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Something is returning to Equestria something that hasn't been seen or heard of for a very long time. A darkness is coming and it has set its gaze on twilight and her friends will they defeat this unknown creature or will they be crushed with in the creatures dark shadows.

This is my first attempt at writing a story so sorry if my grammar isn't the best. And this is also my first attempt at writing a Dark themed story.

(ps- don't pay mind to the cover art its only temporary until i can find something that suits this story)

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nice work it is really great as is

by any chance would this be a shadow of wealth and taste?

5986729 in a way i guess it is. I can't really say much about the shadow at the moment cause it would kinda spoil a few things

5986731 If you didn't get where I was going with that reference, you might want to brush up on your Rolling Stones, or at least tvtropes

5986744 sorry i'm not very cultured

Okay, specifically there's a Rolling Stones song named "Sympathy for the Devil"

Repeated various points in the song is the line "Pleased to meet you, hope you've guessed my name".

Song obviously was referring to Lucifer/the Judeo-Christian "Devil", which is where I thought you were going with this, given the name of the story.

5987362 oh no i wish the inspiration for the name was that cool. No i actually got the name from a Minecraft fan song called you know my name :twilightblush:

Will read later. At the moment, school dictates, so... hopefully by the end of the week, I'll be able to get to this fic.

Do continue and have a thumbs up as well. :ajsmug:

6012592 thank you i just finished the next chapter a few minutes ago i just need to get it edited ^^

6012598 Perfect timing... :rainbowdetermined2:

6012716 lol i just gotta find a editor

6012723 In case you won't be able to find any:

slickwrite.com (< This one is very good!)
spellcheckplus.com (for commas, lines and grammar)
hemingwayapp.com (Highlights bad words.)
5 FREE grammar chekers for bloggers and writers (A list for grammar chackers.)

Since english is my second language, I use Google Translate to find synonyms for words. For you, I don't know any sites that would help you find synonyms, so you're on your own at this...

Good luck!

I keep imagining a pony made of black plasma with some kind of dark fire coming off of its body.

I also keeping seeing it as a shape shifter as well so that it can turn one of its legs into a talon

6026533 your not to far off with the shape shifter thing

6028574 that's awesome, can't wait to see what comes next

I like were this is going, looking forward to the next chapter.

went with this chapter so well.

Spike with a severed hand? I'm loving where this is going hehe

oh man... this is great! but is spike eaten or mangled?

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