• Published 2nd May 2015
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For the Mare Who Has Everything - Justice3442

Every day Celestia shares light and love with all the ponies of Equestria. In turn, they share their love with her. Still, the princess senses there is something missing. Something her heart longs for.

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Chapter 4

For the Mare Who has Everything

Chapter 4


Celestia let out a long, continuous moan as she threw her head up dramatically and trotted down a red carpet bordered by a tiled floor of large black and white squares. Celestia’s moan elected an eye roll from her sister of such effort and magnitude, Celestia was sure the planet’s axis shifted if ever so slightly. Celestia now wore a golden crown on her head with a diamond-shaped amethyst in the center and a large golden yoke with an even larger amethyst gem. She also sported a set of golden, ornate shoes on her hooves.

Much to the chagrin of her sister, Celestia began to speak in a high-pitched, nasally tone not unlike a young teenage girl who decided she’d rather complain about taking out the trash than simply get it over with. “Ugggh! The royal regalia is so HEAVY! Why do I have to wear it?!”

Luna sighed and shook her head, staring grumpily ahead.

“This crown hurts my neck, and this yoke makes my shoulders itch and the throne room is so fAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAr!” Celestia whined. “Why can’t these nobles just come to mEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE?!”

Luna looked up at Celestia with a slight miffed expression. “Because if you had it your way, you would just meet the nobles in your living room without even the barest attempts of grooming yourself while your children ran about.”

“Lies and slander!” Celestia cried, her voice returning to normal. “If I had it my way I wouldn’t meet these nobles at all!” Celestia smiled. “And if I had to interact with them, I’d make them talk to me through the closed doors of my family’s private abode while the children draw my responses in crayon and slip them under the door.”

Luna seemed to consider this. “You know, for somepony who complains—”

“Whines!” Celestia insisted. “That was clearly whining.”

Luna rolled her eyes once more. “For somepony who whines about these meetings so much, you seem to have rather firm grasp of how bureaucracy works.”

“Hehehe…” Celestia puffed out her lips and lowered her eyes until it appeared as if she was brooding. “I art Princess Luna and I lovest sitting aroundeth and talking toest to stuffy oldeth aristocrats even though I knowest it to beeth an ineffectual waste of time…eth!

Luna let out an exasperated sigh as she stopped in front of a massive set of golden double doors. “I can see you’re in one of your moods…”

“Your FACE is in one of my moods!”

“Also, your old Equestrian is abysmal—Your FACE is abysmal!”

“YOUR FACE IS—DANGIT!” Celestia exclaimed.

Luna smiled smugly and swatted Celestia playfully across her shoulder.

Celestia put on a hurt look that was more see-through than glass as she raised a forehoof and rubbed the place her sister had just love tapped. “Why are you so meEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEan?”

Luna’s eyes rolled back into her head as she smiled slightly and lightly moved her head from side to side. “Alright, sister. Message received. I’ll go in first and get things started so you have to spend as little time talking to the upper echelons of Equestrian society as you have to before returning to your family where you’ll no doubt continue to be a horrible influence on your own children.”

Celestia’s faux pained look disappeared as she began to ‘cry’ sans tears or any serious emotion. “Sob-sob. Oh THANK you, dear sister!” Celestia cried as she threw her forearms around Luna’s neck. “YOU’RE the best birthday present I could have asked for.

Luna smiled and gently patted Celestia’s arms as her eyes made one more circuit around her ocular cavities.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, soft and slowly at first before striking with a force that threatened to tear the castle apart.


As the quaking increased, Celestia hugged on tighter to Luna, planting her back legs as firmly as she could on the shaking ground.

“Alright, Sister!” Luna said. “That’s enough theatrics for one day.”


Celestia tentatively parted from Luna as the shaking ceased. “Did… didn’t you feel that?”

Luna sighed. “You’re going to say something trite like, ‘the special bond between us sisters’ or some such, aren’t you?”

Celestia shook her head. “You… you honestly didn’t feel that earthquake?!”

Luna’s forehead sloped forward as she scrutinized Celestia. “Celestia, I already said I’d make this as short for you as possible. Birthday or not, please don’t try to press your luck to get out of this entirely.”

“I… I…” Celestia shook her head. “I’m sorry, Luna… I guess I just got a little carried away.” Celestia smiled. “Go ahead, and send somepony to fetch me once you’ve got the room warmed up.”

