• Published 4th May 2015
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Just A Sleepover - scootertheskitty

Scootaloo's been acting weird around Butterball. Could this be a simple allergy...or something more?

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Truth or Truth?

I hoped it was a nightmare. I prayed that when I opened my eyes I would be back in my room and in my warm, cozy bed. In fact, I heard my alarm going off in obnoxiously high pitched beeps! I groaned loudly and moved my hoof up in the air and slammed it as hard as I could on the snooze button.


...Maybe I hit it too hard.

I opened my eyes slowly and was met with Pinkie and my other fellow crusaders. Sweetie was rubbing her eyes in pain as she looked at me with an annoyed glare.

"...You're not my alarm clock."

The next few seconds that happened after my comment surprised me. It was so startling that I almost fainted once more from astonishment. It was an occurrence that I once thought was impossible. And yet it happened. I couldn't believed my ears. Scootaloo giggled. She...giggled. It wasn't a laugh or a guffaw, but an honest to Celestia filly-like giggle.

"Oh my gosh, Butter. You are the FUNNIEST!" She smiled wide as her cheeks turned red.

Oh no. It's true. This wasn't a poorly constructed nightmare. This was real. She was allergic to me!

I stammered a bit, trying to sit back up and regain my composure. "U-Um...I...really need to talk to Pinkie!"

"Oh...oka—" Before she could finish her sentence I grabbed her hoof and rushed behind the counter quickly. I stood up on my front hooves and gazed over the counter. I noticed all of them look at me and shrug before going back to talking. I sighed in relief and crouched back down.

"How is she allergic to ME?! This shouldn't be possible!" I whispered to her, trying to keep my volume low.

"Well, Butter, lemme tell ya!" she smiled, seemingly unable to understand the concept of whispering.

"SSSSHHH!" I covered her mouth with my hooves to make her shut up.

"Mff..." She moved my hooves away and giggled quietly. "Oh right," she whispered. "Well Butter, allergies are triggered by attacks in ponies' immune systems. These allergies can be triggered by many things...hair, pollen...but some allergies can be caused by many strange things and can vary on severity."

"...Is that true?"

"I dunno. Sounds true though, doesn't it?" She giggled again.

"Wait a second, does my dad have an allergic reaction to my mom then?"

She stopped smiling and hesitated a bit. "Well...uh...your father has...already told me about his minor allergy! It's nothing to worry about!" She smiled once more and continued, "Anyway, maybe you should talk to her about these 'allergies' and then you can sort it out!" she whispered in a cheery tone.

I thought for a bit before talking again. "I can't risk her getting more sick if I talk to her for too long. Who knows what another second touching her could do?! She could go into a coma...or become paralyzed from the neck down...or worse! Her head could explode from her face getting too hot and red!"

Pinkie tilted her head a bit and raised an eyebrow at me. "Aren't you overreacting just a teensy little bit, Butter?"

"Aren't YOU UNDERreacting just a lotta bit, Pinkie?" I responded.

With a sigh, she said, "Butter, I really think you should talk to Scootaloo. This could all be a big misunderstanding, you know."

"I can't risk that. I just need to try to avoid her as much as possible the whole night and maybe her allergies will lower enough that we can spend time with each other again!"

"Butter, I—"

"Hey, are you two alright back there?" asked a feminine voice from the other side of the counter. I got up slowly to investigate who it was. Unluckily, it was of course Scootaloo.

"GAH!" I quickly backed up into the wall, making Scootaloo flinch a bit.

"Um...Butter? What's up?" she asked, her cheeks fading of their reddish color. I sighed in relief. Good...her allergies are going away, I thought to myself.

"Oh...nothing. I just...uh...hey! How about we do something together?" I requested.

"Ooh, like a game?" Her wings buzzed in excitement as she jumped on the counter. Her cheeks grew redder, causing my nervousness to increase again.

"Y-Yes! A game that requires no physical contact whatsoever!"

Scootaloo's ears lowered a bit. She opened her mouth to speak before Applebloom jumped on top of the counter next to her. "You mean like truth or dare or somethin'?"

"Uhh...sure!" I tried to smile as I quickly ran back to the group, trying to avoid getting near Scootaloo. I sat down next to Sweetie Belle who was still rubbing her eye.

"Not even a 'sorry?'"

