• Published 4th May 2015
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Just A Sleepover - scootertheskitty

Scootaloo's been acting weird around Butterball. Could this be a simple allergy...or something more?

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But I Hate Girly Things Even More

The walk continued as slowly I grew more and more bored. The groans from Dash confirmed that she was bored as well, which made me feel a bit better. Until, that is, she tried to start a conversation with me.

"So, Butter...how fast can you fly?"

I flinched a bit and froze in place for a few seconds before quickly catching up to the rest of the group again. "Wh-What?" I stammered in surprise.

"How fast can you fly?" she asked again.

"...Um..." I looked away in shame.

"...Are you a slower flier? There's no shame in that, Butter!" she said with a ruffle of my mane.

Groaning, I fixed it with my hoof and finally said, "I actually can't fly."

"Wait...you can't?!" she asked, leaving everypony else to gasp in surprise. I thought that they would get the hint by now. I mean I live on the ground, I haven't hovered, much less flied, in my life, and...well, look at these puny things! Oh wait, actually you can't because this is just a story. So...okay, imagine a bumblebee had transformed into a pony, lost its black stripes, but kept its wing to body size ratio but couldn't fly. That's pretty much me in a nutshell. It was pretty much impossible for me to try to fly, so it was best to leave it at that and not try anything cra—

"Woah woah, everypony stop. The namby-pamby thing can wait. We need to get Butter off the ground and into the air!"

Rainbow, what are you doing?! I exclaimed in my head. "Uh...Dash, it's not that important, really..."

She gasped and stared into my eyes. "It IS a big deal! Flying is the most awesome thing ever! Everypony should be able to experience it!"

"I don't know if you've noticed, but my wings are too small to fly."

"That's not true, Butter!" Scootaloo exclaimed with a smile. "My wingspan is 3 inches smaller than yours and I can hover for a good few seconds!"

"W-Wait a second, how do you know how big my wingspan is?"

"I measured them while you aren't looking. I find out a lot about you when you aren't looking~"

...Okay, that's crazy even by Scoots's standards. Creepy even.

"All...trivia aside, I really don't think that this is going to work."

"Ya don't know until ya try, squirt! Now let me see a good flyer's position!"

I hesitated a bit before planting my four hooves on the ground and lowered my body, sticking my rump up in the air. "How's this?"

She trotted towards me and pushed my bottom lower to the ground. "You need to keep your body level to the ground. Also, don't try to hug it," she commented as she put a hoof on my belly to bring it up. The sensation of her hoof on my stomach made me flinch and squirm, making her raise an eyebrow.

"He's a wee bit ticklish," Pinkie giggled, making me even more embarrassed than I already was.

"I-I mean, not that much," I said.

"Ohhhh." After a long pause, Dash smirked and put her hoof on my belly again, causing me to giggle loudly in response. She quickly stopped and put a hoof to her mouth, trying not to laugh at my humiliation. "S-Sorry, I couldn't help it."

"Nghh...sh-shut it..." I stuttered out.

"In all seriousness, ya need to move your body up a bit more. Then jump in the air and let your wings do the rest!"

"O-Okay, I'll try." I closed my eyes and jumped up in the air as I tried to flutter my wings as fast as possible. I expected to hit the ground, but felt nothing on my hooves. I opened my eyes slowly and looked down at the grass that was now a few feet below from me. "A-Am I doing it?"

"WOOHOO! Nice, Butter!" cheered Dash, grabbing me and hugging me. She soon coughed and let go, looking away from me. "I mean, that was good for a first time." I covered my mouth and tried not to snicker at her. Apparently, not even she could resist acting overzealous like the others at times. "Heh, you know, I've been working with Scoots on her flying. Do you wanna do some flight training on Wednesday with us?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, it'll be so cool with you around!" exclaimed Scootaloo with a smile and a red glow emanating from her face.

My eyes widened as my pupils shrunk. "That's a tempting offer! But...uhh..." I started to stammer, thinking of an excuse. "I work with my dad on Wednesdays to make donuts for work!" I smiled dishonestly, hoping she would take my statement as the truth.

"Ohh," Scootaloo replied with a disappointed look. "M-Maybe we could try some flight training a different day then!"

"I mean, I could try but...my schedule is indefinite so I don't really know what to expect."

"Ah thought ya said that you didn't have anything planned for the summer," Applebloom brought up, eyeing me with a face of skepticism.

"Th-That was before I found out about...how much my dad wants me to take over the family business!" I smiled. Family business?! What are you, in some sort of mafia movie?

Hey, shut up, me!

