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This story is a sequel to Just Big Boned

Hi, I'm Butterball. It's been six months since I last moved to Ponyville and things have been going better than I'd first expected. I've lost some weight, made a lot of friends, and I'm on an ongoing crusade to get my cutie mark with my three best friends. To top it all off, it's the first day of summer vacation! And I'm going to my first sleepover! This is going to be awesome!

Agh, Scootaloo's looking at me weird again. Her face is all red and she's avoiding eye contact. She says that her allergies are acting up again.

Come to think of it, she only gets allergies when I'm around.

Is she allergic to me?

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Well, that's a little unexpected, Scootaloo crushing on Butterball. I would have thought she would be into Rumble. Well, this should be good.


I actually hinted towards it back a few times in Just Big Boned (for example, Scootaloo's playfulness towards Butter, helping him out when he was crying, etc). I kinda amped up the affection in this chapter because she's excited about being at the sleepover with a Butter alone, so I tried to not make the sudden affection come out of nowhere.

Or you could say it's either for comedic effect or crappy writing, take your pick :rainbowlaugh:

5940012 I call it, "A detail I forgot from because my long term memory is starting to go the way of the dodo." :raritywink:

Can't wait to see how this progresses...:twilightsmile:

The last classroom I went to was in Fillydelphia, where I was born and raised.

It is required.

Instant classic!
I'm calling it now, this is going to soar into the featured box.
This is incredibly well written, I would read this 10 times and it wouldn't get old.
Well done! 11/10!


I wish I would've referenced that, but I'm not clever enough to a slip a joke like that in there :rainbowlaugh:


Oh my gosh, thanks! You make me blush! :twilightblush:

"Scoots is a weird chick"

It's a good story for sure. I'll keep an eye on it definitely.

The last classroom I went to was in Fillydelphia, where I was born and raised.

Best line.:twilightsheepish:

why is there so much white without any letter?

5986766 I wanted to joke that it was the end of the chapter so I put a few spaces in before the last sentence which kinda ruined some suspense built up :rainbowlaugh:

5987650 oh and not funny worked 3 hours on ny pc to find the problem and it was on my birthday and what i nearly forgot was to say your story with butterball is pretty good he is a bit like me (i suck at running and walking too and i am also good with cooking and baking its in my familiy my grandpa that i never saw was a cook in the gernan army he saved many live with his cooking but he dissappeard someday 45 years ago no one ever saw him again) (and why am i writing so much again)

Still nothing? *Growls and throws arms in the air* DAMN YOU TESTING!!!!!!

I still have to finish the other one, but i hope this story is going to be a longer one, i mean that the romance can play out a bit to say so.

5940012 i think i would have already noticed Scootaloos affection towards Butter, even without the sequel.
What i want to say, yes i think you made enough hints for that, and we could easily understand them, but maybe some think that this are just innocent gestures.

I know i said i hope for a long romance, but right now i think i would not mind it, if she would confess in one ot two chapters already, because i think they already had a story together, where Scootaloo started to be more friendly with him, and even shared a secret, or something like that.

I would like it if the other Crussaiders would notice that to, but maybe after Butter, and Scootaloo would have started a secret date or something like that, they could see them the moment Scootaloo finally gets her cuddling, or kiss.
Somehow i like those romance/adoption storys more than other storys, probably because i more or less already know what i get in the story. Oh i forgot that i am used to like Slice of Life a lot too.

I looked to my left and saw another pegasus colt with a brown coat and a long red mane. He was chasing his tail like a dog, but soon got dizzy and fell over on his side. Ponyville was a weird place, that's for sure. I turned my head as soon as he ran to a nearby tree and lifted up his leg.

This cameo is my fault:rainbowlaugh:

Nice, i really like Butter, and i am curious what he thinks Pinkie means, i mean she can´t just tell him the thruth could she? I don´t think Scootaloo want it to happen this way, but it could help.

i :heart: funniness. that ,like this whole story, is true funniness! :derpytongue2:
I NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok who let that one fluttershy in this chat room?
(:flutterrage: moar!) oh there she is, now to put her back in her dimension. again.:ajbemused:

must........reisist............to................read .................this.......................now...................why...............................am.................i...........................talking...........................with...................breaks...........................?

Comment posted by Useless Object deleted Jun 28th, 2015

6141167 dunna. why am i talking like this? :derpytongue2:

also wouldn't pinkie pie know by now that when ever she breaks or addresses the fourth wall and im there everything explodes.:ajbemused: like right no------:derpyderp1:*audio cracks* <five hrs later> sorry, needed twilight to use a spell to trap my spirit in a jar while they fixed my charred corps. :rainbowderp: well im off to jump city to follow the yellow brick road to see the owl hoodenie to go and defeat Loki before Trigon eats the joker.:pinkiesick: wait... some things wrong whith my brain-*shakes head*- better!:twilightblush:

"Addressing the fourth wall!"

