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All the clop, all the time.

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Aw, it's a shame this didn't make it for the contest. This story was pretty nice and would had made an excellent contender. Thank you though for finishing it anyways.

Um, you realise that even that fairly insane ammount of cum wouldn't do anything to the ocean right?

Not bad not bad... it's average... 7/10

Is there going to be an epilogue?


I may do something at some point.

so her friends prolly think she drowned

Ah... Houston, we have no problems...

I think we're just getting started

I think this was Twilight at her sexiest. Most people I've seen tend to show Twilight as sexually inept or even a virgin even as a Princess. Seeing her somewhat experienced was nice, and the dirty talk between her and your OC was brilliant.

As more cum spewed from her maw into the hole, she realized she had that. The stallion currently shooting his cum through her body had not required anything from her

Absolutely horrifying.

6277323 -7, but he's right, though.

6280072 Wow, my comment got a lot of downvotes. Probably people thinking I was being a buzzkill.

Really though, that part and the part about the cum going backwards through her digestive system just seem totally unrealistic and kind of killed it for me. Which is a shame cause otherwise this story was pretty hot.

So...If this continues...Twilight is definitely having kids.Unless she did a condom spell while they were swimming. Besides, I question how spike is going to take twilight's new boyfriend.

Wait it's true that semen is bad for the environment? Is there some kind of scientific data on that?

Also, there is "stuff" in her digestive system that would also have been pushed out if it was that much pressure.

This site needs more cumflation stories like this :yay:

6280752 Ooooh yeah, and it would be disgusting.

6280329 Yeah, same here. I went from aroused to slightly-horrified of the sight of a waterfall of cum erupting from her mouth

6281547 Oh I know right, not to mention the other stuff that would come along with it.

That's one way to have a fulfilling holiday. At least for Twi :rainbowlaugh:
Great read though!

6280752 Wait, what ? I said the opposite of that... I 'agreed' with the non-poisonous part.

Also, quote from a medical definition of 'semen' :
« Semen is a greyish white bodily fluid that is secreted by the gonads of male animals. It carries sperm or the spermatozoa and fructose and other enzymes that help the sperm to survive to facilitate successful fertilization.

The whitish opalescence is due to the large amount of protein that it contains and its slightly turbid appearance is due to the spermatozoa contained within it. »

Also #2 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semen#Human_semen

And finally... Do ''we'' really need to have this discussion, really ?
It's semen. It's not dangerous, unless you have some specific STDs... which, considering this is fiction (+magic), isn't a problem in this literary context (neither is having a giant cock, or being able to double someone's size with cum, etc... Really.).


I feel kind of proud of myself for creating such a weak excuse for magic during sex, that the majority of the comments so far are all based upon that original bit of unresearched narration. I'm laughing, but I'm not quite sure why. It's just kind of funny.

Soriel #26 · Aug 4th, 2015 · · 12 ·

This story is very cheesy and somewhat sickening in my opinion. Though, I'd say the comments are furthermore.

Give me all the downvotes you've got. :facehoof:

Oh, I confused who you were agreeing with, so I thought it was with the author. My mistake.

Is the misspelling of Twilight in the title intentional?

Daym Twi, you freaky.

As others have stated before the cum vomit is not really my thing but other than that it was really good.
Though I also have a small problem with the "natural lube" aspect to the anal, it is easy to solve with a simple sentence about a "lubrication spell". And if she can focus enough to do that glass drill stunt while being pumped (overly) full of cum it's no stretch for her to do that before they get going, heck it could even be mentioned as part of the "production and stamina" spell.

I like Sex-Freak!Twlight, she's not "best Twlight" as the meme goes (that would SexyCute Librarian!Twlight) but still a fun Twi to read about.
I'd read more about her and Quick Wit getting it on.


Yes.... Why?

Wow. Best smut I ever read. :rainbowlaugh:

i kinda feel jelly





"I know a lot of earth ponies. All of them can hold their breath for a long time, and that's without knowing they're about to get laid." As Wit's brain finished processing that information

"What's that, Skippy? Someone's poisoned the waterhole?"

Have an upvote from me.

Pretty sure it's Twilight that feels jelly. :trollestia:

6290279 heh heh heh heh :rainbowwild::trixieshiftright:

but still I do feel kinda jealous, now must go and cry myself to sleep:raritydespair:

"I can't hold my breath for very long, and I didn't want anypony to see me surface and get curious about what I was doing."

Eh? What are you doing? :trixieshiftleft:


Holy shit... is she.. are they.. going to do it underwater?? :twilightoops:

"I know a lot of earth ponies. All of them can hold their breath for a long time, and that's without knowing they're about to get laid." As Wit's brain finished processing that information, Twilight suddenly dove forward, pressing her lips against his as the water fell below their waists.

Holy heck!!! Yes :pinkiecrazy: *cursing intensifies*

Ya know, I was going to upvote this because of how hot this story was so far, maybe even favorite... until Wit's 4th orgasm happened. That was one hell of a way to kill most people's (fe/male) boners. :applejackunsure:

I know its been said a million times already but why did you have to overfill Twilight with cum at the end? You were doing perfectly fine up until that point.

