• Published 8th May 2015
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Captivity - Party Pop

A mare finds love in an unlikely way after her heart is torn apart by the one she trusted.

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All by my lonesome

Lord Gold Soul was a pony much beloved by many ponies, a kind and caring stallion who did his best to make sure fair and just laws were passed by the Equestrian Parliament, where he worked, and to keep unfair ones from ever seeing the light of day. However, there was something missing in his life. This was the problem he was ruminating over right now, as he sat in his favorite chair. Something wasn't right, something needed to be there, something vital that he had missed before. He thought back to his friend, Candy Flower, who he had been forced to part ways with so long ago, since she did not have the lifespan of the fallen alicorn prince. As he thought this, the realization came over him. He wasn't missing something.

He was missing somepony.

Of course, this was what he needed so badly, the thing his career in parliament could not give him, the thing that, in the thousand years he had been trodding upon the lush world that bound him so coldly to his past, he had never had. A mare to cherish and adore him. He had never dared to love, as he knew that he would more likely than not outlive his mate. But maybe, just maybe, it was a risk he was now willing to take. But where could he find that special mare? Who would want him? He sighed, and picked up a magazine. Maybe he would find the answer to that question later. However, the answer came to him sooner than he ever suspected. As he turned the pages, an advertisement caught his eye. It was an advertisement for the Quilled Shell pet shelter, which wasn't too far. What Gold Soul had never realized, however, was that they offered pets of the more equine variety as well. The ad featured an adorable mare-kitten, with a soft, fluffy purple mane and snowy white fur. Her big blue eyes seemed to look directly at him from the page, as if to say "Please take me home, I need you." He blushed slightly, and put down the magazine, grabbing his wallet and heading for the door. Somehow, by hook or by crook, he would get himself a pet. that pet.

Party Pop sat in the corner of the shelter, grooming her hooves with her tongue cutely. Several stallions, and even a few mares, had come to take a look at the pets being offered, but none of them had wanted her. Several of the other pets at the shelter had been adopted, but nobody wanted to give the "broken" kitten a chance. She sighed, curling up on the fluffy bed the shelter had provided her with. She liked it here, but something was missing... She wanted a stallion to hold her close and love her, to pet her mane and kiss her cheek, to nuzzle her gently and whisper in her ear that she was wanted, that she was needed... That she was loved. Suddenly, the door opened, and she looked over to see the most amazingly gorgeous stallion she could ever have imagined. His light gray fur made a perfect backdrop for his soft, flowing green mane, his big aqua eyes sent her heart aflutter, his powerful wings matched his massive, muscular body perfectly. He was obviously a powerful stallion, the kind that could command attention just by entering a room. Then she noticed that he had a horn... and wings. Had her prince come at last? It seemed too good to be true. He looked around, and the moment he set eye on her, his expression changed to one of complete adoration and love. Pop gasped slightly, her eyes snapping open wider. Was he going to take her home with him? Snails smiled at him, noticing his sudden fixation on the mare.

"Ah, I see you've noticed Pop. She's quite a cutie, isn't she?" He said, walking up to the mare and helping her up. The alicorn stallion smiled upon her.

"Yes, she's absolutely perfect. In fact, she is the exact reason I am here. I saw her in the shelter advertisement, and knew I simply had to have her. I am very lucky someone else hadn't adopted her first." He said, stroking her mane gently, and making Pop blush hard. Snails frowned a little.

"If anything, she's the lucky one, your lordship. Nopony seems to want her, but I can't imagine why." He said, petting her gently. The alicorn stallion frowned as well. How had this sweet little kitten been left all alone? She was everything a stallion could want!

"Nor can I, Dr. Snails. If it pleases you, I would like to take her home with me. Now, preferably." He said, making Pop's heart skip a beat. He was taking her home! She would be loved at last! At least, she hoped so. Her old master had seemed nice at first, but turned nasty soon, but this one... No.

This stallion was different, and she knew it.

He signed the papers in a flash, and payed for her room and board with ease, then wrapped his wings around her and kissed her forehead.

"Don't worry, my sweet little kitten. everything is going to be ok, now. I'll keep you safe." he said, looking into her big, sparkling blue eyes. Pop smiled, and hugged him, blushing happily, with only one thing on her mind.

"I love you, Master."