"Oh. Uh...sorry," I apologized awkwardly.

"Hmph. It's too late for sorries!" she squeaked, folding her arms.

I paused for a bit before speaking again. "Alright then..."

Scootaloo and Applebloom got off the counter with Pinkie and walked towards us. As Pinkie and Applebloom sat down, I noticed Scootaloo was heading over to try to sit next to me. I quickly stood up and said, "Uhh...actually we should do this in alphabetical order!" I rushed over between Applebloom and Pinkie, leaving Scootaloo to slowly make her way next to Sweetie. The distance between us was still pretty close, so I lied to everypony that I had claustrophobia and needed space. Scootaloo got suspicious and started to question it, but thankfully heavy breathing and annoying whining solves a lot of problems. They all backed up away from me, leaving me to regain my composure that I falsely lost.

"So uh...am Ah going first?" asked Applebloom. We all nodded as Applebloom continued, "Alright...uh, Pinkie! Truth or dare?"

"Ooh ooh! Dare!"

"Alright...I dare ya to eat a mustard filled donut!"

She stuck out her tongue at the challenge. "Pfft...that's easy!" She bolted to the kitchen and within seconds had a round donut doused in mustard. She opened her mouth and swallowed the whole thing with ease. Her smile slowly turned into a face of agony as she shivered. Her mane deflated as she turned to me with the voice of a raspy 90 year old stallion. "Y-Your turn, Butter."

I thought for a second when suddenly I had an idea. Wait...if I can convince Scootaloo to choose dare, then I can get her to keep her distance from me! I smirked a bit and looked towards her. "Alright Scootaloo, truth or dare?"

She returned the smirk with a confident smile and answered, "Truth!"

Horseapples... "Agh...okay uh...what was the most embarrassing thing you've ever experienced?"

Scootaloo put a hoof to her chin and started to think. "Well, I'd have to say...the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me was just about a month ago. I was on the seesaw with Sweetie and then I saw you on the swing smiling and having a great time. Suddenly I...zoned out I guess. I don't know what happened but...time froze. I don't know if it was your smile or just something else about you but..." She paused for a bit before her cheeks turned red once more. Oh my Celestia, I thought, her allergies are getting worse! They're affecting her memories! She shook her head and tried to clear her reddish tint. "Anyways, I sorta lost my balance when I zoned out and fell off the seesaw."

"Oh my gosh, I remember that!" Sweetie giggled. "And the seesaw came back down and hit you in the head! That was...uh...I mean I'm sorry for your loss. Your loss of balance, I mean."

She shrugged and smiled simply. "It's okay, Sweetie. It was kinda funny actually...pfft..."

Normally I would've laughed with her, but I couldn't have. I was too worried about Scootaloo's health to share a chuckle. I hoped that maybe if I waited out until my next turn that she would choose dare. But she didn't. Every turn she made for the next five turns was a truth. It wasn't until the sixth turn I tried to take that ponies around me got suspicious. "Butter, Ah think we're going to do something else now," said Applebloom.

"No wait! One more! Truth or dare?"


"GAH!" I threw my hooves up in the air. "N-Never mind! You win!"

"...Jeez Butter, ya don't hafta be a sore loser about it," Applebloom said, shaking her head.

I was about to open my mouth to argue, but instead I simply sighed. "Fine. It's only a game. Whatever..."

Pinkie giggled and ruffled my mane, adding on to my annoyance. "Alrighty, so I'm going to take you fillies out to do some fun activities with some of my friends~!"

"Ooh, that sounds like fun~!" Sweetie squeaked, almost shattering a window.

"Wait, who are your friends?" I asked.

"Oohhh...you're going to see, Butter. You're going to see!" She looked towards the back wall and winked at it.

"...Uh...what are you doing?"

"Addressing the fourth wall!"

"...What?" I asked.

"I said...oh never mind! Let's just go!" She giggled and led us all out of Sugarcube Corner.

...This mare is too insane to take care of us...

Author's Note:

Sorry this took so long :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, if you're wondering what the heck Pinkie's doing telling Butter about these "allergies" and all that, all will hopefully make sense towards the climax.

Finally, sorry that this chapter is shorter than the other ones. I just wanted to show everyone that I'm not dead. Next one should be normal length! :twilightsmile:

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