch the episodes right on the Discovery Family Channel, or do you see them on-line? An interesting thing about the former is sometimes they have had "previews" saying there will be a new episode the following week, yet they will always show the same general clips from the Cutie Markness.

In any case, the surprises have always been worthwhile--and I'm totally looking forward to all the ways Discord tries to prove not getting invited to the gala by Fluttershy does not bother him (but really does). Hah. It'll also be neat to see how they handle the Smooze, as perhaps the most peculiar gala guest of all. Judging by the animatic, though, Pinkie Pie will enjoy him. ;3

I know, I’m ridiculously impressed at how well they’re doing at keeping such a lid on things. I mean, it took them til TODAY to finally release a teaser clip from the Smooze ep. I DVR the eps but I work all weekend so I usually wait til Sunday night to watch them. I’ve seen those previews you’re talking about—how secretive can you get?? I have a feeling we’re in for some seriously wonderful surprises as this season goes on.

Omg, in the preview clip, Discord’s practically writhing in jealousy, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen XD It’s so cute that he cares this much about being best friends with Fluttershy! And I know the Smooze is just going to be a constant source of amusement for the ponies and for us.
This is going to be a big highlight of the season, I just know it :pinkiehappy:

5982421 Whew. The wait for the Smooze episode was definitely worth the wait, even if it was an agonizing one. And, to be honest, since it premiered on Saturday morning I must have watched this one a handful of times. Hah. What were your reactions to it? I think it revealed a lot about Discord’s character, and especially the fact that he is still struggling with the rudiments of friendship and certain concepts related to it.

Of course, this episode also proved just how much a character like Discord needs friends. Otherwise, he is secretly kind of insecure and craves attention. But for all his knowledge of chaos magic, he still has a lot to learn—which definitely adds a great deal to his character.

I almost wanted more interaction between Discord and the mane six, though, particularly after he had stopped being jealous and apologized to Tree Hugger. Before, when he was teleporting from one pony to the other, he was more self-absorbed and angrier than he perhaps might be when meeting them under less intense circumstances. Bur perhaps that is material for future episodes.

This is just a silly question, but I half wonder if livening up the Gala was one of the main reason Princess Celestia wanted Discord reformed… ^0^

But it certainly was a highlight of the season! Yay.


I think the Smooze ep showed so much progression for Discord. In season two, all he cared about was having power over others and spreading his chaos. In season three, he cared about spreading his chaos but the concern with power shifted to a concern and reluctant interest in friendship. In season four, his interest in friendship increased, but in a self-centered way—he just kept pushing people like he was trying to prove friendship wasn’t as strong as they said and acting like friendship meant they owed him indulgences in his chaos. But now we’ve got a Discord whose chaos is used in the service of friendship, and whose care about friendship is so sincere that he’ll do almost anything to guarantee he keeps it. Now his obnoxious tricks aren’t about seeing how far friendship can stretch before it breaks but preserving friendship as much as possible. According to the now confirmed ep list, we’ve got an origin story for him coming up late in the season, and I’m really looking forward to it. I think there’ll be a lot of gags, but that at some point we’ll get to see a slightly more vulnerable Discord (like what we saw during the season 4 finale after Tirek’s betrayal). But I’m hoping he’ll make some ep cameos between now and then of course too.

Excellent point—Discord doesn’t just want friends anymore, he needs them. He acts like the confident chaos master but there really is that obvious ened for attention and his personal insecurity underneath it all. It reminds me of the comic with him and the CMC, where Sweetie Belle points out that not having a cutie mark can make you feel different and like no one understands you and like you don’t belong anywhere, and suddenly for a moment Discord shows with his slight sadness that he’s secretly felt that way his whole life, which would explain his acting out and need for attention.

Discord is possibly the best character this show has produced just in terms of his complexity and especially since his reform. There’s so much there to work with and so many layers to sift through while you’re trying to understand him.

