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Going to the local arcade isn't new for Button Mash. Whenever he got his allowance, he would spend nearly every bit he earned for a few minutes of game play. During one of his game play sessions, he's surprised to be payed a visit by a filly his age who she claims to be called Double Points. Him and her engage in Gaming Combat.

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"with a cocky face."

Ha! Such unbolted visage put into thy writ, I can well imagine it.

Hmph. No offence, but in sequels, I dearly hope this remains a friendship thing. I ship ButtonBelle, and it would easily fit in as a conflict. In the end, he goes out with Sweetie Belle, and one of the conflicts is her learning to get over envy, and being a good friend to both of them all the while. Also, it's nice to see people not afraid to use OCs as much. Hey, maybe she could date another OC in the end? There's a lot of room to work with here, do the best with it.

The jungle of bits could be heard as she walked

I think you meant to say "jangle of bits could be heard", this was a fun read. I noticed a few other errors, but this was the first I spotted, and was the most glaring.

5940667 geez gandolf, you really love buttonbelle doubt you?
as do i

5941168 it's more than meets the bigger on the inside, Daring Do. The Wayback is in full cane, and I will soon have my leapard armada of candy canes take over the multiunidimgalaxsolarplanetverse! Oh, and force everyone to ship ButtonBelle. Ang, I want my motives to be obvious. BUTTONBELLE shall cover and swallow everything the darkness of light of FimFiction ever touches! No more TwiDash, no more RariJack! Overrateds will be wiped clean off. Out with the funky fresh and beautiful, Viewtiful. In with the not-so-new.

5941353 But we all admit that Twixie and FlutterDash is amazing right?

5941388 I'm meh on all lesbian ships, just my personal preference, just as long as they aren't overrated.
Oh, and you better buy ButtonBelle merch before you get executed. Leapards get very hungry.

5941461 Please fella I'm the God of Barbecue! I'll be roasting them leopards over an open grill. Or I could fry 'em. Which do you prefer?

5941497 don't eat buttons leopards, they're cursed or something. Last time I ate one I started hearing shapes and seeing sounds, not a good experience.:pinkiesick::applecry:

5941497 yes, but then you have me, a power-oozing shipper with ruthless ambition, and your grill. What Ya gunna do when the odds are against you?

This is actually pretty good. I've never seen a OC X Button Mash ship before so this is a nice change of pace. I hope you continue with these two characters.

5941550 Deep fry 'em. Roast 'em, Bake 'em even. Hey, what BBQ sauce do you want with your leopards? Smokin' Guns, or Crazy Uncle Jester's?

5941633 I think leopard meat sucks. How about we do some fine dining, and feast on the souls of opposing shippers? I have no idea why, but when I don't support a headcanon, I do enjoy crushing it.

5941790 I agree. I say we start with a fine roasted Sparity shipper, we then go on to have a second course of TwiLestia, then for desert we can have some RainbowPie. Sound good?

5941843 eh, Sparity has a bitter taste. How about the oh so overrated and rather hostile ship SpikeBelle?

5942616 That's more like it!

5942917 well, then, let us cook the comment section into a SHIP WAR!

5941521 remember than time I drew a circle with 3 corners and 15 sides?
Yeah, that was fun.

5943658 I saw pinkie turn into Jake the dog once, yea, good times.

5989363 I get the joke buddy, but awkward video cut at the punchline.

5989426 It was the best one I could find.

To be honest, I kinda like this shippings, even though I ship ButtonBelle to the end.

"And that's how I met your mother!"
~Button Mash

Well, can't wait for the sequel.

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