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Tenchi Muyo X MLP
Nuada was a regular kid on earth until he got his copy of the 'Ultimate guide to Jurai, and related things,' upon opening the book Nuada found himself on Equestria, turned into a Juraian.
Thanks to Inazuma for making, Virgil:seeker of knowledge, who will be the source of Nuada's displacement.

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Let's see where and how you take this

I'll track this to see where it goes. Tenchi Myou crossovers are far too rare and good ones are almost none existant. Hopefully you'll keep a decent update pace.

From observing this we find it a odd trait how most human displaced 'forgive' or let major slights go, as a millennia is not just a day of tricked imprisonment.

rather laid back kind of guy

For now he seems Mary Sue'ish... but that is probably because it's still at the start.

Hoping to see the plot moving along soon :twilightsmile:

You said it. Off the top of my head Sleeping With The Girls is the only one I know of.

Sadly, despite what TVtropes says, it appears to be dead again.

This got rather confusing rather quickly. The time skips without any warning or indication made this chapter hard to follow.

6387923 Rereading it a few times I have to agree, I think I'll scrap and rewrite the chapter.

I recommend going through the second half of the chapter again. It felt even more rushed than before and I had some issues trying to keep up with who is and where. Everything happened so quickly with no scene transitions that would have helped clear such issues.

Interestin', though the proofreading needs work. Lots of grammar misusage, like 'there' and 'their' or 'your' and 'you're'.

7157013 Thank you, I sadly don't have a editor so I just try to read though it a million times but I still miss things

Too bad you were unable to link to the chapter where he crossed over with Mistress Change yet.

7169771 It was actually a huge crossover with Sparkle and Nuada going to help Mistress Change and Avarice fight a guerilla force of a 'secret society'. You know the chapter Regreme, I'm pretty sure you even commented, did you? :rainbowhuh:

7170073 I may have. It's been a while. XD

lol Cute update on this. Glad I'm slowly catching up.

Finally caught up. Loving this so far.

I extremely hope my secret project finishes soon. Kinda can't start on any of my 20 Displaced ideas till then beyond brainstorming and notes, and I'd love to cross over with this. Especially since many of them will have harems too.

Another interestin' chapter, eh?^^

7259468 Thank you, I finally feel like I'm getting a little traction

7262610 Glad to hear it.:D I just wish that my project would finish soon. Would love to cross over with this great fic, but situations just aren't allowing such yet.-_-'

lol Adorable chapter end there. XD

“It must have gone to Nuada’s place, and there’s a clear path there sense Cinder came through a few weeks ago.”

'since', not 'sense'.;)

And finished. Glad to see you return to this.:D

DUNCAN! YOU FISH! Now I have to try and write ponies again!


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