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The art museum in Canterlot has seen many different works and artists since it's opening day. One would even say that the pieces displayed within are often magical in their own right.

When the works of Guentena Rice are featured for a one day exhibit, ponies from across Equestria flock to observe the amazing pieces. The collection of paintings, portraits, and sculptures captivates everypony.

As the passerby take in all the amazing artwork, a single painting captures the eye of an unsuspecting pony. She marvels at the world painted within the frame, not knowing that the world she perceives as fake, is about to become all too real.

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ā€œIā€™m sure to have a pleasant time!ā€

Famous last words. Good work, I enjoyed it, looking forward to more!

Damn it, someone beat me to it! Oh well, I'm liking the intro to the fic and I'm now really excited to find out who'll be in Garry's place.

My interest is sparked...

What's this a crossover of exactly?

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