• Published 10th May 2015
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The Son is Shining - Shakespearicles

When tragedy strikes the family, it could mean no more 'special' Mother's Days for Velvet and her son.

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no fuck you I just fapped I don't want a new chapter no no NO DAMMIT

So the branches Sparkle family tree go right back into the trunk... kinky.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Sequel: Twilight's Night Light - Father's Day 2016

2016? But I want it now :fluttershysad:

Sequel: Twilight's Night Light - Father's Day 2016
Spinoff? Stormageddon: Changeling Spy ~ 2016

to day i go to work with a smile on my face

Yes...YES!!! Oh hell yes!!! That was freaking hilarious!! Well played, and looking forward to sequel and spin-off. Just...just awesome!!

2016? But...

Author's Note:
Sequel: Twilight's Night Light - Father's Day 2016
Spinoff? Stormageddon: Changeling Spy ~ 2016

I see a family orgy cumming comming in 2017 or 2018.

And yet another year of waiting... no complaints here :)

sparkle orgy 2017 then? i'll try to be there :pinkiecrazy:

Sequel: Twilight's Night Light - Father's Day 2016

I hope you realize we will hold you to that.

Sequels in a year? My dick can't wait that long, you monster!

Still, at least you announced them so you could save a lot of people the trouble of pointless comments full of "SEQUEL NOW HURR DURR"

6244559 giving us a release date, more people need to do this

6246234 6244559 6253774 I will have you know (and this goes for everyone) that 2016 is as accurate of an estimated release date as I can give. I have four other stories that I'm working on getting finished, and six NEW story ideas that are still in the outlining stage. So don't worry, there is going to be plenty of content from yours-truly between now and then. But until then, how about we all just sit down, relax, and have a nice tall glass of calm-the-fuck-down?

6244983 I am calm. DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M NOT CALM?

Stormageddon should have his own rock band.

Well... at least someone displays some goddamn compassion for Night Light, since even the princess of love herself can't muster any care at all for her mother in laws husband, and certainly not most of Night Light's family, all happily deciding he's not important enough for real consideration.

Almost painful to read him being like "it's... it's okay she's cheating on me. I'm worthless anyway." Jeez.

6245148 HA! I made you feel! But yes, that is part of the key to writing relate-able characterization.
But don't you worry, he'll get his.

So she never told shining that his sister is his daughter? i would LOVE to see his and cadences reaction to that

My friend,that was one hell of a fun story! And Do you watch Doctor Who? I bet other ponies got that reference, and I can't wait till 2k16! And everyone is already giving you the plot for another sequel! I bet we got material for 2 years!

>Shining and Cadance still haven't found out about Twilight
You're fucking killing me here, man.:raritydespair:

Sequel: Twilight's Night Light

Oh... Oh well. Jeez, I just can't stay mad at you.:raritystarry:

Father's Day 2016


Sequel should be... Stormageddon first and three way blackmail romance between Chrysalis, Shining and Cadence, with a dash of Stormageddon drama finding out he has two moms and a dad and juggling his real species to admitting the truth to his marefriend...

But yeah, Twilight-Night Light dad/daughter sequel with more Shining-Cadence-Velvet fun would be a nice read... And somewhere in the course of the story Celestia and Luna incest.... Or at least a royal princess one. :pinkiecrazy:

The possibilities is endless... But really, looking forward to seeing where this crazy mother's day, now Father's day story goes.

You're evil, formatting the titles in the AN so they look like links.

"Ponies don't lay eggs! Wait, do they?

bu- wuh- gih- urrrrrrrrr*jblan.exe has stopped working*

Twilight's Night Light - Father's Day 2016


well let hope in the sequel Velvet tells Armor the secret about Twilight

This really should have ended after the first ending.

6268401 Well, that's why there was two. If she didn't get pregnant in the first ending, then it was pretty clear what was going to happen in the second. So I suppose what you meant was your reading should have ended after the first ending.

This has got to keep going!!!!!!!!

This amuses me in fantastic ways both physically and mentally.

Now I gotta wait till 2016...

Shine on you beautiful bastard, shine on.

I have to wait a year for a sequel?

...You're EVIL, you glorious, ingenious bastard. Like, Tirek-Hitler-Freiza level evil.

Grandfather X Granddaughter has never before been so hot.

Story title: "The Son is Shining"
Me: "But the ice is slippery."

Sorry, had a Shadow moment.

not 1 but 2 sequels this is supper good.

6631300 I still can't stop laughing ya know...!

can't wait for more ~


Tbh I didn't bother reading the correct potion chapter, where's the fun in that? Can't wait to see stormaggedon get some action

Spinoff? Stormageddon: Changeling Spy ~ 2016

I am really surprised Cadance would let that name near anything.

bummer we all have to weight till June.

A queen's get. A princess' child. A guard captain's son. Hail Stormageddon, conquerer of Equestria! (Well written, funny as hell, and sexy as all get out. Cannot wait for the sequel!)

*Finally finishes reading this after floating around the read it later list for ages, then sees this*

Author's Note:
Sequel: Twilight's Night Light - Father's Day 2016

*looks at today's date*


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