I like her usual fourht wall stuff, but i soemhow don´t enjoy that talking to the reader stuff.

Anyway, if you're wondering what the heck Pinkie's doing telling Butter about these "allergies" and all that, all will hopefully make sense towards the climax.

I guess she is trying to give him the right idea, and somehow confront Scootaloo, however she doesn´t want to tell him the Scootaloo likes him, because she should be allowed to do it herself, but he is only affraid to make her ill.
I nearly wanted to ask if Pinkie doesn´t understand why Butter thinks he would make her ill, if he is the cause of her allergy, because that is what she is telling him, and even if it is not true, she should be able to understand what he means, i mean she doesn´t believe that her own plans works right?

edit: However i understand that she isn´t affraid, because she knows what she actually means

I was somehow excited to see it finally happening in this chapter, and a bit sad that it didn´t happened, however it was a nice chapter (....errr....suddenly not sure anymore what i wanted to say).

It is a completely different Scootaloo from what i have seen so far, and i like her really much, i hope for many awesome chapters, and that it didn´t end to soon, i mean usually such storys are finished right after two ponys got together, and no one really get´s to see much about the actually relationship.
I don´t know what you planned, probably i already talked with you about it, but if you can think of something, i would still like a sequel after this story.

i have the ffeling i shouldnt read more from the part he says you kick like a girl

6231146 I'm sorry if that offended you. I was trying to make Butter a little bit of a jerk like most kids are. I don't promote sexism or anything :derpyderp2:

6231172 i didnt meant that in this way i meant it in the that rainbw is going to be mad and you know what mad peole do to others

I am not sure, but i somehow hated to read it right now (and to reach the end, because i like it), just because i know that i have to wait nearly the same amount of time for the next chapter.
This is really nice, and as cute that may be, i can´t wait fo the moment Butterball and Scootaloo have to speak about it.
I don´t know how much storys, or other stuff you have to do, but i would like one-two chapters in a month if you don´t mind, i am curious about what happens next.


I'm really sorry for that. To be honest, I kinda got a little less motivated on writing and more motivated on TF2 (the new update has really gotten me hooked on it again, not to mention the contracts hhhhh). I'll try to make updates much more frequent and I hope to release a new story as an experiment on how well I can do just comedy. Thanks for the support of this story! :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Darthdarius117 deleted Jul 22nd, 2015

I'll...just wait til this story's finished.

okay i hate clffhangers right now.:twilightangry2:

And with that I fainted.

I remember who Butter is, and his personality, but I´m still somehow dissapointed that he just fainted.
I hope that doesn´t means that he is going to be like a completely helpless idiot over the next chapters, but I understand if they both, or after scotaloo confessed "he" would be still ...shy? I forgot the word I wanted to use.

However I´m happy with the chaper.


Oh no, he's just that surprised she'd even have those feelings for him. :rainbowwild:

He's not going to act like a total moron around her, but he will be adorably shy to her affection :rainbowkiss:

6656025 Well that´s okay I think, but I hope that Scootaloo isn´t magically cured from her shyness either, I mean she got to tell him about it finally, but well it would help to prevent that he doesn´t stand out as an idiot.

The next chapter should probably start with butterball slightly drooling in his sleep or something, just a suggestion

Great story :D can't wait for the next part!

On a really late side note, your profile pic is kind of bad. It looks like it was made in some free 3D animation software from 2005 :/

I would like a new chapter.


I've been trying to find motivation to write but whenever I try it just leads me to wanting to write for my Discord and Lucid fic, which is what I really want to put more effort into.

I promise though the next thing I put out will be another chapter to this story!

7420551 well thank you, okay I wait for another one.

clinging to his new girlfriend?

I don't honestly know if I want to read about a sweet moment, without the others noticing it and making a little bit fun of him too, or if I would like it more, if Scootaloo would announce it out loud to make the others jealous, or at least trying to do it.
I mean she said everyone would like him at least one bit. It was kind of funny that he is actually kind of the most popular colt in class.

My eyes widened as my wings folded back to their original position. "Woah! Woah! Okay I'm done!"
She breathed heavily, still giggling. "O-Oh man, I love how g-gullible you are!" she snickered.

Yeah and take my chances that you weren't lying and about to spray me down with a brown shower? No thanks, I ain't into that kind of thing.

I WANT MMOOAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

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