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This story is a sequel to Cirque du Poney

After the events in the Never, Misty Moonrise is determined to learn more about what threatened the dream world. It soon appears to be a fruitless endeavor, but she refuses to stop looking. However, secrets abound behind closed doors, and painful memories once buried surge to the surface. It isn’t long before Misty must face a challenge she never dreamed she’d have to overcome.

Revised August 22, 2015

The Shadowmancer Saga is written in collaboration with The Wandering Bard.

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Comments ( 9 )

Very interesting this story is yes. Read I should have the first story before.

6092196 Read the first one I will now. Hmm?

6092229 Very good, Master Yoda. :twilightsmile:

Oh sweet Celestia, my heart. It hurts so much right now. Like, I just want to hug her, or have Lyric come in and play a soothing song for her, or something!

Which all means that you have another masterpiece on your hands here. Once again, I love your scene descriptions, and I love that each of your characters has a distinct and unique personality. I can tell who is who just by their actions. And the fact that you were able to draw out those emotions speaks volumes of how you write. I could actually feel Misty's anguish as my own, which is not an easy feat.

My only criticism is that, at first, I thought this would be more about Misty trying to find out about the Shadowmancer (around when she and Cloudy were digging through the old library), but the direction you took in the story more than makes up for this. Really, nothing needs to be changed as the payoff was more than enough, and it makes sense for Misty and the journey she must now take.

And I really do hope that her and Steel Shield will make up at some point, as I hope that she will be able to remain friends with the others despite the distance. I really can't stand to see her so hurt. :applecry: Once again, a spectacular piece, my friend!

(I can't believe I haven't replied to you on this yet! Sorry about that, Bard. :ajsleepy: ) You're too kind, Bard, really, but thank you. I'm so glad this one moved you -- that was the intent, after all. :raritywink:
Also, I've finished revising the story as a whole and elaborated a bit on the scene in the library with Cloudy. I know you said that nothing needed changing, but I didn't want to steer readers in the wrong direction by accident. Does the fleshed out scene resolve the issue of story direction you mentioned? If not, I'll gladly try again. :twilightsmile:

No worries, Emylia! Take the time you need to reply. :twilightsmile: I did read this again, and yes, your revisions definitely cleared up that issue. Keep on writing, my friend!

I think you've destroyed the stereotype that "OC stories always suck" with this. Forgive me for not being specific or articulated here, but I just can't praise or critique stories for the life of me. :derpytongue2:

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