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Twilight is awoken one morning by Pinkie Pie, who brings urgent news of a disaster. Knowing Pinkie Pie, Twilight assumes that it's nothing horribly serious, but knows better than to ignore Pinkie when she says something's up.

However, not everything is as it is let on by the boisterous party pony.

For Zaid ValRoa.

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You're a good guy, Zaid. I'm sorry it took me so long.

Well, look who's back to writing stories.

Well, this is an order of magnitude happier than the one I wrote for you.
Thanks, Regi. This was really nice

Wow, she made a Twinkie twinkie. That's a pretty awesome idea. You know what I really liked about this one, though? It felt like a cartoon. Feels like I don't see enough of that around here lately, but maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. Can't think of much else to say, really. I liked it, though. It was cute, light, and fun. Nice.

Funny and ridiculous, yet adorable.

5926223 I've been feeling like shit lately, so I figured the world could use a little something happier.

5926235 Weirdly enough, I felt like I was doing my best to write an episode the whole time. I mean, I did get needlessly raunchy in places, but there were a lot of moments where it felt like it would fit in to the show.

5926243 thank you

To quote the Great Lelouch vi Brittania AKA Lelouch Lamperouge AKA One:


5926281 aw hell, I love Code MENT/None Piece
PurpleeyesWTF is one of my favorite abridgers
I don't even follow the original anime for Code MENT

5926331 :pinkiehappy:

Agreed. He actually inspired me to abridge my own series. (My friends and I are working on Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

Code Geass is pretty wonderful. You should definitely check it out when you get the chance. Best ending in all anime, I swear.

“Quick!” A pink hoof unhinged Twilight’s jaw, and another shoved a long, green vegetable into Twilight’s open gullet.


Yea it was cute

Cute lesbian horses.

why was this put in to the twidash shipping folder if there is no twidash?

5926660 It could have been an error? It must have been. Did I add it? If so, then I apologize and I'll see if I can remove it. to which group did it get put in the Twidash folder?

5926356 I have to agree about the best ending thing.

5926782 I am not a part of that group, so someone else must have added them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5926842 nah it's fine, i just wasn't sure if it would be a problem for you, so i wanted to let you know.

First time I actually read a story shipping my two favorite canon ponies.:rainbowkiss:

Guess you can't go wrong with something like that, my only complain is that now I want some Twinkies and I don't have any.

I will have to settle for cotton candy cookie powder.:twilightsheepish:


Yeah, it's sexier than the show will likely ever get, but I think this is pretty close, overall.

Also, that ending really was great.

5926697 It really is a brilliant ending.

Twinkie story! *clicks 'add to priority reading folder'

I will not forget you. Once I get back, you will be read; you will be liked. Then I can get motivation to finish my Twinkie drawing!

getting ready to crush the life out of it spray so that it could be consumed.

This should be "its prey", with prey with an "e".

Lol, from the name I thought maybe Pinkie had invented the snacks. Then I saw the art, and I was like "Adorable!", will begin reading now.

Almost laughed out loud in Taco Bell!
Ohmygosh she did invent them!

I don't think Twilight will appreciate you telling everyone her weight though.

I want a Twinkie Twinkie now...

What a adorable story. Though I had to reread the part that said that Twilight's wings were pressed against Pinkie's back. From the position they were in, it doesn't seem possible. Ah well, good story anyway :yay:

5929308 alright, fixed

5930324 I meant for their chests to be pressed together, so the wings would be like arms reaching around

An awesome story man, nice job and awesome work! :D

I ship it, I do.
I've eaten twinkies before, they're pretty good.

Keep it up!

After getting Twilight a few cups of water, and a handbaskets’ worth of napkins, Pinkie sat down in the booth across from her. “I’m REEEEEAL sorry, Twilight! It’s just imperative that your tongue is in working order for this emergency to be solved!” Pinkie smiled goofily.

:rainbowhuh: Wait, what? That doesn't sound at all like a word Pinkie would...

“Hehe! You see what I did? I used ‘imperative’ in a sentence! I learned that from you!”


Well played, author. Well played.

I'm not a fan of Twinkie (or Twinkies, for that matter). Also, a lot of the prose in this veered uncomfortably near the edge of an unacceptably violet hue, clashing with the much less flowery dialog. But there were several moments like the one quoted above that made me smile. For that, you have my upvote.

5930670 Ah okay thanks for the clear up

The cream inside was pink, matching the color of Pinkie’s coat.

Pinkies message: I want my cream inside you!:pinkiehappy:

5934510 if you catch my driftwood

“Yay! Does that mean we get to do it now?”

Oh myyy, does that mean there's going to be a sequel?

5936428 I wasn't planning on it


I can just imagine Twilight with this face:

That was really sweet. Like, super sugary sweet. Like, I think my blood sugar is really, really high after reading that and it's glorious.

I'm also doing some last-minute research om the kinds of fics you write for that thing we're doing and this was a nice little thing to read for such a thing

This was so adorable! Short and funny read. Quite enjoyable.

I don't even ship these two, but it's fics like this that make me second guess myself on that.

Great work! :pinkiehappy:

aw :twilightsmile:
glad you enjoyed it so much!

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