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After an accidental storm is created at the Cloud Factory, and heads towards Appleloosa, Rainbow, Billy, Hoops, and Score are forced to work together as a team to dissipate it before it floods Appleloosa. Hopefully a certain secret doesn't get out either.

(Note: This is a story I wrote quite some years ago, and was originally published on my account on DA. It was written pre-season 2, back before SoarinDash was a thing, and was my contribution to the back-then-rare concept of Rainbow being paired up with a guy. I will admit, that this isn't exactly my best work, but as one of my earlier works, it was no less important.)
(Note 2: Made a mistake, this isn't done yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding all. ^^;)

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Um, I thought there were tags for them. I can check if you'd like. -goes to peek-

...You know, I don't think there are, especially after the site was updated. It's harder to see the full selection of character tags. :rainbowhuh:

Ooooh I remember this story! I really wish you would finish it! I really liked it!

Ooohhh im loving this story already.:heart::heart::heart: Awesome job there. :raritywink: and I wonder if they will help save Appleloosa In time when the strom is over. And I bet Billy will or might someday tell Rainbow how he really feels for her. (hopefully she will feel the same way for him to, seeing them snuggle is so cute :twilightsmile:) good luck on the next chapters my friend. :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Well that was cute. I certainly didn't expect to see this update anytime soon, so it makes one helluva Christmas present.

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