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"Y'know, there are things out there that can't be explained. That can't be comprehended, even if you were the smartest person in all the Universe." Gardevoir shook her head, staring at the line of nervous guardsmen. "These demons, no matter how terrifying, are not one of those things. We can understand them, we can kill them, we can study them. No, compared to the one being I've seen... these pathetic blue fuckers are nothing. Now, how about we go out there and KICK SOME DEMON ASS!?"

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What the hell.
I like this. Sandra needs to Market Gardener everyone.

5948817 I will, I just decided to start her off with a custom set of shitty cosplay gear that's been modified into a legit weapon.

It's like... Everything bad from a displaced fic put into one...:pinkiesick:....
But... Good? :rainbowhuh:

5951461 Think of it like Forest Gump, he is an idiot, but an idiot in just the right way to be hugely successful at whaat he did.

I swear, this fic is good in an odd way. Australium FTW.

Also, is it weird that I imagine my own characters in other works? In this, I imagine a Spy Absol. Absol is best Poke.



Or at least she would have been were it not for the massive chunk of yellow metal that chose exactly that moment to slam home into the Earth, creating a crater visible from Mars. That is, it destroyed the whole planet.
“Shh! Shut up! I don’t want anyone else to know I’m here, jerkface!”
Rather difficult, considering that I just narrated your existence. Now why don’t you just read off the script and we can get the narration going again, huh?
“Fffffffine…” Aaron sulked, taking out a sheaf of papers and giving them a quick skim. As he did so, he idly nudged Sandra’s final resting place with his foot, bringing it to a halt in front of him.

So, it's one of those stories.


Wait... :rainbowhuh:??????
This is the best part of everything that I love. Plz MOAR!!!

Can I have a link to that Generator Rex one?

Rex sounds like generator rex. And did she switch universes??
:rainbowhuh:I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!!

5997601 This is a Displaced story. They often travel to parallel universes.

What would happen if cinder guard met merasmus i wonder...
more please!

Ohhhhh... still kinda confused, but OK!:trollestia:

Why am I doing this. Why am I making so many characters
Answer: because it makes the story more interesting?

Okay, now I like this. Also, Market Gardener is best shovel, and best shovel name ever.

Why am I doing this. Why am I making so many characters


So that eventually eacheach character in a story you're going to write in the future has its own story to explain them and it doesn't look like you played spin the giant pop culture dart board and went with what stuck.

By the way I'm enjoying the story.

I was questionable about this story until the alpha demon killing Cinder. It made things more realistic for me, more like TF2.

Now I just need to wait for hiatus to be revoked.

Swiggity swooty, im comin fo dat booty >_<

7616122 No, I'm just putting everything else on hold indefinitely while I focus on one of my other stories. I'll come back to it eventually.

On which Story are you working at the moment

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