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After a terrible accident in the Everfree Forest, Twilight and company must face life without their shiest friend. But when a mysterious message arrives from Zecora, offering them hope of seeing her again, just what consequences await their attempts to bring her back from the dead?

Originally published on Equestria Daily August 29th, 2011.

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Oh, how I loved this story when I read it on EqD, and how I'm still going to love it. Thank you for uploading it here! :heart:


Sorry for the caps :twilightsheepish:

:facehoof:Ha ha ha. 2 Downvotes right off the bat without reading this at all.:rainbowlaugh:

If anyone actually reads these comments past the title, just read this story, it's a great supernatural suspense and not a gluefic. 2nd best horror fic in the fandom IMHO.:pinkiehappy:

Perfect timing too. I just saw Cabin in the Woods yesterday and am heading to see a Rammstein show later today.

This looks interesting, but I'm scared to death of reading it. If it was on EqD it's probably good, but I think I'll wait to read until I'm prepared to lose sleep.

too busy. going to have to read it later. seems interesting to say the least.

the idea of fluttershy being possessed by a demon..interesting.

I cant read this. This cant happen to fluttershy!

Jegus, I think I am going to get nightmares just from that picture.

Dat picture...it gived me nitemares...:fluttershysad: but still an excellent fic! well done!


You can't save her without reading the story.

Read this one awhile back, and enjoyed it tremendously.

Well done, Present. Give yourself a pat on the back!


It's a good story, but be sure to bring a bottle of holy water first :raritydespair:

God, I'm so torn. I usually avoid dark fics since Cupcakes and *shudders* trying to read Sweet Apple Massacre, but this one sounds sooo interesting...


How does the element of kindness go to hell? Equestrian god is an asshole too, I see.


This is a Darkfic but not Grimdark, gory, or gluefic. Think "Poltergeist" not "Saw".
It is rated "Everyone" after all.


"Hell" means different things to different cultures.

For instance, the reason the Chinese traditional afterlife is called "Hell" is because of misinterpreting what missionaries meant when they said "All non-Christians go to Hell". they thought it meant the name of the Christian afterlife was "Heaven" and the name of to other cultures' afterlifes was "Hell".

So basically what I mean is don't take the term "hell" literally.


You ever seen the movie, 'Drag Me to Hell'?

Is so, I would kindly advise you to NEVER, EVER, EVER see it!

Lovely story you wrote. Was so happy with the ending. Glad that everything turned out all right. That black blob got what he deserved. lol :raritywink:


You ever see the movie The Midnight Meat Train? If Drag Me to Hell bothered you...



Damnit! Now you made me curious enough to where I want to see it! :twilightangry2: :twilightblush:

Or whatever sent her to hell

I remember this, loved it back then too.:pinkiehappy:

That was creepy, but good. You really are a great author.

Author Interviewer

Man, I really have to thank that guy again for making an image that scares the crap out of people. :D That said, seriously, this story isn't that scary. And it's "Hell" as a metaphor.


More of a 'thriller' in my sense of mind.

587523 I live in a rural town, so the only definiton of hell i've heard is the "You're going to hell, you motherfucking atheist beaner" kind of hell. Thanks for giving me a new perspective on it. God, I hate rednecks...


Unfortunately titled, but a good story.

oh thank fuck for the comment on happy ending now i can manage to read the story lol, i saw it long ago on equestria daily but it seemed so creepy i love fluttershy its evil to kill her lol

okay just read it awsomely done you get a thumb up

dont like it. :applejackunsure:

I actually kinda liked it (though I thought Twilight punching someone when she was little for torturing a slug was sort of OOC). Good work.

Whoooo! That was eerie. However, I recently had a dream where I repeatedly try to kill the Prince of Evil himself, but then he sent his demons after me so I detonated a baking-soda valcano to get rid of them(Return them to hell). Then I woke up.:rainbowlaugh:

Loved it then, love it now.

Author Interviewer

I am highly amused by the service you provide.

I loved this story, but I honestly don't think the "Dark" tag fits it. True it involves a demon and (temporary) death, but everything works out in the end. I'd say it fits more in the realm of Sad/Adventure.

Author Interviewer

I went Dark because of the overall mood. While it has a happy end, it's pretty morose all considered, and the ending is still open. It was at least tagged [Sad] on EQD, but I'm really not sure how well that fits.

This story made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. Please, take a thumb. Also, some moustaches. :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Amazing story!
Also kind of guessed Miss Party of One would be the first of the ponies to attend the tea party, :pinkiecrazy:

For just a moment Acheron reminded me of the spirit in Kyd's "The Spanish Tragedy" until he turned on Fluttershy. That's when I knew it wasn't going to be that sort of story. Still, it all turned out for the best. Yay. :yay:

Author Interviewer

And here I thought you hated me. :P

Did you leave the ending open so you can make a doubly depressing sequel? :fluttershbad:


Hehehe. You make it hard to hate you. You're too cute. :rainbowkiss:

I have to say, presentperfect, I've never seen anyone emulate Zecora's rhyming as well as you did in this story. I also really liked your descriptions of tainted Fluttershy and the Hellscape. You have my thumb, good sir.

...wait just a moment...salamanders breathe fire?!?!?!? :rainbowhuh:

"No, stay there, you will break the spell! Fluttershy must send it back to hell!" I LOL'd at that! :rainbowlaugh:

Great story, I originally came just to see how Fluttershy died, but you hooked me.

588808 In most settings, salamanders ARE fire. They live in it, breath it, love it, have children in it and die if they are ever completely separated from it.

I would be more surprised by it being able to fly than anything else, though they do sometimes appear as 'lesser drakes' fitting the title in form as well as function.


Rammstein - Spieluhr


Well it depends if you use the tags as an overall genre indicator or inclusive of all themes within the narrative.

Author Interviewer

No. :V


Funny you should mention that; this is the story that made me hate writing Zecora. It's A LOT OF WORK getting her dialogue to flow properly while still getting across all the information necessary.

I take this as a compliment. :D

epic, nuff siad

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