What did you think of his living arrangements, btw? I loved them…and I also love how his house seems very ‘Fluttershy’s cottage’ inspired. But just the whole little chaotic dimension of his was so great, and it’s so cute that he made himself a place like that (where the house falls into ‘order’ and he has to restore the disorder…while talking to himself through gritted teeth and imitating Fluttershy and pretending nothing is bothering him when everything is completely bothering him lol)

I agree, I wanted more interaction between Discord and the girls (and Celestia as well at the gala) too. Honestly, I think the biggest problem with this ep was simply that it was only a half hour. The original gala ep was a two parter since it was a season finale, and there was a lot more time to develop things, which made the night seem that much more epic and that much more like a fiasco. If this ep had been two parts, it would have taken it from a 9.5/10 to an 11, no question—time for Discord to interact more with the girls, time for Celestia to explain her intentions with inviting him to the party, time for the Smooze to be more fully developed, time for a stronger resolution between himself and Tree Hugger. I think the writers did a good job getting everything expressed in the time they had, but still there were definitely things that were brushed past too quickly. Who knows though, maybe we’ll at least see more interaction with the girls in the upcoming ep

I honestly wouldn’t put that motivation past Celestia XD She was hysterical in this ep btw. Just watching the madness play out, she laughed at his joke about Twilight, and she all but cheered for the sliming of her own party. I loved it lol. Hopefully by next year Twilight will finally catch on to the pattern that Celestia wants her parties to be destroyed in zany and unpredictable ways.

6005110 Great points! Even though Discord has only shown up in a handful of episodes throughout the series so far, his development is such that each time he appears you gain significant new angles or details on his character. And that is saying a lot when set alongside all the character development the mane six and the rest have gone undergone as regular cast members. It is easy to overdo a character like Discord, who is that powerful and able to do so many things impossible for the others, or to use such beings as plot devices (where they can come off as annoying or more of a hindrance). So having Discord be a believable character, with his own insecurities or problems and genuine desire to have friends is truly remarkable. Actually, in some ways I think his sincerity about friendship is one of the purest on the show, because everything about it is new and fascinating for him—where the rest of the ponies might take its subtle nuances for granted. And that also goes for his now deep-rooted fear of losing that friendship and being lonely or separate, especially after he learned the terror of this firsthand during the events in the season 4 finale. So it completely made sense that Discord made the mistake he did in the Smoose episode. Somehow, I could see him being super protective of his other friends as well as he learns more and the series goes on—and perhaps continuing to go over the top as he tries to connect with them in different ways.
If that Discord episode towards the end of the season five episode list is definitely true, then hopefully it will be an origin story. Since it will be towards the end, though, I’m kind of wondering if the reveal would have any impact on the finale. Hmm. If we continue to have a new episode every weekend, where would that place that episode—sometime in August, perhaps?

I adored his living arrangements, and the fact his cottage was clearly inspired by Fluttershy’s house. This makes me wonder if he ever brings her over for visits, or, really, where this dimension exists in relation to the rest of Equestria. Apparently, the mail pony could at least walk into it somehow (a little like Wackyland from Tiny Toon Adventures, maybe?). Or, perhaps there is a sign somewhere in Ponyville pointing down a rabbit hole into it, or something similar? According to Wikipedia, the chapter book coming out in July that focuses around Discord somehow references he has either settled into Ponyville or nearby. Hah.

Indeed. The writers did a great job working with the time and space they had for the storyline and characters, but this clearly opens the way for many other things they could have gone into more detail on—such as how Discord would relate to the other ponies when he’s not burning with jealously or has calmed down. In particular, I’d have enjoyed knowing how Rarity and/or Applejack would have interacted with him—although it definitely implied a change that Rainbow Dash just went on playing cards, where before she might have been on her guard or been hostile against Discord the moment he showed up. None of them demanded why he was there as if he shouldn’t feel free to pop in now and again, and Pinkie Pie just greeted him as she would any other friend. So perhaps that was something to how things have changed between all of them. Of course, it is also great to see how Discord is clearly trying his best to get along with them and be friends. He’s just at the stage where he doesn’t know exactly how to do this, and you can see him struggling (which is also endearing).

