• Published 8th May 2015
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Captivity - Party Pop

A mare finds love in an unlikely way after her heart is torn apart by the one she trusted.

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Once, in Manehattan, there lived a stallion named Starter Seed. Seed was a large, strong, powerful pegasus stallion, with a green coat, dappled with dark brown patches. His mane was flowing and dark green, just long enough to make the ladies swoon, but not long enough to look unprofessional or feminine. His piercing, jet black eyes looked as if they could cut through solid steel with just a glance if he pleased. He was proud, cold, and stern. He owned a successful, large business in the city, which consisted mainly of a peanut processing plant. He was very wealthy, and owned a decent-sized home in the downtown area.

One thing many ponies did not know about him, mostly because he didn't much care to bring it up, was that he had a pet. But this wasn't just some turtle or dog, like a normal pony might have. This was a mare, who he had put his collar on and claimed as his own. Her name was Party Pop, and she was his pet kitten. Since he was a wealthy pony, you would think that she would live a life of ease and comfort, but this was not the case. He kept her in his basement to catch the rats that plagued it. If she couldn't catch one to eat, she didn't eat that day. Her collar was little more that a dirty rope, and it scratched at her neck horribly. He never took her on walks, or played with her, or even gave her any snuggle time. Her sole reason for living with him was to catch rats. Despite this, she adored her Master, and always tried her hardest to be a good girl for him, so that he might one day show her some affection. She even tried to use what little she had at her disposal to make herself beautiful for her Master, even though he never seemed to notice it. One day, however, things went horribly wrong.

It started out innocently enough. Pop was trying extra-hard to be beautiful for her Master, because today was his birthday! She was going to bake a big, special cake for him, so that he could be happy on his birthday. Maybe, if she did this right, her Master would play with her a bit, and might even let her sleep in his bed with him! The thought of being allowed to have such a special treat made her quiver a little. She had to hurry, though. Her Master would be home soon, and she wanted everything to be perfect. She got out all of the ingredients she would need to make his favorite kind of cake, chocolate peanut-butter ice cream layer cake with mascarpone and whipped cream. Her mother was one of the best bakers in Equestria, and she had taught Pop most of her recipes when she was a little filly. She looked over the ingredients she had out, and realized she had forgotten one- flour! She scoffed at her own stupidity, and trotted over to where it was kept to get it.

Unfortunately, Pop had something called tourettes syndrome, which caused her to experience small shivers and seizures, and it just so happened to hit her right as she grabbed the flour, causing her magic to short out, spilling flour all over herself and the floor, and making her fall over. And to make it worse, it was simply sheer bad luck that right next to this shelf was where Starter Seed kept his prized china collection. She cringed as plates, cups, teapots, and a few vases crashed on the floor around her, one of them slamming into the ingredients on the counter and sending them flying across the kitchen. Eggs splattered against the wall, peanut butter dripped from the ceiling, chocolate covered the counter, mascarpone was in the chandelier, and whipped cream covered the floor. She looked around at the mess, and wondered how she would clean it all up before her Master got home. Just then, she heard the key slide into the lock. He was home early, and the kitchen was a disaster!

Starter Seed considered himself a reasonable stallion, one of logic and calm, collected intellect. However, when you come home, and see that your kitchen has become a war zone, and the dumb slut you keep to get rid of your pest problem laying on the floor like a lazy bum, all logic goes flying out the window. He took one look at the situation, then gave Pop a look that sent her into a cold sweat. His voice was calm and even, but it barely contained his impending rage.

"Did you do this, bitch?" He asked, slightly emphasizing the last word, as he always did.

"M... Master... I'm sor-" Pop said, before being cut off.

"This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. I come home, after a hard day of work, and this is my reward? I give you a home, shelter from the elements, and the honor of being my pet, and this is how you thank me?" Seed said, slightly vibrating in pure rage.

Pop could barely hold back her tears. "Master, please, I'm so sor-" she said, being cut off again.

"GET OUT!!!" Seed screamed, unable to control himself any longer. He grabbed her tail with his teeth, dragging her to the door as she squirmed in terror. He flung it wide open, and roughly threw her outside. She landed on the pavement hard, cutting her chin, she looked up at him from where she sat, far below him from where he stood on the house's staircase. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Master, please don-" She sobbed, but he wouldn't let her finish.

"I'm not your Master anymore, slut." He said coldly. Then, he slammed the door behind him, leaving Pop sitting in the rain, her heart broken. She curled up in front of the steps to her former home, and began to cry.