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I'm an MLP/Sci-Fi crossover writer. 'Nuff said. My stories seek to answer but these three, simple questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5QT6CWiSM


Bon Bon is a hard-boiled detective in the peaceful Canterlot City. Her attention is captured by a string of cases involving the appearances of mysterious flash drive devices called Gaia Memories, the Dopant monsters they turn people into, and by the enigmatic Lyra, who appeared just before the cases began. Together, Lyra and Bon Bon use the Gaia Memories to transform into the half-and-half hero, Kamen Rider Double, out to track down the Dopants and to stop anyone who may try to make this city cry.

(Kamen Rider W crossover; EqG-style humans.)
(This story is most conveniently read in Indented format instead of Double Spaced.)
(The chapter labeled “(Noncanon Draft)” is just that, an early draft of scenes that are now noncanon to the story, but they’re still well-written so I’m keeping them up. The rest of it is the actual story.)

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Having watched Double before reading this, I have to say you're off to a good start.
Heck, I'm even saying the Gaia memories in my head much like how Double's were spoken. I will admit, it felt weird thinking BonBon and Lyra as opposed to Cyclone and Joker, but by the end I got used to it.

With the cutie marks or script letters idea. What about keeping them the script letters in the human world but have a client come in with a case where Lyra and BonBon need to go to Equestria and then have the script letters change to the cutie marks?

6051441 Thanks.

I'm even saying the Gaia memories in my head

That was the intention. Mwa-ha-ha!

With the cutie marks or script letters idea. [...]

Hmm...my current train of thought is leaning more towards: this spoiler tag text used to say something, but I decided to remove it before I drew too much attention to this story and someone tried snagging secret details early; if you saw it, I can confirm that it is going to be used. It's not set in stone, but if I can use part of your idea in the finished product, I might.

The look of the Dopants is interesting, and using the background six is a good creative move. It is weird that the Gia memories like Lyra and Bon Bon have the same names as main characters. In the context of the story, are the emulating specific ponies from Equestria? Because that could be cool.
The cover isn't great. I like the lettering, but half of a harp and the candies looks more like its incomplete rather than stylish. The point of Double was two halves coming together to form a greater whole, perhaps that could better represented by overlapping the marks?

I may also introduce Electra Ski, an OC of mine, as a “two-in-one” (electricity/ice) Rider to contrast Lyra/BonBon’s “half-and-half” motif. Again, that’s if I can come up with anything overarching.

I'm not sure how Two-in-one differs from half and half, especially with two powers as different from each other as Lightning and Ice. Could a character with one incredibly advanced power (like the way the Flash's speed is more advanced than Superman's) contrast better?


In the context of the story, are they emulating specific ponies from Equestria?

Well…:trollestia: Wait for the full story to start, and things will start getting clearer.

I know the cover art is simplistic; Microsoft Powerpoint is the closest thing I have to Photoshop. The marks overlapping and fading into each other might just be possible, though. Might. Using Powerpoint is very limiting.

Half-and-half is like Double, a clear solid line dividing one half from the other, each completely themselves and interchangeable. Two-in-one is a blending of two into a unified, integrated whole, where swapping out is far more difficult. Accel already had a singular-focused power to contrast Double's swappable combinations, so I'm trying to do something different. Specifically with Electra, her Gaia Memory gives an electrical power, while her Driver itself provides the ice power, contrasting the Double Driver simply being a conduit for two external powers.

Seems pretty good so far :) Look forward to seeing more of this.

What kind of name is Dopant? It's weird even by My Little Pony standards...

It's from Kamen Rider W, derived from "doping", as the monsters of the season are basically people using addictive mystical devices like they were street drugs to mutate and get superpowers to do whatever they please. Much the same is carried over into this story (except for the first monster).

You don't seem very familiar with Kamen Rider details, but if you keep asking, I'll keep answering.

i think the title need to be change bit because l b x part make it sounds its about the little robots and not kamen rider

Um :rainbowderp:…my excuse is I've never heard of these "Little Robots" to know that, and anyway it's a reference to Kamen Rider W's theme song, "W-B-X ~W-Boiled-Extreme~". As I always say, coincidental similarities be darned. Also, I can't for the life of me think of another name and this one fits too perfectly.

Little Battlers eXperience or known has lbx its anime thats base on a series of 3ds games

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