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Aliens that can take on any face have landed on Earth and seek to assimilate all life on the planet. Fighting against this dangerous foes is the Great Illusionist, a mysterious armored magician who vanished months ago, but resurfaced to face this new threat.

Trixie thought she was done being the Kamen Rider, but when she's given an offer she can't refuse, she decides to once again done the mask, in the hopes of not only stopping an alien invasion, but maybe she can find her mother out there as well...

This story was heavily inspired and is a part of Xero Key's story Rainbow Sentai Harmonyranger. It takes place at the same time as his story, starting with episode 20, Hexagon. The following was written with his permission.

Power Rangers is a product by Haim Saban, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider belong to Toei, and Equestria Girls belongs to Hasbro. All rights belong to them.

Chapters (2)
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Interesting, am I going to need to read the other story that this story is part of to understand what's going on?

Well done my friend, I'm glad I was able to inspire a spin off series, and the first Kamen Rider I can really get into. What do you say once I'm far enough with the Rangers we do a VS movie? I think our audiences will enjoy it!

5914031 Hi, I'm Xero Key the writer of the other story. You don't need to know more than a few things I'll lay out here.

1. Early in my story Sunset Shimmer lost copies of the morpher blueprints she used to make the Humane5 into Power Rangers
2. Trixie found them, and with help from Octavia, made her own morpher as a solo hero. Kamen Rider to make a distinction between the two rival shows.
3. She fought off monsters and absorbed there skills, unwittingly falling into a trap to create a stronger one. Her morpher was destroyed in battle, but repairable.
4. Fancy Pants brought her onto Hexagon (basically SHIELD for Power Rangers) as agent and tech consultant.
6. My episode titled Hexagon reintroduces her as Kamen Rider, and this story picks up from her adventures afterwards.

There, you're all caught up. Though shamelessly advertising: please read mine too!


Okay, thanks for that. I'll take a look your story when I have some time.

5914063 I think that's a great idea, and I was hoping to do something like that.

The Hype is real!!!


Also, seeing Trixie take up the mantle of Kamen Rider is straight up awesome. I can already see the Decade episode...and if there is no Decade episode planned shame on you, I'll write it for ya if I have to!

That said, Trixie's motive is very good, and the mystery of how Changelings actually absorb others into the hive, or at least the mechanics of it has me very interested. Top all this off with the wonderful use of new Trick cards, and I'm hooked! Though the lack of technique name is new, though given her motif it makes sense.

Overall, top marks for an excellent episode one! Can't wait for episode 2 and to see how you handle the exposition dump episode. Also, Tavi and Trixie...I ship it!:rainbowdetermined2:

I like how this feels like a blend of Decade, Kabuto, and Wizard, which are some of my favorite Rider series.

Though now that I say that, I kind of want Trixie to constantly quote her Grandmother...

5914275 I thought that naming the tricks would give away the trick, which is why they're not named. But... you already knew that.

I guess I do have to make a Decade episode. She just wouldn't be a Kamen Rider without meeting Decade.


It does amuse me how Decade has become this oddly meta series AFTER it aired. Almost more than it was when it was still airing.

Decade is the Kamen Rider counterpart to Gokaiger right? Using the abilities of previous generations? I looked up his back story (Wikipedia) and I have absolutely no idea how you can do a Decade episode, by I'll be looking out for it. But crossing over with the official series is difficult, I had to delegate my upcoming crossover to a "Become your costume" plot.

5928244 Decade will be easier as he jumps worlds. It doesn't matter HOW the Rider gets their powers. If they're an official Kamen Rider (which Trixie is one in this story) then Decade's powers will connect with them.

5928264 He just gets their armor as designed for him right, like Gokaiger did? Cause otherwise he'd turn into a girl, which would be both awkward and hilarious.

That's never been discussed, as all main Kamen Riders are male.

But since in the case of Decade his belt remains the same, he might just take on the style of the armor, but keep his gender.


Agreed, Gokai Blue in one of the early episodes gained a female blue's power, but just got the male version of the suit, as in no skirt, and otherwise same costume design. I'd imagine the same thing for Decade, and honestly, Decade doesn't even need to connect with "Official Riders", he wound up in the Super Sentai world during Shinkenger's time, and I'd bet anything he could use unofficial Rider's powers if he honestly thought to...he just usually doesn't get their cards.

That said, this is gunna be good! ...and yeah, Decade's actual series left me not liking him much as a main protagonist...but as just a passing through Kamen Rider, who gets maybe an episode or two? I'm more ok with that, plus he makes a nice way to keep Riders of the future connected to their past.

Surprisingly, the theme for Kamen Rider Wizard is VERY appropriate for her.


6000162 As this story takes place along with Xero Key's story, yes. They're happening at the same time, but they're dealing with separate issues.

6000185 There's a link to his story in the story summary if your curious.

6000185 He actually. Trixie became a Kamen Rider in my chapter Grand Illusion, Ride On!, but her over confidence broke her morpher. Hexagon helped fix it in exchange for her expertise in making them (in case Rangers/Riders were ever needed again). She decided to become a field agent for Hexagon (which is basically Marvel's SHIELD) as the Kamen Rider,

6000218 And you complained about my cliffhangers? I really need to know what is coming next! Yours is the only Kamen Rider I like.

6000708 Ah. I see. Also that makes sense.

6000708 I'm just trying to tell the story like an actual Kamen Rider story. Now every monster is dealt with in two (sometimes three) episode arcs.

Damn!! Another good chapter...though I'm surprised that Trixie isn't spilling about finding her mother. You'd think Octavia might already know about that, or maybe figure it out. Still, drama is the bread and butter of most Kamen Rider stories. Well done and looking forward to the Next Ride!


Definitely open-ended...although...yes, Life Is Showtime DOES fit Trixie for some reason.

Being curious, I decided to check into your stories. What wonderful, original ideas and concepts! "Canterlot" as a... Well, I don't want to give anything away. :raritywink: Very fresh, original ideas! I like that! A lot!

I've added that story to Read It Later, which I actually will do when I get more time, can relax and enjoy it.

Thank you for doing such great work! :twilightsmile:

6311116 As this is a spin-off of my story here, I told Sapphire what the city was like, but i could never figure out how to word it.

For some reason I can't help but imagining octavia joining as another kamen rider or something

6403483 When I do get back to this story, I can tell you this much that Octavia isn't going to become a Rider. You know how every Kamen Rider has that one female side kick they may or may not be romantically involved with? That's Octavia. I already know who the second Rider is going to be.

6404156 I know that she won't be, it's just that the idea keeps piping in my head

6404176 nah, it's ok. I understand how you got that from what I posted, i should have re worded that lol

The last few paragraphs of this sounded like what darkwing duck says. "I am the terror that flaps in the night, I am -pun-, I am darkwing duck!" But I do like this. And by the way, I would have added a bit more flare to Trixie by giving her more magic puns. Just a thought, no need to change this. It's good.

Is this story going to continue at some point?

7369097 Eventually. I just need to work on some other projects.

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