• Published 4th May 2015
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Just A Sleepover - scootertheskitty

Scootaloo's been acting weird around Butterball. Could this be a simple allergy...or something more?

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I Hate Sports

I'm not going to lie to you, being a foal can be lame sometimes. I know a lot of ponies believe being a foal is great with the lack of responsibilities and all, but there are some days I wish I could wake up a stallion, you know? For example, if you're a foal, society states you are automatically cute no matter what your true physical appearance is. Not "handsome cute" mind you, but "puppy dog cute." One time, I was listening to one of my mom's friends talk about how well her flower business is going. She then went on to say that within the next decade Equestria would become a much greener society because of these flowers. I overheard her while getting myself a snack and argued to her that Equestria is actually slowly becoming more polluted and that flowers alone would not solve the issue. She looked at me for a second before finally bending over to cuddle me and to pinch my cheeks. No matter what you say, ponies will always think you're being cute to be taken seriously. It can be annoying.

I brought that specific example up because I was having a hard time keeping up with the others. It wasn't that I was tired, but rather because I have stubbier legs than them (which by the way is ANOTHER curse of being a foal). "Could you slow down please? I have stubby legs..."

I was met with a feminine giggle as Pinkie slowed her pace, prompting the other crusaders to do so as well. I caught up with them within a few seconds, leaving me embarrassed. Although I had gained more stamina as I lost weight, my legs were shorter than the normal foal, making it harder to run as fast as the others. These last couple weeks I have been wishing to undergo some sort of growth spurt, but so far I've been unlucky.

"Ya need a breather, Butter?" Applebloom asked, concerned if I was going to collapse on the ground in need of CPR or something.

I groaned and rolled my eyes. "I'm fine, Applebloom..."

"Whatever you say, Butterbutt," she snickered.

I gave her an annoyed look and groaned, "Stop calling me that. It's embarrassing."

She stick her tongue out and blew a raspberry. "Fiiiiiiiine..."

Obviously trying to stop our bickering, Sweetie suddenly spoke up. "Pinkie, where exactly ARE we going first?"

Pinkie quickly turned to her and replied, "It's going to be a surprise, silly filly!" She ruffled Sweetie's mane, causing her to pout and use her magic to fix her hair into its naturally curly state.

"Well, can you at least tell us WHO'S gonna be there—OOF!" Pinkie suddenly stood still, causing Scootaloo to run right into her poofy tail. The hyperactive pony then gazed up towards the sky, focusing on a single cloud. Scootaloo backed up from her tail and coughed, sticking her tongue out. "Blech, I think there'th a hair on ma tongue..." She wiped her tongue with a hoof and looked back at Pinkie. "Uhh...Pinkie?"

"HEY DASHIE!" Pinkie all of a suddenly called out.

After the ringing in my ears had ceased and I had made sure she didn't blow out my ear drum, I heard an irritated groan from the single, isolated cloud. I could see a tuft of rainbow colored hair rise up from the cloud. The creature got up from the cloud, revealing it to be a female cyan pegasus. She stretched her limbs as she spoke, "Pinkieeeee, I was taking a power nap!"

"Whoops! Sorry Dash! I just wanted to ask if you'd like to play a game with us~!"

"...I'm listening..."

I don't like the sound of this game...

"A game? With RAINBOW DASH?!" Scootaloo squealed with delight as her little wings buzzed. It was actually kinda cute...

...Gah! Butter get a hold of yourself! You're trying to avoid her to save her life!

The pegasus now known as Rainbow Dash quickly landed on the ground and with a flick of the neck, flipped her mane back, seemingly trying to look awesome to us spectators. "Heh...a game with Scoots sounds AWESOME!" she smirked, ruffling Scootaloo's mane and making her giggle...which was quite adorable...

...Just slapped myself in the face hard just now. I'm good. Everything's good.

Dash's attention slowly shifted towards me as she stopped ruffling Scootaloo's mane. She slowly made her way towards me, still smirking. "Haven't seen you around here. What's your name, squirt?"

