• Published 28th Apr 2015
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Clean Corners - tailsopony

Cleaned Corners is the new head of housekeeping at Friendship Castle. And he aims to keep it that way.

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No joke, some of us actually like licking pussy. Weird, huh? Maybe cunnilingus is one of my fetishes... It still has to do with control. It's a part of the body people keep secret and protect, so sneaking in the middle of the night and defiling it is a thrill in and of itself. Piss doesn't gross me out either. Discharge is a bit gross, but whatever. You have to make some sacrifices to get what you want.

6801989 Nice to know... you getting on the Competent Villains story cause that one I do like... It holds a special interest in my heart for some odd reason and I personally enjoy it.

Wow. That is quite a chapter. Also very sudden, I was pleasantly surprised to see it. On the chapter itself, damn 'deep' it was. Truly dark and noncon. That moment with Spike was unexpected as engaging him at all. Due to my reader experience of many stories, I at first was sure that Clened would use him only as a threat against Twilight. Here, you surprised me second time in a row.
Thank you. Will wait for the sequel. :twilightsmile:

holy shit. I come back to this after months of inactivity and suddenly, not only am I dropped back into a world of evil mind control, but now cuckoldry, too? (Kinda? That's how it made me feel.) Really well written, awesome antagonist. I can't see twilight letting it get this far but I remember previous chapters had potions and hypnosis so maybe not so unbelievable? (It's been a while.)

Wow, this story. All this defilement of something as beautiful and pure (and powerful) as Twilight. So hopelessly and utterly dominated, yet considering herself blessed. I absolutely love it.
I really wish to see how far Twilight's willing to go to make sure she remains Clean's little fuck toy princess, considering she gave him full control over the Castle for just regular sex. She didn't know he would put her through such humiliating, sinful acts, which she seems to love much more.
I'd much rather if Spike only watched, though, but eh, a kiss is not that big of a deal.
This is one of my favorite stories. Please keep up the good work!

Oh, and i agree, you should definitely revisit this last chapter because it has a lot of potential to be even better

There's been a bit of hypnosis. The bit from last night in the story wasn't ensuring clean 100% control, so in the little time skip from showering at the dark early hours of the morning to the breakfast about 4 hours or so has passed. During which time Clean has ensured complete control with heavy handed hypnotism/drugs on the way to straight up body control in this chapter. Spike still hasn't figured it out at all, and Twilight's sort of given in. Because in this story she likes that sort of thing, she just didn't know it.

Thanks! I'll get back to this, but for now I'm working on something else that may or may not be set in the same world. Sort of... I haven't decided yet. I'm gonna try and finish it before I post it though, doing chapter by chapter leads to all sorts of issues.


The problem I have with CV:C is that I'm kind of invested in it, so I don't want to screw it up. I should stop caring about it and just post chapters. I know how the story goes, I have it all ready, it just needs to be done... I've started and stopped writing bits and pieces of it over and over again since I did the last chapter of it, but instead of finishing it I put out a bunch of other stories of varying quality. Quite a few were non pony related, but I have nowhere to post them! So They exist for a few hours on some image board as a link that only 50 people click on until they fade away forever. I heard a rumor that Knighty was going to make this website a subset of a larger fanfiction website, and that made me excited to no end. All of the possibilities...

I appreciate the comments! Thanks again!

6832184 So you are still working on it but not at the moment and you are more or less posting pieces if not all of it elsewhere. That is my understanding or do I have it wrong (yeah I can be dense at times when it calls for else wise).:twilightblush:

There is barely anything i didnt like about this story.
Still, there are open ends. Like... the letter? Twilight asked Princess Luna to visit.
Will CleanCorner outsmart her too? The potential is there for sure :P
We will see.(If there is any sequel ever^^)

Am I the only one that wants to see a sequel with the rest of the main 6 ?:rainbowderp:

Am I the only one who was far more excited by the prospect of Twilight turning the situation completely around on Clean? When she seemed like she would rape him all because of his mistakes and his mental commands I was on the edge of my seat with a giddy smile on my face. Even so, the fact that we didn't get that is making me want to write some twisty-turny Twidom myself.

Her mental break as he took full control of her was hard for me to read. I often endure reading something I absolutely loathe if the writing is good enough to carry it and this certainly is. I believed it, aside from the turning point I mentioned above, and that's what matters. Further, I must admit her magically explosive orgasm was a true pleasure to read, and Spike's forced involvement tied the scene together and is a great piece of setup for the sequel.

Overall this was fantastic, had wonderful and unique sexual situations, and delivered on its promise of being quite dark. I'm sad I didn't find this sooner.

Fine. Be that way.

Thanks! Appreciate the comment! Working on the sequel.

Hot dang, I did not expect to be as much into this concept as I first thought. But you wrote this just right to catch my interest for sure. Imma make sure to check out the sequel.

I would be happy to teach you :) I do teach college level Biology.... In any case, the question still stands. I do not condemn the action, I just do not understand it... if that's what you like, I REALLY wish I was a female and you would do that...of course that would take the thrill away from the taboo..if your subject is willing.

I do try to be a nice guy, and yes I am pretty specific in what I...dislike, anyway


#1. Please remember *I* am not the one who started out with calling YOU a "liar" or hinting at such.

#2. What you say, IS, of course true...if you CARE about the person "being taken" I do not remember in the story where the person CARED if she was in pain, or you were doing damage.

#3. what IS often used IS saliva, but there against that someone who CARES, there are about a billion OTHER plot devices you can use to lubricate, if that's what you want...to include manual stimulation or using HER saliva...

Once again my complaint is NOT that you don't like it, or *I don't like it...my [problem is with my suspension of disbelief...the character personality, in my opinion, did not fit his actions....and for all the reasons YOU stated, an uncooperative female would do..to make the act far less pleasant for the male forcing himself on her.

And finally yes Saliva and licking IS uses almost exclusively in BDSM..and without trying to accuse YOU...shows little thought behind the story and a rush to just get to what ya like...

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