• Published 4th May 2015
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Just A Sleepover - scootertheskitty

Scootaloo's been acting weird around Butterball. Could this be a simple allergy...or something more?

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Hey, I'm Butterball. I'm ten years old and turning eleven next month. I moved here into Ponyville around six months ago because my dad got a better job opportunity at this donut restaurant that's around here. I haven't been there yet, but I've heard that it's SUPER good! I heard that their cream filling is the best around and their dough is cooked to perfection.

Agh, sorry. I got a little drool on my chest.

I should probably mention this, but I love food. A lot. Not just eating it, but creating it. Whenever I'm near the kitchen I feel like a god. The bowl is my domain, the spices are my arsenal, and the mixing spoon is my staff of power that smites whoever think they can worship any other entity than me! But the best part of making food is the reaction I see when other ponies taste it. Whenever I make desserts, I see everypony's eyes widen a bit in surprise. They smile and take another bite, wanting to get a second taste. It makes them happy, and I like to see other ponies happy. Heck, I might love making food so much that it surpasses the feeling of getting a taste myself!

Okay, maybe not.

Speaking of which, as with almost every joy of the world, there are some negative consequences. Sure, I do have an exceptional taste for food, but it comes with a price. As my skill with the oven increases, so does the number on my scale. To put it blunt, I was fat because I ate too much. However, I should point out the key word being got. I'm not as fat anymore because I'm been losing weight ever since I got to this new town. I've lost a considerable amount of weight, and I'm glad to say that I'm proud of it. I will admit that I am still bit on the pudgy side, but hey. Progress is progress.

Sorry, I went off a tangent. I get that from my dad.

Anyways, I go to Ponyville Elementary, and today is a special day. It's a day that every foal in Equestria has been waiting for since the first day of school, which would be the last day of school. I will admit, I am disappointed because my teacher, Miss. Cheerilee, was super nice. She helped me raise my grades from C's to B's and A's, and I've learned much more in her classroom than my last one. But hey, summer's here! The last classroom I went to was in Fillydelphia, where I was born and raised. Compared to that classroom, this classroom was much safer for me. There were only two bullies in Cheerilee's class compared to the many at Fillydelphia. I don't want to repeat any insults the Fillydelphian bullies yelled at me because my mom will find out and put soap in my mouth, but let's just say they mostly consisted of fat jokes. The two bullies in my class only made fun of me the first few days, but after a small talk alone with the main bully, I got them to stop. I'm not sure if we're true friends, because I'm still pretty frustrated with the main bully, so I just label the two as my "acquaintances."

My true friends are pretty much everypony in the classroom. I talk to a wide range of kids, both jocks and geeks, colts and fillies. As far as I'm concerned, I'm in the between of both extremes...except for the fillies and colts list, because last time I checked I'm a colt. Wait a sec...lemme just...oh yep! I'm a colt. Anyway, my likes and interests span between both groups of ponies. I enjoy playing video games in spare time, so sometimes I chat with Button Mash. He's very good at video games, and it's pretty enticing to watch him pick up his controller and try to speedrun a game. He's so quick with that thing that his character looks like it's controlled by a computer or something. It's insane! Also, every other day when I work out to lose some weight, I talk to my other friend, Rumble. He's the captain of the hoofball team and probably the most popular colt in the class. He says that I look "swole" enough to play hoofball with him, but I'm not sure. It doesn't seem like my thing. And once in a blue moon, I even hang out with the fillies because they think my cooking's cool.

My best friends, however, have definitely got to be Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. I would've never have gotten to where I am now without them. Ever since I met them on my first day of school, they've been super kind and friendly to me. They've become my first true friends, and I'm glad to have them. Every day after school we go out to "crusade." That means we do something to try to earn our cutie marks. I suggest that maybe we should try to do something that we're good at doing, but they pass off the idea every time. It's a democratic club, so my one vote gets beat by their three votes. Democratic my flank. Oh well, at least I have tons of fun with whatever we're doing.

