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For as long as immortals have walked the planet they have had their own culture, rituals, and traditions. Of all these, the most sacred by far is the Bonding of Immortals, after which mortals modeled their marriages. Today Celestia and Twilight will take part in the Bonding of Immortals.

Written for the Seventh Bimonthly Twilestia Contest

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This is good, but you missed a couple spots in your editing:

Celestia smiled and kissed the unicorn's forehead. "Your cute when you're nervous, but you could tone down the sarcasm a tad, my love."

This moment in time is forever etched into the essence of that magic as my love for you is forever etched into my soul."

This is a really good story. Good luck in the contest!

Very nice very nice If the contest were a user voting I would most definitely have voted this. Good Luck on the contest anything less than 1st place are my thoughts.
Local FIMfiction reader

That was so cool to read, with the other immortals and discord as the head of ceremony.

Celestia smiled and kissed the unicorn's forehead.

...unicorn? You mentioned above that she's immortal - an alicorn - already.

Good luck in the contest, a nice story!

5927254 Thanks for the read and spotting those. I really enjoyed your entry as well. Best of luck in the contest.

5929134 Thanks!

5929499 Can't believe I made a mistake like that! Thanks for finding it. Thinking about it now, this might actually be my first alicorn Twilight story, still used to typing unicorn.

So his gift is being stranded in the woods for a honeymoon?

Anyways, great story.

5932663 It's Discord, what can you say?

5933551 I'm complaining about as much as those too are, being able to honeymoon in peace, I just wasn't sure if that was what had happened.

Personally, I think that Discord should have been more chaotic. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the story :pinkiehappy:

Mm not feeling the chemistry between the characters one bit for some reason. Maybe is me

Quite enjoyed this

7441729 Thank you! That means a lot coming from you!

"She has controlled the power of two immortals in addition to her own and that of a powerful winged unicorn."

If he's talking about Cadence, isn't she actually a horned pegasus?

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