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Torisugari no Kamen Rider da, oboeteoke!


"Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin
naal ok zin los vahriin
wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!"

Except, not really. Meet Jo'hira, former human, current Khajiit (Though Akatosh knows that she's called up the race menu enough times to change that around way too much), and dragon whisperer (shouter, more like it). She's been around for over a thousand years for some reason, and she's a little bit loopy with it. The six hundred years spent in the woods doing nothing but talking to dragons may have something to do with it.

That, or it was the repeated trips to the Soul Cairn and Sovngarde. Maybe both, but she won't tell.

(Featured 1/6/2016. Well holy shit.)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 70 )

I'm just gonna like and fav simply for the Elder Scrolls of it. And It's awesome, after reading it. I'm actually considering doing an Elder Scrolls Displaced myself, though if I do it'll prob be an Argonian Nerevarine (Morrowind).

while I wont be doing a displaced fic, the idea of a Deadpool-Esq, metagame Dovahkiin appeals to me greatly

I love how Celestia's pretty much like "hey, sup?"

A Khajit Dovakiin that has somewhat a history with Celestia, loves the FLAMES too and is appartenly a tsundere being appointet to be filly Twilights bodyguard?

Ooohohoho, dis gonna be good! :3

I'm sorry but when I read your title all I think is this :rainbowlaugh:i.imgur.com/PpHrJXq.gif

OHMAHGOSH! A story that doesn't hurt my eyes with a smorgasbord of gruesome grammar! Luna be praised! Keep up the good work. By the way, should you somehow suddenly lose your ability to use good grammar (though I doubt it based on the story's current progress, but just to be on the safe side), here's a vid sung by none other than everypony's favorite parody songwriter and singer, Al! Enjoy!

Origin of the title pic:

5932200 I really like that video. It's funny.

5932323 I know right. Whenever I need a pick-me-up or just a good laugh, it's one of the videos I watch.

Fallout universe: gasp! i cant get throught this 200 year old wooden, rotten, flimsy, rusted, cracked door without a 100 lockpick . . .

Okay the story is really better than i thought it would be.

this is going to get relay interesting i feel

I absolutely love those meta fics where game mechanics are being played as just another part of that characters life especially if they meet someone who does not understand the concept of quest markers, pausing inventory or using the console to fuck around with reality.

5937858 Khajiit has wares.

5937880 Argonians have the hist, Sithis, and water breathing. Hist sap beats skooma

Reptiles beat felines!

5937900 I shall repeat: Khajiit has wares ;P

Also, Argonians seem unequipped to live in Skyrim, considering that Skyrim is cold and... Skyrim... while Argonians are, at least outwardly, lizards, therefore, reptiles, therefore, kinda screwed in the cold.

Khajiit have fur.

Dovahkiin, In Do Laas Ahrk Dinok, Kriid Do Keyye Ahrk Jul, Gein Rahgol Kaaz

I don't even...

5938183 What, too difficult to translate?

5938193 ....Something like that. But who cares? I like the story regardless.

5938707 I translated it

Dragonborn, Master Of Life And Death, Killer Of Horses And Man, One Rage Cat

5939687 I couldn't find the word for angry, so I made do with the closest translation possible on the UESP site...

Then I found the translator.

I'm not fixing the title, though.

I enjoy Jo'hira's personality, and I'm intrigued to see where this will go. However, I sincerely hope we get some proper insight into her relationship with Celestia, because otherwise you're just teasing us.

I do like crossovers. Almost as much as I like romance-comedies… about talking ponies with the power… of friendship.
Hmm, weird putting it that way!


Holy shit! I joked about someone making a dragonborn displaced story about a week ago! I don't remember what story I commented it on, but I still commented about it a week ago!

Nice chapter, keep up the good work.

So this is how she got there and discovered she is now living a game but when did she realize that with the help of the console she is basically a god?

Ziin rup zuspein ahrk Zu'u vis koraav daar tey fen kos lot. Dein nii vok!

I was wondering if Aaron ever made a Displaced... Wonder if it will happen again.

So can we get a mention of the restoration glitch like Jojo stumbled upon it and then preceded to wreck all kinds of madness with it.

5931325 You should take a look at my Displaced then. I try my hardest to always use proper grammar and spelling. Please help me with that.

So when does she exploit the buggery out of TGM and TCL and whatnot? She must have done it at least once.

5988016 She doesn't have console commands.... Yet.:pinkiecrazy:

And into my favorites it goes.

I helped beat back the scourge of Tombstone and his draugr-ponies

Oh, was that the... Living Tombstone?

Great story. Are you gonna include any of the expansions, werewolves, and/or deadra? Cause I'd love to see it, anyway keep up the good work.

:rainbowderp:.........I'm sold, faving:heart:

We’re going to Sovngarde.

You taking the hobbits with you?

6248342 No, the hobbits are going to Mordor to destroy the One Ring. Well, that or Isengard.

Praise be to the Vanquisher of Alduin! The High Queen of Skyrim! The Leader of the Riften Thieves’ Guild! The Leader of the Dark Brotherhood! The Harbinger of the Companions! The Queen of Castle Volkihar! The Champion of the Daedra! The favored daughter of Akatosh! The destroyer of Miraak! The ender of the Aldmeri Dominion! The Truce Bringer! Master of a thousand spells! Destroyer of Draugr! Killer of Dragon Priests! Summoner of Dragons! The one titled Stormblade by Ulfric Stormcloak himself! Archmage of the College of Winterhold! Thane of Whiterun! Thane of Solitude! Thane of Riften! Thane of Markarth! Thane of Falkreath! Thane of Winterhold! Thane of Windhelm! Thane of Dawnstar! Thane of Morthal! The Dawnbreaker! The Eternal Hero! Wielder of a Thousand Weapons! Carrier of a Thousand Burdens!

Why does that remind me of this?

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