Luna chuckled to herself and turned towards the set of golden doors. With a glow of midnight blue magic, she opened one just wide enough for her to enter, trotted into the large throne room and closed the door behind her.

Celestia’s smile dropped slightly as she stared at the door. While she would usually use this time to prepare herself for an onslaught of stuffy nobles with their snooty ‘old money’ accents, smiles concealing hidden agendas, and flattery flung non-stop in an effort to win her and her sister’s fav—

Celestia shook her head lightly and clenched her eyelids. Focus! What was that earthquake you felt, and why was it that Luna didn’t seem to feel it? She couldn’t have been simply pranking me, could she? Celestia dwelled on this possibility and dismissed it summarily. Even at her and Luna’s age the pair were not above the odd harmless prank, and Celestia figured Luna would cook something up after that little bout in the hallway, but something that shook the very castle was quite likely beyond even her sister’s capabilities, not to mention the panic it would easily cause within the palace. So… what… Had she really just imagined it all?

Celestia suddenly winced. A dull ache suddenly struck her from deep inside her head. No… It would do her no good to dwell on this odd… occurrence. She steered her thoughts back to the unpleasant meeting she was about to undergo. Sure it would make her sister happy, and that’s all that really mattered… Well… and the assurance that she at least cared enough about Equestria to show her face to those who overvalued their position wasn’t a complete waste of time. Still…

She sighed and shook her head. She’d better prepare her smile for the pile of gaudy and likely useless gifts she’d have to open.… Seriously… Why did so many ponies imagine she needed sundials?! HER?! She controlled the sun for crying out


The ache had suddenly returned. Hehe… Silly… Her sister controlled the sun for the most part, though Celestia would occasionally give her the odd break and here there. She looked at the large golden double doors pensively. Perhaps it was a mistake to tease Luna into going in without her. The emptiness of the hallway left her alone with just her thoughts, and they were poor company at the moment.

Celestia’s horn glowed yellow as the golden door shimmered.

Perhaps she would simply—

“Hello, auntie…”

Celestia jumped slightly and turned towards the source of the voice. With a slightly quizzical smile, Celestia returned the greeting. “Oh! Hello, Princess Cadance. Sorry, I was lost in thought.” Auntie? Did she really mistake me for…? Celestia added some warmth to her smile. “Were you perhaps looking for my sister?”

Cadance shook her head. “Actually, I was looking for you.”

Celestia’s smile faltered momentarily before she bolstered it. “I see… Are you here to wish me a happy birthday?” Celestia chuckled. “I’m flattered you’d track me down for such a thing, you know you’re always welcome to simply stop by my home. I know the children would appreciate it.” Celestia’s smile widened. “They both love it when you visit.”

To Celestia’s great surprise Cadance’s expression seemed to shift. Though she still smiled with that soft, lovely smile she almost always carried, her eyes turned sad… apologetic even. In fact, it might have been the gloomiest look Celestia had ever seen…

Come to think of it, even her smile lacked the normal luster of its usual self.

Celestia gasped. “The children! Did something happen to the children?!”

“Auntie, I’m sorry…”

“Why are you calling me that?!” Celestia cried. “You’ve… you’ve only called Luna that since she adopted you… I mean-The children! Are they alright?! They… they have to be! Oddly enough Celestia felt a quick rush of calm come over her, as if her own words were enough to placate and convince her that her children were indeed alright.

Cadance shook her head sadly. “I wish I had time to ease you into this but you need to listen! Twilight and—”

Celestia felt the throbbing pain in her head increase… No… not throbbing, but sharp and scratching… Like something trapped in the back of her mind that was desperately and starting to forcefully claw itself out of whatever it was contained in. She… She had to change the subject. “How’s Ponyville?” Celestia asked as she forced a smile onto her face. Yes, good… Celestia smirked knowingly. “Still a flurry of unexpected adventures, I take it?”

Now that was odd… Why did she say that? Aside from the odd creature wandering out of the Everfree forest, Ponyville was a sleepy town just outside Canterlot. And … wait… Why was it that Luna sent Cadance there again? It’s not like quiet little Ponyville needed a princess to watch over it…

“Ponyville is fine,” Cadance replied. “For now,” she added cryptically.

