• Published 23rd Dec 2015
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The Various Promptings of gamexpert1990 - gamexpert1990

Sometimes, you just get prompted to write a little.

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My Addition to Alex Warlorn's "Pinke Pie 4th Wall Breaking Variety Theater Special (Part 5)"

Author's Note:

For all intents and purposes, this was the very first time I ventured into horsewords of my own.

This wasn't really a prompt, so much as it was a collage of different users posting comments that were combined into something of a story, somehow. :derpytongue2:

My small contribution can originally be found somewhere in the middle of this:


And here's a direct link to my comment in there:


(Untitled #1)

Back at the party, Snow Bound stared at Shining for a moment. "No. No we have not met." At least, not in the way you see me as now. The ponified wolf sauntered off to another area of the party, Applejack keeping near him.

"Huh. That seemed a little strange... Oh well, it's far from the strangest thing that's ever happened to me. Still... Something about him. Eh, no point worrying about it, given my luck," Shining mumbled to himself as he once again concentrated some magic into his efforts of devouring a few crackers.

"Dear, you were talking to yourself," Cadance gave Shining a quizzical look. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Huh? Oh! Sorry about that. I've just got this nagging feeling that that stallion with AJ seems familiar somehow, and I don't know why. Eh, either it's just nothing or it's one of those weird things I seem to attract that I would much rather ignore at the moment... Would you like to have a few crackers? They're pretty good!"

"Well... I suppose I could get myself something to snack on. Do you know if there happens to be a cheese platter near here? No matter how good those crackers are, the right type of cheese can always make them better!"

Pinkie overheard Cadance wonder about a cheese plate and facehooved. 'How could I forget about that!? She promptly used her physics-defying powers to pull a table covered with an assortment of cheese and a few other items out of seemingly nowhere. "Here you go, Princess Cadance! If you don't see what you want on this table, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!"

Cadance looked over at the selection on the table and, with a slight twinkle in her eye, said "Why, thank you, Pinkie. Those look positively scrumptious!"

In another corner of the party, Applejack looked at Snow Bound and raised an eyebrow. "So, ya wanna talk about how ya'll know Twi's brother?"

"Not only do I not feel like talking about it, it is too long a story to relate while you attempt to get me to enjoy this party," Snow Bound said with an air of annoyance.