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The Nintendophile Brony who likes to write. 'Like' and 'write' rhyme by the way.


A breakthrough in science appeared in Opelucid City's laboratory, allowing one to see beyond the dimensions of their own.

Then, Arceus's exodus occured. Due to the nature of the equipment in the lab, the destination of the lab workers had shifted towards a different destination. Now, Mono, Lith and the other Pokemon and former humans have to unite with the residents of a futuristic version of Equestria so that they can survive underneath the shadows of a new dimension filled with less than friendly alien contact and ancient secrets.

NOTE: Alternate spinoff of Zeusdemigod131's A New World, A New Way. Preread by Warrior_Princess and Zeusdemigod131

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A story to replace Pokemon, A Whole 'New' Frontier:twilightsmile:
And a good one at that!

... Who gave you a down vote already!?

5959444 Or people who just didn't find much in your story.


I don't care much about it, anyways. I've decided to do this and I will not let that derail me from writing it from what I have it written out in mind.

5959516 Then continue on with you magnificent journey.

5959516 Great story and finally a Goodra character that would appear in the future chapters

This looks interesting! Though there is a lot of character introductions concentrated into one scene, it was a little disorienting to me at first.

Also, is it required that I have read New World, New Way before reading this? Gotta be wary of le Spoilers after all.

What are you talking about?
'A Whole 'New' Frontier' takes place in the NWNW universe, does it not? :rainbowderp:


Not at all. It takes place in Alternate Canon Equestria (even if it does still have the base canonity).

I'm saying for me it replaces that story in terms of Pokemon usage.
They both have Meowstics in them and the other story has not had an update in forever.

Welp, this is escalating quite quickly!

I got a Pheonix Wright vibe from the flashback, and Neo Canterlot was Completely unexpected!

Dis gon be gud m80s!

Who are the Van'Goth?
I know they are invaders


The people at the very end of the chapter.

The cosmos bat sounds so adorable!!!:yay:

hello again

At first i didn´t know if i liked that Humans, and i am not sure what the other creatures are, but after i managed to read the Backstory, i was happy with what happened in Equestria afterwards.

Sometimes it is boring to read about the Human world at first at least if i have not much time, but right now i think i like Rondo, and Mono.
As much as i like this story right now, is there a Pokemon story, where there aren´t to many Pokemon at the start? I mean like maybe only 3?

It is a bit weird for me to have this future Equestria, but it is still nice, just a new thing for me.

Pony, Pokemon or both? You decide.

Are your characters the only pokemon in this?

Good use of an unused pokemon.

6040683 Ah, that clears up a few things.

It's turning out really well. Keep it up!

Head's up. It looks like you may have had a problem with the italics about halfway through the chapter! Otherwise, good work!


Thank you very much for catching that.

Italics Brackets can be very hard to catch.

And thus no one knew who Frida Kahlo was.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and make assumptions before I continue on.

This appears to be based off "A New World, A New Way," but because of space-time shenanigans, takes place in an alternate reality.



And your assumption is correct. Let me know what you think of the fic.

Nice to see some more Discord^^


It always is, especially when seeing him under a fatherly light.

Oh my.... Lots of catching up to do on reading this.

Ahh, man it's tough for me to get through some of these chapters. I keep wanting to see more of the aliens and mechas. But the characters are awesome!


The character establishment always comes first. How else can you enjoy the aliens and mechas when you don't have characters to care about?

6187380 I know, but I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek. Well I know what my weekend Wi-Fi access is going to be spent on.

Oh yeah! The bad ass character has arrived!

...my mind took me to the fillyfooler fandom when they were in the spa.

This seems like it needs something at the end. Like some art or something. Still great though.

Dimensional Traveler Ho-oh bringing hope to everyone everywhere, I can see the Elite Beat Agents sequel now.


I want to see a sequel to elite beat agents for real.

How did Pasque manage to hack into it? Wait... someone look for a broken keyboard.


I forgot I wrote that. It's even sillier now in context. But, it's funny nonetheless.

How much time has passed since they arrived?


At this point of the fic, I would say roughly around 3 months.

6270747 ok you wrote the bad guy as saying something along the lines of them first encounter being years ago.


I wrote years since he last assaulted Deerope.

6270796 Ah! Ok I just read it wrong then.

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