Don't tell me to shut up! You make up a lie if you're so smart!

Maybe I will!

Applebloom continued to stare me down until she finally accepted my lie and turned her head back around.

After a minute or two of silence, Pinkie reached a hoof into her mane and pulled out a list. "Now that we have Applebloom's activity done first, let's move onto our Sweetie's!"

"Wait, that soccer game was Applebloom's idea and not Scootaloo's?" Sweetie asked. "Then what'd she pi–"

"SHHHH! SWEETIE!" Scootaloo put her hooves over Sweetie mouth. "IT'S A SURPRISE, REMEMBER!" she exclaimed. Sweetie slowly nodded, flinching a bit. After putting her hooves down, Sweetie spat and gagged, rubbing her mouth with her hoof.

"Ewww...I can taste grass!"

"Sweetie, don't be such a drama queen!"

"I'm not a drama queen!"

"Yes you are!"

At the same time, Sweetie and Scootaloo turned towards Applebloom, waiting her response. After a bit of thought, Applebloom came to a conclusion. "Ya are a bit on the dramatic side..."

She let out a squeaky gasp as she put a hoof to her forehead in grief. "I CANNOT BELIEVE MY FRIENDS WOULD CALL ME DRAMATIC!" she wailed, fainting and landing on the ground on her back. After a few seconds of playing dead, she quickly remembered that the ground was filthy and scrambled up to her hooves, brushing dirt out of her mane with her hooves. "Okay, maybe I am a bit dramatic..."

Everypony let out a giggle except for Dash and me. We let out a chuckle. Because we were too good for giggling. Stallions chuckle! Aha! Like that! Ignore that giggling like sound I made earlier because that was a fluke! Honest!

I've made my point. Hmph.

"Ooh, here we are!" Pinkie exclaimed as we came across a small cottage next to a river. The cottage was adorned with flowers of all kinds and there were several trees surrounding it as well. I could hear birds chirping in the distance in a melodious tune, making me feel all warm inside. The crazy thing is, that this cottage felt familiar to me. I couldn't put my hoof on it, but something about this cottage reminded me of somepony. But what?

We all crossed the river by a path that went over it as Pinkie quickly knocked on the door energetically. "FLUTTERSHY!"

That name, why does it sound so familiar?

The cottage's door opened slowly but surely as a yellow pegasus with a long, elegant pink mane stood in the doorway, gazing upon all of us with her teal eyes. She browsed all of us before her eyes locked onto me. She gasped and suddenly smiled, flying towards me and grabbing me in an unexpected hug. I flinched and looked at her in complete confusion before finally coming to a realization. "BUTTERBALL! OH MY GOSH!"

"Cousin Fluttershy?" I asked, trying to confirm that it was truly her. She nodded and started to nuzzle her cheek against mine.

"Wait, YOU TWO ARE COUSINS?!" everypony but Fluttershy and me exclaimed, obviously not expecting our family relations.

"BUTTERBALL AND FLUTTERSHY ARE COUSINS?!" I heard from inside the cottage. I tilted my head to see through the doorway and noticed Rarity standing in the living room in complete shock.

"...Y-Yeah. Do you mind if we kinda like...NOT make a big deal out of this weird little coincidence?"

Aaaand we had to make this little coincidence a big deal. We've only been here for five minutes and already Fluttershy's telling me stories of when I was a baby. On top of that, every story was horribly embarrassing.

"Ooh, I just remembered that when Butter was only three he used to put EVERYTHING in his mouth! His toys, his hoof, he even tried putting some of his tiny wittle shirts in his mouth!" she told the others, squealing a bit at the thought of a much younger me.

Everypony for some bizarre reason thought it was cutest thing and started to "aww" at me. I responded of course like a stallion by covering my face in embarrassment with my hooves. Stallions weren't cute. It's impossible for them to be cute!

"Butter, you sounded like such a cute baby!" Scootaloo smiled.

"SHUT UP, I'M A STALLION AND WE ARE HANDSOME!" I responded with a slight crack of my voice. I hope that the others didn't hear that...

"Aww, but it's true! You were such a big eater too! I remember one day when I was babysitting him, I left out a bag of animal crackers for his dessert. I went to make him some macaroni and cheese and when it was done, I found the whole package empty and Butter on the couch with crumbs everywhere! He tried his hardest to deny that it was him, but...the crumbs were kind of a giveaway..."

The crowd "aww'ed" one more time, making me even more flustered. I groaned in response to them, making me even more embarrassed. "C-Canwemoveontosomethingelse?"

"Hm?" Pinkie asked, turning towards me.