I looked to my left and saw that Sweetie and Applebloom were staring not at our teacher, but at the clock. They both had wide grins on their faces and were shaking as if they were going to explode at any second. I looked towards the clock as my excitement grew as well. Only five more minutes of class and then I'm out of here! I exclaimed in my mind. I looked over to my right at Scootaloo to see if she was bathing in our excitement aura, but her eyes weren't on the clock. They were on me! A little surprised, I sat more upright in my chair. She did the same as she her face quickly became red, embarrassed over the whole ordeal. She quickly looked at the clock and pretended as if she was glancing towards it the whole time. I looked at her for a few more seconds as I noticed her eyes quickly shifted between the clock and me. With every glance, her blush grew more prominent. Probably due to her allergies.

Yeah, I forgot to mention. Out of all the fillies in our quartet of crusaders, Scootaloo is the weirdest. Not to be mean or anything, because weird isn't an insult to me! But she really is odd sometimes. Every time she looks at me or mentions my name, her face turns red and she gets all shifty and antsy. She says that it's just seasonal allergies, but it's been almost six months. I'm pretty sure seasons don't last that long. I think it's an excuse for something, perhaps a secret. But what?

Eh, I'll figure it out later. Right now, I have to get mentally prepared for summer.


"Huhwah?" I quickly looked at Miss Cheerilee, who had just called my name. I heard a few students giggle at my reaction, causing embarrassment levels for me to skyrocket.

"It's your turn to tell the class what you're planning on doing for the summer."

"Oh...uhhhh..." I quickly started to panic a bit as I just realized. I didn't have anything planned yet! I usually just made my summer up as I went along, so I didn't really make any plans every year. "I guess...I'm going to spend it with my best friends!" I smiled, looking at the crusaders around me. They smiled back, Scootaloo giving me a weird, allergy-stricken smile.

"Thanks, Butter. Yer a good friend," Applebloom said.

I smiled and thanked her, when all of a sudden the bell had finally rung, putting a smile on everypony's faces.

"Okay, class. Your homework over the summer—" Wait, we have HOMEWORK?! I, as well as the rest of the class, groaned audibly as Cheerilee continued. "—is to have fun!"

The class's frowns were immediately replaced with giant smiles as everypony, including me, was rushing outside to enjoy the fresh air. As I got out of the classroom, I took in a deep breath of fresh oxygen and looked around for the crusaders. As I was looking I felt a poke in my side, causing me to flinch and squeal a bit in surprise. I turned around to the source of the poke and saw Applebloom and the others snickering at me.

"That never gets old!" she exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Oh ha ha. Real funny," I said sarcastically.

"Glad ya think so!" she replied. "Oh, speakin' of fun, here's yer invitation, Butter!" She gave me a piece of paper with some writing on it. I looked at it carefully and read it in my head.

Cutie Mark Crusaders Official Summer Sleepover

When: Tomorrow, 5:00

Where: Sugarcube Corner

What to bring: Sleeping bag, toothbrush, toothpaste. Snacks and dinner will be provided.

"A sleepover? I've never been to a sleepover before," I admitted. "Then again, I've never had good friends like you before."

"Ya haven't?" asked Applebloom, a bit surprised at me. "Well, it's gonna be fun! We're going to watch movies, play games, eat cake, talk abou—"

"Cake?" I asked. I don't know why, but suddenly this sleepover sounds like a good gig.

"Now, Butter," Sweetie said, "don't forget you're still on a diet. You don't want to cheat on it now, do ya?"

I frowned a bit in disappointment. I was still a bit chubby, and I knew that cake wouldn't complement my figure.

"C'mon, Sweetie! A few desserts aren't gonna kill him!" Applebloom argued.

"Y-Yeah! C'mon Sweetie!" I added, hoping to persuade her through repetition.

Sweetie groaned and finally gave in. "Fine, you can have some cake. But you're going to have to work out twice as hard next time you go to the gym, got it?"

I groaned a bit at the thought of extra work. "Deal. So...who else is going to be at the sleepover?"

"It's a crusader-only sleepover, so it's just going to be us three," Scootaloo answered, smiling a bit. "So we can spend some more time together, Butter." Her face started to turn red again because of her allergies.

I smiled a bit. "Oh, that sounds cool!" Scootaloo's smile grew as she giggled a bit under her breath. I rose an eyebrow a bit in curiosity. "What was that giggle for?"

