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Connection - Lunar Ops

An officer has been sent to investigate a lab that may contain something that will change the world.

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Part 8: A Party

Author: Ok, there is no reason why I haven't written anything, except that I was just too lazy. Well, there will undoubtably be another break like that. I have to go off to college in a few days and I have a month of Cadet Basic Training to do when I get there. Well, enjoy!
Oh, and I can't get better if no one comments, so please comment!
OC's are mine while practically everything else is Hasbro's

Part 8: A Party

Once I got to this point of the story it was about lunch time. “Well, I don’t know about you three, but I’m hungry. Why don’t we go get some lunch?” I suggested. After Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle all voiced, or rather, proclaimed their agreement to the entire town, and said something about taste tester cutie marks, we all walked down the main street to go eat.

“CHAD!” was all the warning I received before a very pink and very, very excited pony appeared directly in front of me…upside down no less. It was startling, not for the reason that you would normally think though. I was surprised because I still can’t wrap my mind around Pinkie Pie’s ability to surprise me after three years of living in Equestria. After I recovered from having the pink pony defy the laws of physics yet again, I noticed Twilight was also standing in front of me.

“Oh, hello Pinkie, hello Twilight.” I motioned to the fillies, “The four of us were just about to go get some lunch; would you like to join us?” I asked.

“Oh that would be FUN! Wouldn’t it be fun Twilight? We could go to the store right there, or there, or there, or there, or there! Ooh! I know! Let’s go get cupcakes from Sugarcube Corner!” Pinkie said. She was bouncing like crazy as she said this. At every repetition of “or there,” she would appear in another part of main street in impossible places, such as out of a birdhouse

“It would be fun, and we would love to join you Chad, but we do need to stop off at Sugarcube Corner first. Pinkie and I had to drop a package off.” Twilight said coolly, acting as if the bouncing earth pony next to her was standing completely still. I started to get a tingly feel in the back of my head, a feeling that could be seen as an extremely watered down Pinkie sense. I could tell something was up, but I didn’t know what.

“Why not have Derpy deliver that for you? She is the mail-mare after all.” I asked. After I said that, we saw Derpy flying over us…backwards and upside down. “Um, Twilight, you’re sure that Discord’s trapped, right?”

“Absolutely, I saw him hit by the Elements of Harmony. He didn’t even try to dodge; he thought they wouldn’t work.” She replied.

“Ok.” I said unsurely, “Well, back to the matter at hoof. Why can’t you trust Derpy with it?” I tried to ignore the sounds of a crash from where Derpy went since I heard an “I’m ok.”

“Well, you see, the package is super-duper important,” as Pinkie said ‘super-duper’ she spread her arms out, further than they should physically be able to by the way, to describe how important it was, “and Twilight and I were the only two in all of Ponyville that could deliver it on time.”

The three fillies I had with me spoke up after Pinkies’ explanation. Applebloom trotted up to me and said, “Mr. Chad, it’s ok that we go there first. It’s always fun going there.”

“Maybe we can get cake cutie marks while we’re there!” Sweetie Belle suggested.

“YEAH!” With that, all three of the hyper fillies ran toward the candy store at a speed the belied their small size.

Twilight started walking and then Pinkie and I followed her. I noticed that the street was far less busy as it should be for Ponyville at this time of day. In fact, nopony except for us were outside. I have been living in this town less than a year, but even I know that this is odd. After a minute or two we arrived at Sugarcube Corner. I looked in the door and found it completely dark inside. I couldn’t even find the crusaders in there.

“Um, Twilight, are you sure you had to deliver a package to the corner? It looks closed; all the lights are off and it doesn’t seem as if anypony is in there. And where are the girls?” I asked. My more… rule abiding nature was coming out. It’s hard to get rid of if you’re in an Army. It doesn’t help that I lean toward the shy half of the social gauge.