I coughed and repeated, "Can we move onto something else? Like that girly activity Sweetie wanted to do..."

"Oh right!" Pinkie grabbed Rarity and Fluttershy into a group huddle similarly to that of a hoofball team in the middle of a game plan and proceeded to murmur quietly so that none of us could hear them. They finally broke away after a minute or so as Pinkie cleared her throat. "WHO WANTS A MAKEOVER?!"

Sweetie suddenly smiled big and squealed with joy. "I DO!"

"Ehh, Ah guess Ah'll have one, too."

"Bleh, no thanks!" Dash and Scootaloo said in disgust.

"Now Rainbow Dash, you promised me that you would try to keep better care of yourself. You never know when you're going to meet a dapper stallion in your life~!" Rarity said with a bit of elegance at the end of her sentence.

"Ugh...Rarity...I don't want a well-dressed, uptight, jerk in a penguin suit. I want a stallion who's not afraid to be...you know...casual!"

"You mean like Applejack's cousin Moonshine?" asked Rarity sarcastically.

"The pony who smells like alcohol and Celestia knows what else 24/7? Uhh...no. That's TOO casual."

"Hey, Ah like cousin Moonshine. He has a funny smile." pouted Applebloom.

"Not to be rude towards him, but I find a smile with only five teeth more creepy than...well, hilarious..." admitted Rarity.

"Yeah. When a nine month old foal has more teeth than you do, you don't have many options..." Dash added.

"Either way," Rarity said, changing the subject, "it'd be best for you to try to make yourself look more presentable to other stallions, wouldn't it?"

Dash sighed before finally nodding a bit, "Fine, I'll bite. But please don't call it a 'makeover!' I'd DIE if anypony found out I was putting on hoof polish."

Rarity responded with a slight giggle. "Your secret never leaves this cottage!"

With that, Pinkie closed the shades and locked the doors with unnatural speed, causing all of us to look at her with confusion. She turned her head to all of us and said, "Just setting precautionary measures! We don't want this secret to leave this room, so I'm barricading the WHOOOLE place so it doesn't escape!"

Okay, I give up. I have NO idea if she's joking or not. Well, Pinks...it's going to take a lot more than your bizarre logic to make me go crazy!

Wasn't I just talking to myself earlier? I think that constitutes as being crazy...


"Right...you mares have your 'spa day' and I'll try to keep quiet upstairs," I said.

"U-Uh...I think I'll join him!" Scootaloo added with a smile, leading my heartbeats to increase with anxiety.


With a chuckle, Dash ruffled her hair. "You two play safe. Don't run with scissors, don't eat any suspicious-looking pills. All that stuff."

"We will!" Scootaloo replied, grabbing my hoof and rushing upstairs. She practically dragged me up each step, running too fast for me to keep up. Plus she was holding my hoof, which was no doubt causing her illness to become more and more fatal with every second.

After passing a few birds and a white rabbit who was glaring daggers at me for no reason whatsoever, we entered a small broom closet, which allowed very little room to move around in. She moved around me quickly before I could react and blocked the door with her body. There was little room to back up from her and it left a whole six inches of space between us. She fixated on me intensely, as if trying to read small print on my forehead. "Alright, Butter. I want to ask you something."

I gulped, anticipating the important question. "Y-Yes?"

"Why have you been avoiding me the whole day?"

"I-I haven't been avoiding you!" I lied.

"Oh, you haven't? Then I want you to hold my hoof." She held her hoof out, daring me to touch it with mine.

I cleared my throat with a cough and started to become even more nervous. I felt my temperature rise a bit as I tried to touch her hoof, but I couldn't do it. It was too risky. "I-I can't. I'm sorry, Scootaloo..."

She put her hoof down and tilted her head a bit. "Butter, what is going on here? Tell me the truth!"

She had me cornered. There was no weaseling my way out of this one. I took a deep breath in and out and replied to her, my voice trembling a bit in sadness.

"Scootaloo, if you keep getting close to me, I'm going to kill you."

She flinched and moved her head back a bit in surprise. "You're going to what?"

"I'm going to kill you if you so much as touch me!" I repeated, a bit louder this time. Her eyes widened as she stared at me, fiddling with the door to find its handle. She finally succeeded and opened the door quickly, rushing downstairs with tears in her eyes. Confused, I went over the conversation again in my head and realized what I just said. "Wait, Scootaloo! That's not what I meant!" I ran downstairs quickly to follow her and hopefully to comfort her. Way to go Butter, now she thinks you're a psychopath...

Well, I mean you are arguing with yourself.




...Well good luck with that one...

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