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The year is 2168. Major Dovin has been sent by the Sol Alliance to investigate why a research and development lab on Mars has gone dark. Once he arrives there he discovers a device named "Contact", and that it has made a connection with a new world. Much to his despair though, a rebel faction has decided to make an attempt at conquering this new land. Will he be able to stop them in time to avoid an all out war?

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this seems good so far. I can't complain about anything so just keep doing what your doing and I can't wait for when your next chapter will come out. Good luck with college :pinkiehappy:

and its dangerous to go into a college for that long alone so here take this: :yay:

845358Thanks! I really needed something like that!:pinkiehappy: We started college one month earlier than most. :raritydespair:We use this month for army basic training before the school year starts. I'm half way done with 3 weeks to go. :yay:I can't remember but I might have already started on the next chapter. Thanks for the watch!:rainbowwild:

well, ive been slowly losing hope for you but i'll be keeping an eye on you just incase. i hope for the best for you while your in college though.

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