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Part of a series of companion fics to each of the "Fiendship is Magic" comics.
Fiendship is Magic #1 Fanfic (Sombra) : Sombra Omega
Fiendship is Magic #2 Fanfic (Tirek) : Madness for Power
Fiendship is Magic #4 Fanfic (Nightmare Moon) : For the Love of a Nightmare
Fiendship is Magic #5 Fanfic (Chrysalis) : The Need for Change

"It was, perhaps, his greatest failure ever." As a very young Starswirl the Bearded pens these final words in his journal, he finds himself alone in his study with the magic mirror now housing the banished Sirens. Starswirl knows that no one could blame him for ridding Equestria of three such relentless menaces...yet he blames himself just the same. He understands now that is a better kind of magic he must come to understand, especially if he wants to succeed at training his two young princess charges to lead Equestria with loyalty and generosity and laughter and honesty and kindness.

Meanwhile, in the realm of 'humans', the Sirens struggle with the changes their banishment has brought, but also vow to return to Equestria and rise again...however fearful each of them may truly be that they will never see home again.

Years later, an aged Starswirl realizes that he cannot end all of the pain the Sirens bring to others and themselves...and so he prepares a certain princess of the sun for the day when someone will come along who will perfect the study of the Magic of Friendship in ways he never could.

"Don't say goodbye. I promise everything will be all right. Don't leave me, I'm sorry, I'll fix this if it costs me my life. I'm going to make this right."
~Aviators, "Friendship"

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Surprised a story with almost 600 views has no comments yet... I thought it was decent, though the story description does seem to indicate there'd be a higher emphasis on the Dazzlings than there was (it was mostly about Starswirl).

7592698 I think the comments kind of got scattered between the five parts of the series. But thanks for adding one here :twilightsmile: I guess I just felt like I couldn't say too much more about the Sirens, but Starswirl's mindset back then interested me and I wanted to explore it a little.

Young princess Luna and Celestia arguing was adorable and yeah I kind of feel bad for Starswirl but I feel a greater focus should have been put on the sirens since this series is about exploring the character of the villains. The Dazzlings were basically side characters in their own story.

So does that time spell only effect the Dazzlings considering Sunset went through the portal years before the movie and clearly felt the years pass or was Sunset going through the portal what broke the spell? If it's the latter the last 10 or so years of their banishment would have passed like normal for the Dazzlings since Sunset left as a child (yes I'm ignoring her comic because that just creates issues that weren't there to begin with) and is now a teenager/young adult in Equestrian years. 10 years is a lot of time to reflect though I can see the Sirens just ignoring the issue until the events of the second movie.

This was an okay story but I think the Dazzlings have more to offer in terms of storytelling.
Have a like.

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