“Oh, um, y-yes, we were told that it might look like there isn’t anyone there, but to go on in anyway. So let’s go in and deliver that package.” She hastily said. While she started shoving me, I noticed that neither she nor Pinkie actually had a package. Before I could inquire as to the true nature of their ‘package’, I was flung into the sugary store, and the door was slammed shut. After I picked myself up I scanned the darkness. I almost flew out the window at Mach 2 when the lights cut on and practically everypony from town jumped out and yelled “SURPRISE!” I had forgotten that Pinkie Pie loves to make parties for even the smallest events. I racked my brain and remembered that today was the three year anniversary of many events that surrounded me. The first was that I had become the head of a special task force that reported to Princess Luna. The second was that I had saved Equestria from an invasion originating in my world. The last reason, and the most painful one by far, was that Major Wenters had died fighting alongside me. At the first party that Pinkie threw for me I had left a third of the way through and was depressed for a week. But, I had mastered those feelings and had moved on. This party went well into the afternoon and I was to resume telling the CMC my story, when we had two special guests.

When these two guests walked in, with a sizeable and intimidating escort, everypony except Sileo, my best friend, and myself bowed to the ground. The two of us, seeing as we were both members of the task force that I mentioned earlier, saluted instead. You see, our guests were the princesses, Celestia and Luna.

“Good evening my little ponies.” Celestia said when she walked in. She had her usual smile on but my friend and I had gotten good at telling when something was troubling her or Luna. Luna was showing the same worry her sister had but couldn’t hide it with a poker face born out of a thousand years of ruling a kingdom alone like Celestia. Before I could think too deeply about what was worrying them, Celestia started talking. “My sister and I received a party invitation for Chads party and decided to come join the festivities.” As much as I would love to played games with the Princesses, the townsfolk seemed to not understand that the sisters wanted to be treated like us for now. The Cakes almost had simultaneous heart attacks and brought out the best chairs and tea, Twilight started to become crazed about how nothing was perfect, Applejack didn’t know what to eat, Pinkie ate everything, and Rarity seemed to have gotten a more flamboyant dress and was freaking out. The party was breaking down before my eyes and I knew that I had to do something about it.

I walked up to Celestia and Luna. “Good evening Princesses.” I said while saluting. Before I got further, Sileo came over and did the same thing. “Thank you for coming to the party. We're positive that there are more imperative matters for you both to look into than attending a party for me.” The Princesses both knew how well Sileo and had gotten at reading faces and smiled at how we told them that we knew something was up.

After she greeted us, Celestia seemed to be content to let Luna be the one to speak. “Good evening to you two as well. It’s good to see that my two lieutenants haven’t lost their touch after two years of no full-scale battles.”

“Your majesty, we’ll never lose our touch!” Sileo boasts.

Luna laughed, “Indeed. Well, it is more important than you know that we be here. But that can wait until later. For now, enjoy the party.” She looked at her tea and made a face that reminded me that, however old she might technically be, she had the mind-set of me when I was twenty; I was aware of my duties and I fulfilled them as required, but I still made plenty of time for childishness. Luna looked across the room and saw the cider barrels. Putting on the best ‘innocent princess’ look she could, she teleported the barrel over to her and drank that instead. This drew laughter from the elder sister, Sileo, and myself.

“Well, your majesties, if I may,” I raised my voice enough so that everyone heard me, “I believe that I still must tell my story to Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Bell. Would you mind if I retold it to them?” I was was hoping that a centralized source of entertainment would calm everypony down and distract them from the fact that their rulers were ten feet away.

“Chad, I believe that that is a fantastic idea. In fact, why don’t you entertain everyone with your story.” Princess Celestia smiled. She knew exactly what I was doing and knew exactly which story I meant. With her consent, I started getting ready.

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this seems good so far. I can't complain about anything so just keep doing what your doing and I can't wait for when your next chapter will come out. Good luck with college :pinkiehappy:

and its dangerous to go into a college for that long alone so here take this: :yay:

845358Thanks! I really needed something like that!:pinkiehappy: We started college one month earlier than most. :raritydespair:We use this month for army basic training before the school year starts. I'm half way done with 3 weeks to go. :yay:I can't remember but I might have already started on the next chapter. Thanks for the watch!:rainbowwild:

well, ive been slowly losing hope for you but i'll be keeping an eye on you just incase. i hope for the best for you while your in college though.

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