Me too! I hope they continue to show Celestia as a character that wants to have fun and shake things up once in a while, particularly since she has been the kind yet aloof mentor/ruler to Twilight throughout most of the series.

6006869 That’s an excellent point—in the half dozen Discord eps we’ve gotten we’ve seen almost more character development than the girls have undergone in four seasons of eps. And it’s all played out very believably and very interestingly on top of it all. The writing regarding his character has always been one of the most impressive things to me about the show, and I’m so glad that even this many seasons in, they’re doing such an excellent job with him instead of just letting him become a plot device, like you said, or just so all powerful and without issues now that he’s reformed that there’s nothing interesting about him.

For someone that powerful, all of the insecurity is even more endearing than it could be in any other character. The fact that he’s recognized that true friendship is the one thing he can’t just ‘snap up’ for himself, yet at the same time it’s one of the things he wants most of all, is so sweet and makes watching his development and realization of the changes he’s undergone all the more enjoyable. And I agree, I think he’ll end up being hyper-protective of the girls (particularly Fluttershy) as the series goes on.

It looks like we’re getting a break now between segments of eps, so I’d probably put the next Discord ep at more like October sometime. But it would be great if it tied into the finale somehow too. It’s killing me waiting each week with barely any hints about what’s next—waiting for Discord’s ep is going to feel worse than the last hiatus lol. But at least we’ll have that chapter book in July.

Aw, that poor mailpony lol—all I can guess is either that a unicorn opened a portal for him to the chaos plane Discord lives in, or maybe Discord’s got an open portal stationed somewhere to enter by or a rabbit hole type thing, like you said. The Wackyland concept is interesting though. Maybe next ep we’ll see Discord actually taking the girls there and get an answer that way.

I agree, it would have been interesting seeing Discord trying to interact in polite society or more with the other girls. Maybe in the future we’ll see him branching out to try and make new friends now that he’s realized he’s capable of that thanks to Smooze. And excellent point about the responses of the girls in the ep—there’s no more ‘getting on their guard’ around him the second he appears. It’s a subtle shift, but it speaks volumes about how they’ve really accepted him as a friend now. And I really hope we see him interact with the princesses soon too—after all of their awkward history, I think it would be interesting to see him trying to be closer friends with them.

6025880 The storytelling and character development in MLP: FIM are two major factors that makes this such a great show to watch. Sometimes, when a series has gone on for a while, there is a fear it might become too formulaic or fall back on tired themes. But these characters just keep growing in new ways, and how they’ve handled Discord is a testament to that. There are also a few other characters who could have easily become too overpowered, such as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, or even Twilight Sparkle, given their vast magical knowledge. And perhaps it is exactly because the focus is more on the strengths and weaknesses of their characters (rather than relying on magic or another force) to solve problems that keeps all of them so fresh.

That’s also a great point. Being able to watch a powerful being like Discord face his insecurities in the pursuit of something precious to him as friendship is wonderful. You wind up rooting for this character who would seem impenetrable on many other fronts, and keep getting reminded that at his very core is someone able to feel hurt or appreciate kindness just like everyone else. Actually, of all the shows I’ve seen that involve such characters, I think MLP: FIM truly does handle it the best. ;3

Hopefully the next Discord episode would come around then or earlier. It is too bad they are taking a two-week hiatus for the next episode to come on, and it is always so difficult to wait for new Discord-related episodes. Yet who knows? Maybe he’ll show up in another episode sooner than we expect, particularly since he hangs out around Ponyville more often (or, at least, every Tuesday). Do you have any idea why they keep taking breaks between episodes, by the way? Hah. Yep. That chapter book will be worth the wait and probably answer a lot of our questions involving how Discord would interacts with the ponies on a regular basis, as well as where he lives.