I'm not going to admit, now that she was closer to me, she just got ten times more intimidating. This mare didn't look like it at first, but she looks kinda muscular. Like, she could REALLY pound me into the ground without even trying. My fear started to show as I began to sweat and tremble a bit. "U-Uhh...Butterball..."

Dash snickered and ruffled my mane, making me even more nervous. "Butterball, eh? Wanna be on my team with Scootaloo? Us pegasi gotta stick together!"

My eyes suddenly widened as I screamed, "NO!"

Dash flinched and took a step back, obviously not expecting my sudden outburst. "Woah! Chill, little dude!"

I quickly covered my mouth, feeling embarrassed at my behavior. "I...uh...I mean, I want to give the other team a fair shot, you know? It'd be too easy!"

Dash suddenly smiled competitively again. "Oh, dang! Somepony's got moxie!" I smiled a bit at my fake courage as I trotted to Pinkie's side. "Alright then, Scoots is on my team and Butter'll be on Pinkie's!"

Pinkie giggled and began to choose the rest of her team. "Okay, I pick Applebloom then!"

"Yay!" Applebloom cheered as she bolted next to me.

Sweetie pouted and kicked at the ground. "Picked last again..." She slowly made her way over to Dash as she spoke up again. "Wait a sec, which game are we playing?"

Dash's grin widened as she quickly flew up to the cloud she was snoozing on. She came back down holding a ball made up of white hexagons and black pentagons. "A little game called soccer~"

...Oh fudge...

I never was really good at sports. I know it would look otherwise because of my body structure, but I really do have poor hoof-eye coordina—

"Butter, what are ya doin' starin' into space? We're in the middle of a game!"

"Gah, I was just telling a story!"

"To who?"


"WOO! WE SCORED DASH!" As soon as I turned my head around I noted that the ball had landed inside our own goal, scoring Dash's team a point.

"Wait, where's Pinkie? She's supposed to be defending our goal!" I exclaimed.

"I'M the goalie?" I heard from the other side of the field, making me groan in annoyance.

"Ughhh...fine, I'LL be the goalie..." I sighed as I trotted to the goal. At least it'll require less running. I picked the ball up with my mouth and threw it up in the air. I moved my head back and butted it against my head. The ball rolled across the field, Applebloom running towards it and kicking it to Pinkie. As they kept passing the ball to each other, I moved my attention to the other goalie, Sweetie Belle. Sure enough, she looked like she didn't want to be here as much as I did. But hey, I shouldn't ruin the fun for everypony by whining about it.

Just as Applebloom passed the ball to Pinkie for the fourth time, Pinkie lined up her shot and tried to make a goal. Sweetie flinched, about to shy away from the incoming ball when Dash suddenly lunged in front of her, blocking the ball with her chest. The ball deflected itself off of Dash and up into the air. It came back down as Dash jumped up and hit the ball with her head, causing it to roll quickly toward the goal. My eyes widened as I lunged towards the ball, blocking it from entering the goal with my body.

"Nice save, Butter!" Pinkie and Applebloom cheered simultaneously. I smiled a bit and threw the ball towards Applebloom. She ran up next to it while it was rolling and kicked it to Pinkie. She kicked the ball again, this time making contact with the net behind Sweetie Belle.

"Gah, sorry guys!" Sweetie squeaked.

"Hey, it's cool, Sweetie!" Dash said to her, voice cracking a bit. She looked towards Scootaloo and smirked. "You wanna be the goalie for a bit, Scootaloo?"

"WOULD I~?" she squealed, her wings buzzing. By the way that wasn't cute! That was just...charming and endearing. Yeah.

"Go ahead, squirt," Dash smiled, causing Scootaloo to rush over to the goal. She locked my eyes onto mine, giving me a smug look. I gulped a bit, knowing Scootaloo had gotten into a competitive mood. And when she's in a competitive mood, she shows no mercy. Scootaloo picked the ball up and threw it to Sweetie. Confused of what to do, Sweetie quickly passed the ball to Dash, knowing she was much more athletic than her. Dash dribbled the ball the forward, dodging both Pinkie and Applebloom. When she kicked the ball, my instinct kicked in, causing me to throw myself in front of the ball. It recoiled off my body and ended up on the other side of the field, surprising Dash.

