• Published 23rd Dec 2015
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The Various Promptings of gamexpert1990 - gamexpert1990

Sometimes, you just get prompted to write a little.

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Prompt: Ruins

Twilight Sparkle and Spike were once again looking at the remains of where Ponyville's library once was. It was an almost daily event for them to pass by the recent ruins. Although they gained a new residence, they still grieved over the loss of their old home.

"...Hey Twi'?"

"Yes, Spike?"

"Do you think Owlowiscious will come back?"

"I hope so, Spike. I miss him already. Don't you?"

"Yeah. I wonder where he is now..."


"You know, Owlowiscious."


" Owlowiscious."


"I told you already! Owlow-"

" Owlowiscious! You're back! Spike, look up!"

"...Wise guy."