"Oh, I just...remembered a joke that somepony told me earlier. It's not that funny."

"Well, let's hear it!" I said.

"H-Hear what?"

"Your joke. What was the joke?" I asked. Scootaloo always tells the best jokes in class, so I was very interested in hearing it.

"Oh, um...heh, I forget it already. Allergies are clearing my memory," she said, smiling a bit in embarrassment.

"Oh...sorry to hear that. You did say you would go to a doctor about that, right?"

"I did. The doctor says it's just a minor virus and that it should go away...sometime soon, I think. It all depends on how I feel at the sleepover."

"Why would—"

"Medical stuff. You wouldn't understand."

I tried to argue more with her, but Applebloom suddenly spoke up. "Alright gals..." I let out a fake cough as she added, "and guy...tell whoever's watchin' ya about the sleepover and meet at Sugarcube Corner. Pinkie's got a whole schedule planned for us, so she's gonna handle most of the party."

"Alright!" Scootaloo exclaimed. She looked towards me as her allergies kicked up again. "You're going to be there, right Butter?"

"Well, I'll ask my parents, but I'm pretty sure I'll be there!" I answered with a smile.

"Thanks, Butter!" she cheered, giving me a hug. After a moment of slight shock, I slowly hugged back. For some reason, Scootaloo was only this affectionate towards me. It's weird considering how awesome she tries to act around the other colts, but like I said, Scoots is a weird chick. She quickly let go and said, "I'll go home and tell my mom about the sleepover!" Immediately, she ran over to grab her scooter, which was leaning on the side of the school, and rode away with it.

"Right, I gotta let Rarity know about the sleepover, too. I'll be there, though!" Sweetie squeaked as she trotted home.

As she left, Applebloom looked towards me and said, "I've gotta get some chores done so Ah don't have any work to do tomorrow. But you'll try ta be at the sleepover, right?"

I nodded and saluted her. "I won't let you down!"

As we both went our separate ways, I mumbled silently to myself, "I hope mom and dad are cool with this."

Dinner began at around six like every night. My parents and I were at the dining table eating hayburgers. Everything was quiet. I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to tell them about the sleepover.

"So...uh...I'm going to a sleepover with some fillies tomorrow."

Immediately, Dad started choking.

"Popcorn!" My mom jumped from her seat and started to give my dad chest compressions. After a few squeezes, Dad finally got the piece of food out of his mouth and onto my face. Gross.

My dad coughed and looked towards Mom. "Th-Thanks, honey." Mom giggled and smiled as she sat back down. I wiped the chunk of chewed hay from my face as Dad began to lecture me. "Butter...I don't think that you should be going to a sleepover with a bunch of fillies."

"It's not a bunch of fillies, Dad. It's with Sweetie, Scootaloo, and Applebloom! That's it!"

"Still, I really don't think you should be going to a sleepover with three fillies."

"But why?" I asked.

"W-Well...uh...you'll understand when you're older. You're too young right now to get it."

"But Daaaaad..." I whined. "I promised them that I would be there! It's my first sleepover and it's going to be fuuuun!"

"Is there going to be cake?" Mom asked.

"Tons!" I answered with a big smile.

"Ooh...Popcorn, they have cake! Every good sleepover has cake!"

"Margarine, your son is going to a sleepover with three fillies! You don't see anything wrong with that?"

"Popcorn, you've met these fillies before! They're nice foals and wouldn't do anything 'mature' to our little Butterboo."

Dad sighed, knowing that he'd been cornered. After a moment of silence, he finally spoke. "Alright, fine. You can go to the sleepover."

I smiled big and exclaimed, "YES!"

"But please, try to be safe. Some awkward things can happen at sleepovers. Things that you can never forget. Things that will scar you for li—"

"WHO CARES?! FREE CAKE!" I cheered. I quickly ran upstairs before coming back downstairs and scarfing my burger down. I ran back upstairs and got into bed. I closed my eyes and smiled, knowing that tomorrow was going to be amazing.

"Butter! Put your dish in the dishwasher!" I heard my mom yell. I groaned loudly and went back downstairs. Parents always ruin the moment...

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