• Published 18th Apr 2015
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mann vs Equestria - Szalhi

A full scale war is bound on Equestria. Luna is sure they won't win this time. Celestia has a plan. She's hired nine mercenary creatures called humans to fight for them. They have a good reputation. But maybe, they're a bit crazy.

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2.5 Reflections

Author's Note:

I got bored, but at the same time couldn't write at full capacity.

The engineer had called everyone into the courtyard. He had just finished building the teleporter and wanted to alert them it’s ready and test its efficiency.

“Hey fellas. So I just finished building the teleporter and it should now be linked up to the other teleporter in Canterlot; provided no one tampered with it. I’m going to take it for a run to test its efficiency,” He said as he stepped over to the teleporter. “See you on the other side.”

They all watched him disappear and they saw the teleporter quickly recharge. Slightly faster than normal at 1.5 seconds instead of 3.

“Holy crap, I mean, it’s not that much faster, but it’s still faster,” Scout said slightly amazed.

Engineer popped out of the other side of the teleporter. He was met with the canterlot armoury.

“Well I’ll be damned, it works at this range.”

“Engineer! You’re here!” Shining Armour said getting up.

“Yeh, I just finished building the other link. Normally it doesn’t take this long, but I had to fine tune it and I upgrade it.”

“That explains the glowing and the whirling I saw and heard. I was a bit confused. To say that your technology is different.”

A small flash suddenly appeared as soldier popped out of the teleporter.

“Soldier? I thought I told you all to not use it until I came back!” Engineer complained.

“You never said that! Besides, we all knew it was going to work, otherwise we probably would’ve lost you. But we didn’t,” Soldier replied.

“That reminds me,” Shining Armour said grabbing a shotgun. “We tried to take a good look at this, but couldn’t really get through to it.”

“Well. You just need to know how it works. You got any paper?” Engineer asked.

Shining armour levitated a piece of paper over to Engineer. Engineer drew a couple diagrams demonstrating the function of a firearm.

“Basically, it’s like using a cannon. But smaller and more accurate,” Engineer summarised as he finished explaining.

“I’ll show these to the others. But in the meantime, you said you had plenty of these?” Shining Armour asked.

“Yeh, they’re pretty good and cheap.”

“They’re not just good, they’re the mother of all firearms ever!” Soldier emphasised.

“They aren’t really.”

“OF course they are!”

Engineer ignored Soldier as he walked over to the teleporter. “I’ll be seeing you later than. Gotta prep the base and such. And you should prep Canterlot.”

“SIR!” Soldier saluted and he stepped onto the telporter after Engineer.

“So, what took you so long?” Scout complained.

“They didn’t know how our shotguns work.”

“SO technologically inferior we are,” Scout said walking off to his own thing. The others did the same.

Engineer sighed and pulled out a toolbox. He opened it and a lawn chair popped out. He lied down pondering over the thoughts of the future. But he had no idea someone was still there.

“You feel something?” Spy said walking up to Engineer.

“No, not really,” Engineer lied back.

“Oh you can tell me the truth.”

“IF you insist. Well I’ve been thinking. This place, is different. There’s supernatural forces here, something we don’t really have.”

“And there’s a problem with that?”

“I’m not sure if we’re put up to the task. I mean we’re fighting things we don’t really know about. I mean, we might get briefing, but that doesn’t really change anything.”

“But we’re different in general. We’re different from the normal mercenaries out there. We work as a team. We have wide diversity. We worked for the same company for ages. What makes you think we can’t handle the forces here?”

“Y’know, this might be the most interesting thing to happen. We’re strange men. And we’ve come to a strange place. We could really fit in. I mean, we’re different species, hell even a different order. But this place has lots of diversity. We’re kind of magical ourselves. We’re kind of crazy, but this place seems to really accept that.”

Spy smiled at Engineer. This could truly be the right place for them. They could work here for the rest of their lives. So far, it seems like the best job they’ve ever gotten. Granted, they haven’t really done much, but it seems they might also die here. They may never even leave. And they’re doing it for a quite real purpose.

“It’s only been like a couple of days, but I’m glad that’s what you feel like. I too like it here. I can just see all the ladies out there waiting for me. Doesn’t matter that I’m different. But it’s great for the rest of us out here.”

“Scout has a lot of space to move around. A lot of new creatures to impress. Soldier gets to fight in a real war. Pyro is in the wonderland for real now and even during the war it will feel the same to him. Demoman, gets to experience the landscapes and the old traditions that bare resemblance to him. Heavy gets to experience his other side, ponies to cuddle. He’s kind of like a different Pyro. Sniper gets to get it on with nature. And Medic can try the new medicines and procedures… I mean… Not everyone gets a full spot here, but it still works.”

“It’s kind of like, we’re going to be truly living now.”

“Truly living. I like that. Maybe this is our destiny. Perhaps they won’t just see us as mercenaries, but as friends.”

“Friends in deed. That would be wonderful,” Medic said coming up behind them. Engineer didn’t complain. The three of them were quite closer than they were to the others. “All the ponies I could help.

“It’s kind of sad that this place is going to have a war. I’m sure it’s had war in the past,” Engineer expressed.

“There’s a war everywhere. And they’re all inevitable,” Spy pointed out. “I just realised that there’s no more stupid control points or intelligence.”

“How ‘bout we make this the best final mission ever?” Engineer asked.