The sharp pain of tiny claws digging through the dark recesses of her mind increased. “Princess Cadance? Is… is everything alright? You’re acting very strange…”

Cadance closed her eyes, turned her face to the ground, and sighed shaking her head. “Oh, auntie… Please forgive me…”

“You’ve… you’ve done something that might upset my sister?” Celestia’s smile returned, becoming jovial even. “Do you need me to help smooth over whatever it is?” Celestia chuckled. “Luna does have a tendency to overreact.”

Celestia felt a sharp stab in her head as images of her sister… No… not her sister… Something dark in the shape of her sister… Something that took control of her sister… And forced Celestia to… to…

“Are you remembering?”

Celestia looked up. She didn’t even remember closing her eyes or looking away from Cadance, but… “Remember what?” she asked innocently. “Don’t tell me you’ve already told me whatever this issue is with you and my sister and I—”

Cadance frowned heavily. “Your children… How many do you have?”

Celestia blinked in surprise, then smiled wryly. “Cadance! Did Luna put you up to this? What a silly—”

“Please answer the question,” Cadance said sternly.

Celestia’s smile dropped off her face completely. She had never seen Cadance so serious. Cadance, who was always so carefree, yet eager to help. Cadance who spread love and light wherever she went. Cadance, her gentle little song—

The pain was back. Scratching and digging. Digging upwards and threatening to explode onto the surface of her forethoughts.

Celestia stared up at Cadance in surprise. Was she the source of the pain?! No… Cadance… She… Well, Celestia doubted Cadance had the capacity for any wrongdoing, so… a trick? Somepony posing as—

Celestia let out a pained shriek as more flashes hit. A… a wedding… a trap she was too blind to see… set by a… a dark queen that tried to… tried to… but Eventide… She… she…

Celestia looked up with a pained smile. “Oh Cadance, you know I have two little foals! Why, you even used to babysit Eventide when she was... small…” Celestia said, catching the oddity in her own words as they escaped her lips. The pain had changed… No longer was it this deep sensation intruding towards the front of her mind, but it became almost all encompassing around her head. Yet… yet it was familiar. She should have been overwhelmed… Writhing on the floor in agony but… somehow… somehow she was accustomed to this feeling… Feelings? Oh, why won’t it just leave me be?!

Cadance tilted her head and continued to cast a critical eye on Celestia. “And their father is…?”

“My husband, King Sombra…” Celestia answered curtly. Why? Why had she answered with so little emotion? As if she was imparting an unknown fact instead of something there was no way for Cadance to not know.

Cadance forehead and lips tightened in confusion. “King Sombra?!”

More images. Her sister and her fighting somepony… her… Her husband? No… not her husband. Like… like a shadow or shade of her husband. Evil, malicious… Power hungr— No. No. NO! “Er… Prince! Prince!” Celestia said hastily. “Hehe, silly—”

“How long have you two been an item?”

“Why, for centuries, of course!” Celestia smiled warmly. “I couldn’t imagine life without my dear prince by my side!”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit strange?” Cadance asked. “You’ve been with Prince Sombra for centuries and you’ve only recently had children?”

Celestia felt the dull, familiar pain spread through her body. She closed her eyes and focused. No… She had… she had known Sombra for centuries! Hundreds and hundreds of years of pure bliss only increased by the two joys in her life! But… why? Why did she wait so long to have children of her own even if time was very little an issue? She knew children could only bring her joy! Little Eventide was such a delight, and she was growing and learning so fast! Why, one day she might even become a princ… Sunrise Shine! Oh… Celestia could never forget the day they me-the day she gave birth to Sunrise! So… so much like her, so desperate to love and be loved… so eager to prove herself. So eager that… she… she…


“Sniff… Sob…”

Celestia opened her eyes, tears were streaming from them but the soft sound of crying didn’t come from her. She looked up.

Cadance… Cadance was crying. Sniffling and sobbing. “Oh, auntie… I’m so, so sorry…”

The pain had almost taken over… Almost became a part of her… She was almost fre-NO! She couldn’t let this happen. She wouldn’t! Luna!

Celestia turned her head to the double doors, her horn glowing a brilliant yellow.

“Auntie?” Cadance asked.

Luna! Luna could help her! Luna who had stood by her side almost her entire life. Luna who could never betray—

Celestia threw open the double doors and felt her heart sink.