Somehow, I’m sure it didn’t take the mail pony too much longer to return back home. His dedication is truly admirable, though. Did you happen to see the fan fiction posted recently tackling that very issue? It’s pretty awesome.

This story was sweet and kinda poetic in a way. I've been wishing for canon friendly interaction between Discord and at least one of the Mane Six other than Fluttershy, and even though it's fanon, this is exceptional. I love Discord stories that have moments where he's moderately reserved and respectful. He's a character with so much potential to be honest, and this story put that potential to good use.

6075787 Thank you so much. :twilightsmile: Discord has come a long way as a character, and I'm looking forward to when we are able to see more interaction between him and the other ponies. There is a lot they can learn from each other, I feel. He must have seen a lot in his lifetime, and the ponies could probably help him to appreciate things in new ways.

And thanks for the favorite as well. ;3

6078943 I agree with your points. And you're welcome. Here, have a few Derpys too: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2:

6079006 Thanks (on all points). Have some Pinkies: :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

This was a bit awkward to read for me, and Discord seemed a bit out of character, but it wasn't too bad. I can't really pinpoint what it is that made it feel off/awkward, and for that I'm sorry. The ending was pretty nice and it wasn't bad, but I can't quite upvote it and I can't quite downvote it, so it'll just go in between.

Please take my words into consideration, for they are only meant to be constructive. Have a nice day/night. :twilightsmile:

6173789 You're welcome. I'd like to be more help, but that's all I've got. :twilightsheepish:

6177173 And I appreciate that a great deal. I'm doing my best to improve as a writer, and FimFiction.net. has been a wonderful training ground on this front.

A relaxed and charming story. Plus it had Discord in it and that's ALLWAYS good. Have a moustache! :moustache:

6432430 Ah, thank you (for your kind words and the mustache)! :twilightsmile:

I really liked that one. you really put some thinking into discords behaviour (the "special effects", you might say) and the way he uses his magic. the ending was very interesting, when he decided to walk instead of teleporting away. he probably learned that there are things that even he can't accomplish using his magic (although I think that he could. easily).

6694729 Ah, thanks! And it's true. I think Discord, as a character, has a great deal he could learn if he slowed down and just appreciated how life flows around him more often. Applejack is all about watching the fruits of her labor grow, so she seemed perfect to teach Discord that lesson.

Thank you again!

This is easily the best explanation for why Discord shouldn't just rely on quick-fixes. "Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing"; one of my favourite Shakespeare quotations, and exemplified well in this fic.

Since I wouldn't be me if I didn't, I do have one or two criticisms to make. The smallest one is that Discord doesn't seem quite as mischievous as I imagine would be his wont; he makes a few jabs about her talking to a tree initially, but for the most part he seems notably well-behaved. Applejack seems a mite eloquent at times, too: for instance, I can't imagine her using "however" the way she does here, and her lectures seem a little "textbook quoting" where a few countryisms might have made it seem more in-character. Also, it might just be me, but the bit in the middle from Discord getting lassoed to Big Mac running from the giant pig seemed a bit unclear to me; I wasn't sure what had happened until afterwards. This might be a sign that the causal connections need to be more explicit.

Overall, though, this has a nice laid-back tone and a good moral which I heartily support. Applejack was the right character to give it, and her reading to Bloomberg's "child" Apple Sprout was a sweet canonical reference. The descriptions of Discord's physical gags seemed right too, as did the unspoken parallels between him and the long-lived tree. Liked and faved. :scootangel:

Congrats on another awesome story!

7993985 Thank you! I appreciate the favorite and the feedback. It felt like Applejack and Discord should have a story focused around them (which I'd still like to see in the comics and/or show), because of that issue of patience versus quick-fixes. Hah, I'll have to see what I can do to make that lasso part a little clearer. ;3

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