What I said next changed everything. I could've said something polite as a response to Dash's adequate kick. I could've said something cheering on our team. But instead, my cockiness got the better of me. "You kick like a girl! Woo!"

All but Dash just either giggled or rolled their eyes. Dash on the other hoof, I saw something fierce in her eye, like a fire stirring inside of her about to be let loose. She opened her mouth, about to say something, but closed her mouth, giving me an angry glare the whole time. I took a step back, a bit embarrassed that I said that. I didn't mean to say it, but I was just in the moment, you know?

Play resumed as the ball was thrown back to Dash. She quickly ran past Applebloom and Pinkie again with the ball, proving them to be horrible at defense. She shot the ball again at me, this time with all her might. My eyes widened as the ball was heading straight towards m—


The ball hit me in the stomach, causing the wind to get knocked out of me. I crumpled to the ground in pain and groaned. "OH MY GOSH, BUTTER! I'M SO SORRY!" I heard from the raspy-voiced pegasus. The next thing I knew, I felt the presence of ponies surrounding me in concern as I closed my eyes and clenched my gut. I sniffled from my injury as I felt tears run down my cheeks. I hoped they wouldn't notice I was crying, but considering my luck, I knew that wasn't gonna happen.

"Oh my gosh, Butter's hurt!" I heard Sweetie exclaim.

I wanted to get up and trot it off but...I felt paralyzed and glued to the ground. I couldn't move. I didn't feel like moving. I just wanted to lay down there forever.

But I couldn't because I felt something nuzzle my cheek. Something warm. I opened up one eye and saw a purple mane in my face. Ohnoit'sScootaloo...

I tried to get up and protest from her nuzzling, but...something about it felt comforting and nice. Everything felt like it was going to be okay...


I sat up slowly and gently pushed Scootaloo away from nuzzling my cheek. "I-I'm better now, Scoots!" She backed up from me and smiled a bit, her cheeks turning redder by the minute. Dang it. That game didn't help keep our distance...

"Oh gosh, Butter! I didn't mean to kick the ball that hard!" Dash exclaimed.

I wiped the tears from my eyes. "Nghh...it's alright. I didn't mean to say 'you kick like a girl.'"

"I know you didn't...but it still kinda made me mad. But that's no excuse! I'm the adult and I should act like one."

"Dash, it's fine. It was my fault."

"No, it was mine."

"..." I realized we've reached a deadlock. "How about both of us are to blame?"

Dash smiled a bit and ruffled my mane. "Good idea, squirt."

I smiled back at her as Applebloom suddenly spoke up. "Wait a sec, who won?"

I searched around for the ball and saw that it had rolled towards the middle of the field. Without hesitation I quickly ran to the ball and kicked it towards the opposite goal. The ball made its way into the net as I cheered. "WOO! WINNING GOAL!"

Everypony just rolled their eyes at me as the began to clap at me. I don't even care if their congratulating me was false. I WON A SPORT!

After a few more seconds of applauding, Pinkie looked at Dash and asked. "Hey Dash? You don't mind if you follow us to our next activity?"

"Oh sure, Pinkie! Where are we going?"

She whispered in her ear as her enthusiasm dropped noticeably. "Oh...ew..."

"Don't be like that Dashie! Come on guys!" cheered Pinkie as she hopped off into another direction.

Dash picked up her ball as I asked her in curiosity, "Where are we going now?"

"Well kid, hope you don't mind girly stuff."

Annnnd I already despise this activity.

Author's Note:

Can't believe this took almost a month to publish. :applejackunsure:

Oh well, point out any mistakes in this chapter and/or criticisms in the comments so I can fix them! :twilightsheepish:

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