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It started out as a normal day. Go to school, go home, draw, all the usual everyday stuff. However, something makes this particular day different from the rest. I don't know what, it just feels...different. I laid beneath a tree in an open field by my house, sketching in my sketchbook. After a while I begin to doze off, but I was awoken by a shake from the ground. It eventually got worse and worse. I began to panic, so I grabbed my stuff and tried to run back into my house.

Yes, I know this intro is a lot different from my other story, but this IS a remake (with some major differences) of my first original fic (which was REALLY BAD). However, due to votes from you guys, I decided to redo the story from the ground up. So here it is "The One They Call Phoenix Version 2 (V2 for short)

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I thought he turned into a phoneix

better little more infor than last time and a lot less drowning on
so far so good


Yea, it was...but I'm just random like that...sometimes it's fun not to make sense...you know what I mean? XD

Randomness is cool! It's why I feel happy most of the time. Most of my thoughts are of pushing teachers out of windows, so that they fall on my ex Vice principal, who would ignore me whenever I tried to get justice for being bullied, although he never had a problem ignoring me when I retaliated. Bastard.


I was in the same boat back in middle school, now since I'm in high school it's easy going...but my friends and I always have our inside jokes about our Middle School principle...she's evil...and fat XD

yeah, I'm just finished my first year in college studying software development, and now I'm looking for a summer job. My dad got work for my sister and I as attendants during the Leaving Cert. Basically, we just keep an eye on the rooms, make sure nobody comes in late, make sure they don't bring books into the bathroom (No, we don't follow them into the bathroom, we just make sure they don't have anything on them, or hidden in the bathroom before they go), and we also make tea for the exam supervisor. I start Tuesday, and I'll hopefully make a lot of Euros, maybe enough that I'll finally have saved up enough for an iPod Touch.


Already got an iPod Touch, don't go anywhere without it in hand, on, and blasting music. I'm going into my senior year in high school, and plan on going into game development and music in college (my two favorite things, mostly music though), and hopefully finding a job to where I can be a sound coordinator (people who put the sounds in the games).

Nice, I've got an iPod nano, but the touch wheel is starting to fail. The skip backwards button doesn't work anymore, and the screen is partially damaged, though it still plays the music well enough. You know, I have mostly soundtracks from games and cartoons on it, though I have a couple of videos on it. Tried to get MLP episodes on it, but anything longer than 10 minutes won't play properly. I don't know how else to explain it.


That was my first iPod. I moved up from a 4 gig to a 8 gig touch, and eventually got over 10 gigs of songs in general (over 200 pony related :derpytongue2:) So I had to move up to a 32 gig since they no longer produced 16 gigs XD


She let out a moan, and began to blush. Then she gave me a death stare.

When i read this i was reminded of this:

*Reads the part about Luna* NOPE!

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