• Published 14th Oct 2016
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Welcome to Tatzlquestria - Guardian Talon

Events from around an Equestria where half of the population are now tatzlponies.

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Good Evening

Dr. Petri walked through the main entrance of the Canterlot train station. It only took a moment for her to find three guards who weren't actually guarding anything. In front of them was a large bag similar the one hitched to her, and sitting down next to it was a pony reading the news paper.

"Dr. Scope?" She asked as she approached the floating paper.

The top of the paper folded down to reveal the stallion behind it. "Dr. Petri, it's good to-"

"AAA!" She jumped back when she saw the alien mouth of the pony getting up to greet her, but being still hitched to the bag caused her to fall to the side. She shook her head and looked up to see a tentacle coming towards her. She tried to shuffle away but ended up going in a circle around her luggage. She looked back but only saw Dr. Scope's unamused face looking down at her.

"Really now? I was hoping to be working with somepony a little more professional."

"I just-" She took a deep breath to calm down. "I just got back from a family reunion. I haven't had, well any, interaction with um, tatzlponies."

He stepped around and offered a hoof to pull her up. "Well you'll have plenty of time for that on this trip. Not only is there myself but one of the guards being sent with us as relief is as well."

She dusted herself off and looked over at the guards. She couldn't see their tails and the enchantments on the armour hid any markings, but after a moment she noticed that one of them seemed to have a split in his lower jaw. She unhitched herself and sat down across from Dr. Scope. "Sorry about that." She watched him smile and nod. "So what's it like?" Her eyes shot open as she clamped a hoof over her mouth.

He chuckled a little. "It's ok. I honestly expected as much from you. After all, a pony doesn't become a researcher of any kind if they aren't curious about the world around them. As I said, there will be plenty of time to satisfy your curiosity on this trip."

Rainbow Dash glided down to Fluttershy's cottage. As she touched down, there was an odd rapid thumping noise coming from inside. When she got close to the door she heard moaning. Quietly trotting over to a window, she looked inside. A table was in the way but she could see Fluttershy's head and back. She was clearly stretched out on the floor and her eyes were partly glazed over.

Fluttershy smiled. "Thas the s'ot, A'gle. Righ' there."

Dash's eyes shot open as she started backing away.

"No, don' stob. Jus' a little loger."

Dash turned around and jumped into the air. "Maybe I'll come back latter."

Fluttershy looked down at her tongue stretched out in front of her and the bunny hammering away at it. "Ok, A'gle. Thas' enough."

His foot slammed down on the sore spot a few more times before he finally stopped. And was promptly grabbed by it and pulled in to be nuzzled by Fluttershy. He rolled his eyes but took a quick look around before hugging her muzzle.

She dropped Angle on her back and took a moment to stretch and flex the over used and recently massaged tentacle. "As scary as all of this has been, they really are quite useful. I guess I just need to slow down on how much I use them when helping all the animals."

Angle made some noises.

"Of course I'll make you a special treat for helping me." She walked into the kitchen as her mouth opened up and her tongues started to slide out. Then she pulled them back in. "But I think I'll make it like I used to."

Princess Luna appeared in a flash of light. She took a moment to observe her odd surroundings before knocking on the seemingly normal wooden door.

A minute latter a lion paw and eagle talon pierced the middle of the door and pulled it apart as if made from two pieces of hanging fabric. Discord poked his head out to see who his visitor was. "Luna! So good to see you. I must say I wasn't expecting company this evening. Please come in come in."

As she followed him through the door she noted that the arms holding it open for her weren't the ones attached to his body. A quick look around the interior showed a house that was surprisingly less chaotic then expected. She had no doubt that it was a facade hiding the true nature of the place. She chose to remain standing instead of taking a seat on the couch across from him.

He stretched out and folded his hands behind his head. "So what brings you to my little piece of chaos?"

"We require a cup of your 'tatzl tea'."

"Oh? Eager to join your sister and the other princesses are you?" He snapped his fingers at her.

She felt a sudden weight on her tail and an odd sensation in her mouth. Actually opening her mouth was even stranger and she looked down at the three tentacles that slipped out before pulling them back in. "The others may be adjusting well but I would prefer to remain in my natural form."

He just closed his eyes and shrugged as he snapped his fingers at her again, returning her to normal. "If it's not for yourself then what do you need a cup of tea for?"

"We- I have learned of an individual who has valid reason for wanting to become a tatzlpony."

He stroked his beard. "Only one pony in all of Equestria?"

"If there are any others, then I have yet to find them. It is my understanding that those few who wished to become tatzlponies were quick to secure a cup upon learning what was happening. This individual was somehow detained from doing so."

"I see." He leaned forward and rested his chin on his hand. "So what's in it for me?"

She regarded him for a moment with a raised eyebrow. "Was it not your desire to turn all of Equestria into tatzlponies?"

He gave her a dismissive waved and looked away. "I had my fun. There's enough running around for what I wanted. One more won't make a difference."

She sighed. "Very well. What do you desire in exchange for your assistance in this matter?"

He tapped his chin a few times before his eyes opened wide. He turned to her fully and started to grin. "Well Dreamy. There's something you are going to need help with, and something you are going to have to do afterwards. I'm going to help with the first and be there to watch the second."

Applejack looked at the apple filled baskets sitting in a cart and surveyed the empty trees around her. She walked over to one of the trees and gave it a solid kick. No apples fell out but after a moment she heard a noise coming out of a large hole in the ground next to it. Next out was a tentacle filled mouth as Big Mac yawned while he stepped out.

"Enjoy your nap?"


She looked back at the trees. "Well, you earned it."

He hooked up to the cart and started pulling it towards the barn.

She caught up and trotted beside him. "Once we get this put away, Granny should have supper about ready."

After a minute of silence between them she turned to her brother. "You never said nothing, but I was wondering. What do you think of this here tatzlpony stuff? You ok with what all happened?"


She nodded at that. "I'm surprised Granny Smith is taking it so well." She chuckled a little. "I guess living next to that forest for so long, a pony gets used to strange things." She noticed the sideways look he gave her. "Well not everypony gets sent out to do things for the princess."

He smiled and looked back at the barn they were approaching.

She sighed. "I hope Granny ain't making soup again." She frowned at the sudden laughter beside her. "Hey now, it wasn't that funny." She licked the lips between her lower jaws as she remembered what happened.


She rolled her eyes at him as they walked into the barn. "Lets just get this put away for the night."

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