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In all his years of running his own shop, Doughnut Joe has seen thousands of ponies. Some he knew, most he didn't, and many he would never see again. But he never minded that, for he always had his regulars.

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while the melancholic strains of music echoed through the empty room.

extra space there.

Great story though!

Also, the ad underneath the story is for coffee, which I find amusing.

Thanks for catching that and glad you liked it!

10/10 would fall in love with again.

This is one of those short pieces where everything fits together all perfect-like. It feels like an old song...

I really want a nostalgia doughnut right now.

Sublime. And so Regular lives on in the mind of Joe and Twi.

Well, I was playing this song while writing The Regular:

What is it about Joe that makes such wonderful stories? This was really powerful, keep it up!

Wow. I'm not quite sure what it is about this story, but it resonates. Very nice.

Sure are a lot of ghosts in that doughnut shop...

Well done.

5925594 Hey you, shoo. There's only room for one of our avatars in this comment section

Wow this was great! Pulls on the heartstrings.

Noticed just a small repeat error:

A smile pulled tugged at the corners of Reg’s mouth...

Nice short story. I enjoyed it, as hopefully Twilight did too. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for that catch!

You know, I saw that avatar and my first thought was Giygas :rainbowderp:

Across her back were a student’s saddlebags, laden with so many books that I wondered if she’d robbed a library.

She might have!

Great story. Poor Regular, but at least he's remembered.

Very nice story!

Thank You.

It might have been because The Shawshank Redemption was on AMC earlier, but I couldn't help but read this in Morgan Freeman's voice. This just made me feel that Joe was Red and Regular was Andy.

Very nicely done.

Well, eh, uh, what can I even say.

Brilliant in its own slice-a-lifey way.

I honestly love this one-shot.

Keep up the Great work man!


That was fantastic. You did a great job with the way you wrote this to set the tone perfectly for this story.

This was nice, a little sad, but still nice. Have any plans to expand the story, or just keep it as is?

Thanks! If I had an idea that made sense I'd probably update it, but overall I'm very satisfied leaving this story just as it is.

Well, shit.
That was unexpected. Very well done old chap:moustache:

That was lovely. Hell, my best read on Fimfiction so far. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

If everyone read this story there would be no war. 10/10 ponies.
Also can I make an animation out of this? (when i learn how to)

If you'd like to, sure. Glad you liked it ^^

Being a fan of donuts and coffee and such myself, this story appeals to me. It's slow and subtle and nothing really happens, but it makes a good comment on the usual people we have in our lives and the impact they have on us that we don't really notice until they're gone. The prose is nice, snappy, and descriptive without getting too flowery. It might also help that I'm reading it in Joe's voice.

It's a nice little story with a lot hanging around just below the surface. A good one for us older guys. Faved.

Author Interviewer


You know, I actually thought that Regular was the grim reaper until the reveal. That's how it always goes with this kind of setup! :rainbowwild:

Excellent work. This one definitely looks a little bit further inside than most fanfiction. Only one nitpick:

Then, two weeks ago,

This disagrees with the timing of the rest of the story, which seems to suggest you mean two months.

Tsk tsk, once more Celestia sends hapless mortals to deal with criminals she could simply vaporize, and now one of the guards is dead!

Hmm, then Twilight shows up... so I'm going to guess that this is meant to be in-world... but the show Joe is quite carefree and the guards in Canterlot are so unused to dealing with violence that a bunch of bugponies the Mane 6 took on by the dozens managed to defeat all of them in moments.

Alas, I am far too aware of all details simultaneously. The curse of a hyperanalytical mind is that every inconsistency screams out in a shrill voice. On the plus side, I am totally invulnerable to phishing scams.

This story seems slow, but as you progress, and finally finish, you'll realize it was going fast the whole time.

Hey, I wrote a review for this fic. It can be found here.

Really well done! Slow, as it should be, and shows us just enough without getting all "telling." A great little tale that I quite enjoyed! Nice music you linked too.

I think you should add a sad tag to this. (I thought it was sad, at least)

This kind of hits the feels for me, and probably many other (former) food service workers. Everyone who's in the business for a while has similar experiences... Although in many cases with no closure at all.
I delivered pizza and chicken for a long time as a second job. We had a sweet old lady named Anne who ordered once a week like clockwork. To the point where she just would call and give her name and we could deliver her usual. 4 piece chicken dinner, 2 litre of sprite, extra dinner rolls. Always tipped 50% We never did find out if she moved or died or what... But she still crosses my mind every so often, even ten years later.

So good work, very touching story.


I loved this. For being such a short story, it does a fantastic job of showing how much one person (or in this case, pony) can affect your life. But it also does a great job at showing what different outlooks on life are like based on your experiences. I only wish there were more of this story to read.

The only problem with that?...It would actually take away from this story. This was a great little read to do for when you have a few minutes to read something. I wasn't expecting to be hit in the feels like its story managed, but I would gladly accept more should it happen again.

Very well done, my friend. :twilightsmile:

Why are the author's notes blank?

Oh, and now you're in the Royal Canterlot Library! What? Was mere praise not good enough for you? You had to get all fancy award-winning-story and stuff? :trollestia:

But seriously, we need to figure out how to booze AND not-hate-life-next-morning for this next Everfree! Also, I'm still hoping to get the writing lead position again. If I do, I'll need prizes for contests, (but probably less booze.) :pinkiesad2:

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

That ending seemed incredibly familiar. Was an earlier draft in a write-off?

Why had I not already faved this? Let's remedy that right now. :)

I came across this again while going through and clearing out the old dusty last page of my read later library. Seeing it i went ahead and read it and its now moving to my favorites.

I'm sad Chaotic's reading is no longer available.

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