The throne room was filled with the heavy smell of ozone and burnt hair. The noble ponies she had dreaded meeting laid lifeless on the floor, smoke wafting up from their bodies. Bodies which were scattered about the throne room, and plastered onto every face she could see was a look of fear and agony. A look locked in place by the heavy mask of death.

In the center of it all stood her sister, but not her sister… Something in the shape of her sister but sinister, like the dark reflection of what her sister could be.

This being composed of her dear sister wrapped in pitch-blackness and envy turned and smiled. A smile devoid of warmth and kindness. A smile composed of pure malevolent will. “Hello, sister and welcome… Sorry I didn’t send any pony for you, but as you can see there was no pony left to send.”

Celestia suddenly felt the weight of her crown, the weight of her royal yolk… The golden shoes around her feet now seemed like cinderblocks keeping her rooted in place.

The smile on the dark being in front of her only widened. “I’d warmed them all up for you, dear sister,” she said in a tone laced with venom. “Of course… they’re starting to cool down now.”

Celestia closed her eyes hard and screamed. “LUUUUNAAAAAAA!”


Twilight Sparkle stood resolute and attentive, her eyes practically glued to the passageway Luna had chased Chrysalis down. The sound of fighting had stopped which most likely meant that Luna had defeated Chrysalis and that everything was going to be totally and completely fine and that there was nothing to worry about!


Twilight was quite certain that was what the outcome was… 92%... No. 93.33% with the 3 repeating sure that’s what the outcome was.

Of course, this still left a 6.66% 6 repeating chance that Chrysalis somehow overpowered Luna who would still totally be fine in that case and probably would need some soup and bedrest to shake off her little tussle with the evildoer! But evil couldn’t win! Evil could never win! Still, that small percentage is why Twilight kept her eye on the entrance to the tunnels below.

Oh! Starswirl the Bearded’s study was down there! She should have told Luna to bring back up a book! No matter. She could just go down herself when—


Well that was funny! Everything was shaking! What could possibly be causing… HEY! That part of the floor seemed to be glowing and… melting? What could—


The circular portion of the stone floor that had turned red and was sagging inward suddenly erupted into a geyser of jade-colored flame. Twilight stared into the flame noting a figure with a black body with peculiar holes in it and… Oh! That’s Chrysalis! Twilight thought as the flamed began to die down. Well that’s just upsetting!

Chrysalis grinned devilishly at Twilight. “Oh, hello Twilight Sparkle. I have something for you.”

HaHA! Nice try Chrysalis! But there’s no way I’ll fall for your evil trap!

With a green glow of her horn, the limp body of Princess Luna floated up out of the still smoldering hole in the floor and was dumped unceremoniously at Twilight’s hooves. Her body now sporting an alarming amount of discolored patches, burns, and also leaking a small bit of blood from around Luna’s mouth.


Chrysalis chuckled and shook her head as if sensing Twilight’s distress. “Oh, don’t worry… She’s not dead. I want all of you alive and well so I can spend years draining the your love… little by little… drop by delicious drop.” Chrysalis laughed, a heavy laugh that bounced off the walls of the study adding even more reverberation to the queen’s voice. A laugh that was cut off abruptly as she took note of Princess Cadance who stood next to Celestia, her eyes closed. “What is she…?”

“You’ll NEVER get away with this, villain!” Twilight shouted.

Chrysalis’s jade-colored eyes drifted over to Twilight almost involuntarily. “‘Villain’?” she practically chortled out. “When did you decide being campy was the path to victory, Twilight Sparkle? I’m afraid if you’re trying to amuse me into collapsing into heap of hysterical laughter, you’ll have to try harder than that!”

“Amuse nothing!” Twilight exclaimed. “I’m going to kick your flank, you evil love-sucking bug!”

Chrysalis eyes widened slightly and then narrowed into a scowl that soon turned into a knowing smile. “Ahh… You’re reacting to the trace amounts of Heart's Desire pollen in the air. Hehe… Goodness, you must feel like you can take on all of Equestria single-hoofedly if needed, but you’re still the weak little princess who—”

Twilight’s mind raced as Chrysalis’s mouth ranted. Luckily for her Chrysalis had gathered all the ponies she needed to keep safe together so she could either, ‘A’ stick close and defend them from all attacks, or ‘B’, take the fight with the bug queen elsewhere much as Luna had done.

