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Where is this stranger named Iron Will from? How is it that only Fluttershy knows what a Minotaur is? What sad secret hides behind the bulging muscles and powerful voice?

(Another semi-experimental series. I'm trying to keep this cut to the minimum. No extraneous actions or scenes, no needless asides, just a pure story, done in one quick sitting, however long that makes it.)

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New Old Fluttershy knows everything. Also, I love this minisode. :)


Thanks! I hope your enjoyment continues as new episodes come out.

Interesting. You have explained every other hybrid at this point, I guess it was time.

Concrete makes me :facehoof:.

Corrections time: 'why would even bother' seems to be missing a 'you', 'he ask a statue', missing an 'ed' there.

Looks like Kag beat me to it on the errors. I look forward to more, as you know.

It's good? This rarishy is awesome. Want more

the end confuses me. How can Iron Will be? imean. uhh. my face.


He said outright, Minos was his father, as far as he knows. If Minos is a king then he would be a prince. He also said Actaeon gave him a name. But he lived with Minos for a year, long enough to get his own name. What it comes out meaning is, his real name is Asterion, and he is regarded by the locals as a prince. And apaprantly, dead.

599403 When? I thought it once said earlier in the story that IronWill was not at all wanted in his homeland...


Yes... isn't it very strange that the things he believed may not be true? Almost as if he may have been lied to?


Ugh... :facehoof: I'm trying to imply Iron Will was lied to and his family history is different and more complicated than he thought. I wanted to be coy. I'm a writer. It's my job. :eeyup:

That remind me, forgot an 's' there. I made peace with out destination, or maybe our? :scootangel:

New developments, dun dun DUN!


Has anyone ever told you that you are as artless as Twilight? :twilightblush:

600106 GASP! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp: NEVER! Millions of people have said that I am as Artful as Rarity! I like drawing things! APPLEBLOOM SAID SO! :applecry:

599545 Also, I understood your comment. The uhh ok was a joke.


Well, welcome to the internet. Without context cues a joke looks exactly like a serious statement. i've seen more obtusestatements :pinkiesmile:

600283 Parry? Yeah, I baked it myself, right? It looks delicious. How does a parry taste like? More importantly, what is a parry?


A fencing term, like a riposte but less counter-attack-y.

“Oh… you two are Sapphiric females."? is it meant to be Sapphic females?:rainbowhuh:
But still this is good.


Continuing the (bad) rock puns, instead of the island of Lesbos, they have the island of Sapphiros. And the implications are exactly as usual :scootangel:

It's extremely nice :twilightsmile: yup. nice :raritywink:


Grr, Fimfiction screwed up and didn't save my favorite, so now I'm late; I hate being late.

Anyway, the Sapphiric bit was a non-groan worthy pun, don't know how you managed that.

And the puns that hurt return; Feldsparta... really?

Called Discord when they first mentioned the Trickster statue a while back and called Theseus being Actaeon last chapter.

her were just an object. He, maybe? sobbed and lower: lowed.

You caught me unaware with Minos dying, but I guess it was bound to happen. Discord's message and last act, hilarious. I also quite like the the crown. Fine work.


I had always intended for Iron Will/Asterion/Minos to take the throne by the end of the story. And I thought it made for a properly "Greek" story to have Minos die. At least he got his son back first. Doing this as a quick story made me miss a few things I wanted but would have involved a LOT of delays to set them up. For instance, I had the idea of Iron Will falling for one of the female pegasus guards. Just to make things even more interspecies.


No need to toss the idea though. A little side story from his perspective later on could work that in and, honestly, I think it'd be better to have it separate from this as it'd be an entirely different style. We always love new interspecies relationships around here and I think there could be a nice story there.

Oh, the the king dying does make it very Greek, agreed.


I suppose you're right. That's actually not such a bad idea. After all, in addition to my various series, I'm writing a Changeling romance story. Standard (at this point) but reasonably cute.


Yay, double Pinkies. Twilight's fun has been doubled! :twilightblush::twilightsheepish: Thanks for the kind words.

You sir. You have won my satisfaction. You have made me happy. And for that I am grateful, Sir Gabriel LaVedier. :derpytongue2:

Nicely done :) I really liked Discords recording

I found the part about a thousand beautiful bitches hilarious:rainbowlaugh:. Perhaps it's a sign of immaturity in me.


Ahhh, a Diamond Dog nation. Hilarity ensues for those used to mares ^.^

This story was too finely written, I dare say I'm envious of your under appreciated and refined skill. This was something worthy of Sophocles, or perhaps Homer, and your geology/ Grecian puns, c'est tre manifique. As for Iron Will being a half cow/ half diamond do hybrid, I was taken aback, but that was absolutely brilliant! Short, strong, and fulfilling, that's how I'd sum this up, good on you sir.


So glad to hear it. I did try my best to remember the classical unities and make the story compelling.

Thank you for the kind words.

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