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If there's one thing that everypony in Equestria knows, it's that Rainbow Dash is the most athletic mare ever. There's no competition she can't win, no accolade she can't earn, no feat of strength she can't accomplish! She can do anything!

That is, anything except impress her father.

Although she tries to hide it, all Rainbow has ever wanted to do in life is make her father—world champion strongpony Rainbow Blaze—proud of her, by bulking up and becoming a strongpony just like him. But no matter how hard she tries, she can't do it! Her body just isn't made to get swole like that!

On the day of the annual Equestrian Strongpony Competition, Princess Luna grants Rainbow's wish to become the single strongest, most muscular mare in all of Equestria. Will winning the competition be enough to impress her father? Or is Rainbow destined to live life as a failure?

This story was originally written for the April /fic/ Write-off, "Great Expectations." Thanks to all the people in the group—especially Present Perfect, FrontSevens, FanOfMostEverything, and AugieDog—for offering their opinions.

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Comments ( 27 )

Don't really know what to say other than great story!
Was expecting this to be some crackfic-ish thing, but was happy to find out it wasn't.

Majin Syeekoh

You're a pretty girl, Dubs.

>Story about bodybuilding that even makes a joke about pecs in its title
>No mention of Bulk Biceps anywhere

5947894 Bulk played the violin so fast it caught fire.


Glad to see this on FIMFic! Agreed with 5947595; by all rights this concept should have been a crackfic, but it works surprisingly well played straight, and the simple and heartfelt moral feels satisfying against the totally ludicrous premise. Well done.

Thank you! Interestingly enough, that picture was one of the candidates for the cover art, but I decided that it was a bit too visually horrifying for my tastes.


I knew you would be here.

Anyway, great story. I really enjoyed it.


And that was a lovely and heartwarming story, Will. ^^

I'd love to know what brought you here.

I wish had a moon horse to make me swole.


I'm a former athlete (15 years and four different sports, as many as three per year from elementary school all the way through college) Turned me into a diehard gym goer after my athletic career ended. Bodybuilding is a hobby of mine now. I'm also a fan of anything muscle themed, so when i saw your promotion: "Rainbow Dash get's SWOLE" i had to check it out :rainbowlaugh:

Well I'm glad to hear that you liked it! :twilightsmile:

While not even I (not exactly a big fan of Rainbow) can buy that Rainbow thought of herself Wonderbolt material (let alone capable of flight) with her bulked-up body (at least after the first time she tried to fly), it's still a very good, emotional story. The "reverse Icarus", Troll-Luna and total absence of Luna-Ex-Machina were really nice touches :rainbowwild:

5948467 5948628
<Insert Akira reference here>

Well, we could, but then it would just short-circuit to this:

(Skip to 0:48.)

Author Interviewer

This is still a really weird story. :V

The story has a show-like feel to it in terms of the structure of the narrative and how it addresses the overall message. Great job!

Great story. I personally am a fan of stories with a moral, as there seems to be a point to the story, but I think that this was done well. I like how you used ingenuity, Princess Luna being part genie, Also the Ground Pound, I laughed at that. I really enjoyed how we saw that Dashie was ready, albeit miserable, to give up her own dream for her dad, but get the opposite in return learning that it's not his dream, but her dream that makes him happy. The way every good parent should be. In short, Loved it, and defiantly putting it in my favs so I can read it again later.

Well, that was a funny but emotional piece. It isn't easy finding stories where the dad isn't some deadbeat loser or abuser. This one hit all the right notes. Much like Luna, I'm a big fan of familial love and this story would have made a rather cool episode (though they'd have to change up a few things, but still awesome.)

Couldn't help but noticed a few stories were already in my favs or read later. I only wish I made the time to read this one sooner, it really deserves more love. Thanks for writing it. <3

Heh, thank you for reading, my friend! I appreciate having someone like you who takes the time to really look through my stuff. Makes writing it all worthwhile. :twilightsmile:

6236229 Ha, yeah. I enjoy reading. Though II'll try not to consume so much, too quickly, as I did with a few others. Sucks catching up to peoples works and suddenly you've got nothing to read on your free time. Though rare, it feels like it's happening a lot more often these days where you just can't find something entertaining to immerse yourself in.

I like your style so far. I'll certainly have fun catching up on what you've shared with us all. Here's to many more future stories I'd hope to have the privilege of reading from you. :3

Off to continue my morning routine. See you around!

Very nicely done. I must admit I was expecting a dream when Luna mentioned being half-genie, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment a single bit. Being a quarter genie seems far more plausible. :raritywink:

Oh, this was great! xD

Good mix of humor - but not too much - with a well-rounded finish.

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