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It doesn't really matter what we write as long as people enjoy reading it.

Also the story is quite good.


I agree entirely. The comment was a joke based on the fact that I passed by 2 whole pages of clop under 'just updated'. So I just thought to myself "WELCOME TO FIMFICTION WE WRITE CLOP I THINK!"

6252655 A fitting comment indeed. :rainbowkiss:

I liked it very well done ^^ there not enough stories with babs seed in it so awesome story :)

Looks like just the beginning of a story, but you've marked it complete.

6254707 Geez! You're right! Give me one sec, one second...
Okay, good. Thank you for that.
I actually have most of it finished, but I learned my lesson a while ago about releasing multiple chapter stories and forgetting to finish them.

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ so awesome ^^

6257990 And now this image has infected this website. We did it internet.

Wut do u mean? I'm not very world knowledgeable, so humor me. Kay?

Oh good another chapter!! Thanks!

Eh. It's alright I guess.

Huh and here I thought you dropped this story.

6262323 Taggart Terminal, a train station in New York City, is a central location in the book Atlas Shrugged. I needed a landmark for Manahatten, I figured it would be an Easter Egg for those who cared to look.

Hmmm I was thinking next was a big orgy. Liked it though.

This is a good one. You got Babs right on, and the filly Shining was pretty cute!:twilightsmile:

Roof Celestia is watching.:trollestia:

Even though foalcon is a SIN i'll let it go for now because I like the story. signed the GhostRider

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