An overall enjoyable story...

Until the cum inflation segment and that which was incorporated into it. As everything up until that point is pure vanilla with nothing the slightest bit out of the ordinary as far as sexual action (aside from environment), there needs to be a warning about it, as it can be a major turn off for those who don't like that fetish (like me) to be caught off guard by it.

Other than that, I loved the story, and I don't think it would suffer at all to cut that part, or make it a separate segment we can choose not to read.

Reading this again. Damn.. raunchy sex with magic is kinky... very very kinky. Dunno what to make out of that final sex scene though.

This was very vivid and imaginative. Thanks.

Welp, I'm kinda glad I got off before the inflation bit. Not that I find that kink disgusting by itself, but going to ridiculous extremes like that...ehh.

Still pretty good overall. It probably would have been fine if it has only gotten as far as 'looking slightly pregnant' level inflation, thus cutting out the weird bit of random magic for convoluted reasons.

Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy walked back up the beach to where they'd set up their chairs, Rainbow slightly miffed about getting dunked by Applejack. As they got close, they noticed Twilight's chair was empty, save for the book sitting upon it.

"Where'd Twi go?" she asked, looking at Rarity.

"Oh, she left about, what, ten minutes ago?" Rarity replied, looking at the clock on the lifeguard's tower, "yes, about that. A charming earth pony bought her an ice cream and they both went swimming."

"From what Rarity tells me, however, both of them are yet to surface," said Princess Celestia from her chair beside Twilight's, with Princess Luna laying back beside her. They had been absent when Quick executed his flawless pickup line, as they had been making preparations for the group's activities later that evening, and had arrived a few minutes after. They both wore bikinis similar to Twilight's, Celestia's a bright yellow and Luna's navy blue, which both showed off their voluptuous bodies, and black sunglasses adorned their faces.

"One wonders what they could be doing for so long under the surface...." Luna said with a smirk. Both of the sisters extended an arm out to each other and high-fived before flipping their hands over and doing it again. They then drew their hands slightly apart, wiggling their fingers as they did so, before fist-bumping one another, all the while grinning like Cheshire cats.

"W-what do you mean? What was that for?" Fluttershy asked softly, her pink one-piece doing nothing to diminish her looks or her curves.

"What do you think, darling?" Rarity replied, cocking a brow and smirking at the Pegasus.

"O-oh my..." Fluttershy squeaked, making the connection and blushing up a storm.

"Huh. Wouldn't'a thought she had it in 'er," Applejack said as she looked back at the surf, resting her hands on her red-one-piece-clad hips, her blonde tail swishing idly behind her and her long blonde mane blowing free in the breeze. Pinkie and Dash just stood there and grinned like idiots.

Luna lit up her horn, the glow cutting out a few moments later as she lightly panted. "It seems that Twilight has taken our lessons well, sister," she said, still grinning.

Celestia did the same and had the same reaction. "Indeed she has."

"Did you just-" Dash began.

"Mm-hmm," Luna cut her off with a smirk.

"And is she-" She began again.

"Mm-hmm," Celestia cut her off with a grin.

"Wait, what do you mean 'lessons'?" she queried.

Celestia merely lowered her shades, cocked a brow and smirked at her. Luna just kept on grinning.

"No way," Dash said, wide-eyed, "no fucking way."

"Mm-hmm," both of the princesses replied.

Dash was silent for a moment as she stared wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the diarchs."Why wasn't I invited?!" she eventually said exasperatedly.

"You can come to our next little 'party' if you want, Rainbow," Celestia said, lowering her shades again and throwing a sultry look Dash's way. She swung her gaze around and looked at the rest of the elements with the same expression. "You can bring your friends too, if they fancy it...."

Rarity closed her eyes and stretched her arms above her head, the action accentuating her curves. "Well who would I be to refuse a royal invitation?" she said with a smirk, firing a sultry look back at Celestia, who just grinned wider.

"Fuck yeah....." Dash said, leaning back in her chair and looking up at the sky with a dreamy expression.

"Sounds mighty fine to me," Applejack said with a grin. She lowered her aviators for a moment and slowly drew her gaze over the princesses' bodies, as well as her friends', before winking at Luna. "Mighty fine."

"That sounds, um..." Fluttershy seemed unsure until Rarity and Celestia both gave her smouldering looks. "That sounds great," she said quietly, but with a smile.

Pinkie Pie just continued grinning like an idiot.

"I think Pinkie's on board," Luna said.


"Well, that sorts out what to do when the movie's finished tonight," said Celestia, laying back in her chair.

"Ya think we should tell Twi?" AJ asked.

"Hmm, nah. Let's make it a surprise party!" Pinkie said excitedly

"Sounds good to me," said Celestia, and this was echoed by all present.

"Let's just relax for now, though. We have a busy day - and night - ahead of us," Rarity said. And with that, they all laid back, put on their sunglasses, and grinned like idiots.


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