“— needs to rely on the power of others to get anything done! Twilight Sparkle, I fear you no more than I fear —”

Twilight’s eyes darted across the room with lightning speed as she looked at Chrysalis, to the ceiling, then down at the couple meters in diameter hole Chrysalis had melted in the floor, and finally to a red couch in the room. She felt the corner of her lips spread open wide into a smile. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can win! I feel great! I can do this!”

Chrysalis let out a heavy sigh. “— tiny kitten…” She shook her head. “And you’re not even listening…” Chrysalis narrowed her eyes as she noticed Cadance once more, still standing in a trance of some sort. Her eyes drifted to the bubble around Celestia that was keeping the Heart’s Desire pollen contained. Her horn began to crackle with green energy as she smiled maliciously. “Well Sparkles, as much fun as it would be to engage in an another epic struggle until I beat that pollen-induced optimism out of you, I’m afraid it’s time to kill this game.”

Still smiling, Twilight resolutely stood in front of Celestia and Cadance, her unwavering eyes filled with determination as she focused her attention on Chrysalis.

Chrysalis rolled her eyes as her horn began to vibrate and hum with deadly energy. There was simply no way Twilight could put up a shield or a blast that could outlast—


In a purple flash, Twilight disappeared.

“What?” Chrysalis uttered.


In another purple flash, Twilight reappeared, hovering directly above Chrysalis’s back as she gripped on tightly with her legs.

“What?!” Chrysalis exclaimed.

With a heavy flap of her wings and a purple glow of her horn, Twilight spun forward in place, her legs still holding on tightly to the changeling queen.




As Twilight spun both her and Chrysalis forward, Chrysalis head hit the stone floor before it was dragged across and brought back up again. As she stared up at the ceiling and tried to get her bearings, the floor came rushing back and her head once again visited the heavy stone surface with a ‘Thump!’ Before Chrysalis could process what exactly was happening her head hit the floor again.

As the floors rushed to her a fourth time, Chrysalis pulled her head towards her body and quickly put up a barrier. Rather than the painful blow of her head hitting solid stone, the barrier bounced both her and Twilight upwards… where Chrysalis was immediately smashed into the stone ceiling that cracked and broke with the force. As heavy chunks of solid rock fell to the floor, the spinning continued.

Chrysalis opted to surround her horn with pure destructive power that carved magma hot divots in the stone ceiling as Twilight continued to use her as the outermost part of this royal pony/changeling centrifuge. She tried to unfold her wings, but Twilight had them pressed to her body with her legs and sheer telekinetic force. She rose her legs to attempt to pry Twilight off but the constant spinning force and Twilight’s position prevented her from so much as getting the purple cage around her back to budge.

Fine then! Let’s see how Sparkle reacts once I start blasting EVERYTHING. EVENTUALLY, I have to hit one of the other princesses. Full of love or not, I will NOT suffer this indignation any longer! Her horn began to crackle once more with furious anger, firing off jade sparks that struck like tiny bolts of lightning in all directions. The twisted black horn once again began to vibrate and hum with the sound of impending doom. As Chrysalis prepared to fire a devastating blast off in any direction, Twilight suddenly came to a full stop, directing her telekinetic energy downwards.

“Geeettttttt dunked on!” Twilight cried as she tumbled back to the ground, crashing into and breaking a red cushioned couch with ornate wooden armrests.

Chrysalis was far less lucky. With the unexpected shift, her concentration broke and the power around her horn dissipated. Barely having time to scream out a surprised and frustrated “WHAT?!” Chrysalis head smashed into the side of the hole she had created minutes before as her body went tumbling down towards the lower levels of Starswirl’s hidden chamber, bouncing back and forth off the recently carved cylindrical stone walls. As disoriented and dazed as she was, Chrysalis extended her wings, her gossamer paddles beating fast at the air around her as she fell into the open chamber of bookshelves and artifacts she and Luna had battled amongst. She rapidly slowed as she approached the ground and extended her legs, touching the cave floor with a light tap as she stared back up at the hole. Her jade-framed slit irises stared wrathfully skyward at the hole she had created and Twilight Sparkle had just thrown her down. In an instant, her horn was blazing with green fire and her wings practically assaulted the air as she sped upwards.

Twilight Sparkle was going to PAY DEARLY!

As Chrysalis nearly reached the end of the narrow tunnel, the air in front of her suddenly exploded into searing purple light that came barreling towards her.

Author's Note:

Exit light. Enter night.