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What started out as a beautiful celebration for a dear friend quickly goes wrong. Friendships that were bonded stronger than steel have been shattered thanks to a fight, leaving one little girl heartbroken. When a whsh upon a magic stone transports the former allies into a strange new land, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash help them in their situation, but an old threat forces them to work together to save Ponyville.

This is episode 1 of the 8-part MLP X Sonic the Hedgehog epic series. Follow their adventures through Equestria as they try to bring harmony to Ponyville and themselves.

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...You mentioned Sonic. Damnit, now I have to read this. Well, 0-2? I'll have to see if those are insta-dislikes or not.

Hm... Yeah, those were insta-dislikes. Not even caring if the story was good or not, it's just insta-dislikes. I'll counter one of them for ya. :twilightsmile:


I feel so thankful. Much appreciated, enjoy the story!:pinkiehappy:

Consider me intrigued... I know haters gonna hate, but this is something that kinda has promise. Did you use Sonic X or Archie comics? Archie has more material to work with really... and a much more epic plot.

Be careful what you wish for...

Or even better, "When you wish upon a [Chaos Emerald], doesn't matter who you are..."


Thanks! Actually, I'll be going by basic game universe. I know that there's a lot of things to work with in the Archie Sonic series, but I decided against it because a.) I don't want to confuse anyone unfamiliar with the comic universe and 2.) I barley know the comic myself! :pinkiecrazy:

600220 Reasonable, and I would agree if there wasn't the issue of the game universe being terribly inconsistent. It's perfectly up to you for sure, but perhaps the best compromise would be to reference the zone system used in the comics. It's sort of a multiple mirror-universe system that from a writing standpoint allows for all the games to relate by simply putting them in separate universes. Sonic Prime being Archie's as well as Sonic X, and a number of others mentioned so far.

That would also explain the unusual negativity and animosity between sonic and the other mobians. Sonic finally getting fed up with Amy makes perfect sense to be sure, but he and Tails are bitterly close... practically blood brothers. Also, HOW DID EGGMAN GET BACK!?

The only reason I could see aside from the ones you gave for using the game-verses over the comic universe is that the comic universe is so painfully complex in terms of relationships, plots, characters (it's got an army of a cast and each is a snowflake... not an easy feat) tech, and everything else under the sun that it can get downright impossible to comprehend without backreading and a lot of thought.

I wonder why Sonic and company haven't been ponified yet... is the KH polymorph-to-setting rule not in place? You know... where when you go to a particular planet you take the form of a dominant creature to allow for easier interaction?

The only reason I bring it up is because I'm afraid of the story getting mistranslated into something like THIS...

when you really want something closer to THIS...

though it would admittedly be awesome to see something like this:

So I suppose it would be best to make up your mind on that particular aspect quickly... or maybe leave it interchangeable. Anthros on both sides, mobian and pony, only pony, or mobian/pony and normal pony... etc.

No offense, but you really screwed up every Sonic characters personality. Also, will Shadow appear in this story?


How so? (really. I want to hear feedback.)

As for Shadow's appearance...I won't tell. You'll just have to find out yourself. :raritywink:

Hmm... Celestia's reaction seems a bit coarse for her, but until we know more I can't say it's out of character. Same for the mobians. I am confused at how Eggman is supposedly dead in STH universe but alive in equestria, and with yet another snazzy battleship.

Let's see... not sure what to expect at this point. Exactly which game did you decide to go with?

From the way the fic reads, its more towards the games...

By the way, about time we got a sonic fic where Sonic finally told the stalker off HAHAHHAHAHHAH!

What gives, Sonic? I thought you wanted to leave. I thought you wanted something interesting to happen!

I like this. It reads in the exact same style as Sonic X.

Oh my gosh, that bath scene was hilarious!
Gee Sonic, I didn't think you were that much of a jerk, although I guess two years without Eggman would be enough to drive you insane, considering you were absolutely bonkers after two days on a cruise ship.
Although... I'm not familiar with the game-verse, just the tv series, but shouldn't Tails still be all depressed after what happened with Cosmo? Where on the timeline does this fic fall?

Nope, couldn't do it. I've been trying to read everyone's voice in my head as they are in the show, but I just can't imagine a stern Celestia.
I think I need to go back and watch all of the episodes again.

Yeah, tenth time reading chapter 4, and still my favorite in this episode. Rarity is best hammy and melodramatic drama queen. :raritydespair: Although her passing comment of of that "other one" has me betting on what's likely to be the best of what's to come for the humor, assuming my hunch is correct. And yeah, I'm that one guy from that other place btw.

finally sonic told amy to f*** off :eeyup:

Honestly after reading the storyline so far, I never thought Sonic to be this much of rude Jerk, even to the likes of Princess Celestia. :fluttershysad:

I mean....honestly I'm a bit shock with how Sonic is acting so far in this tale and hopes for some sign of redemption within his own attitude. :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

Please do keep up this enjoyable tale so far as I can't wait to read more from it. :rainbowdetermined2:


As a large Sonic fan myself, I would complain about Sonic's personality; however, I kind of like it in a way. This is a Sonic that is, well, just FED up! I mean, wouldnt you be? A crazed stalker girl always after you that will KILL your friends on first notice and has no life whatsoever. Your 'brother' basically does everything without him and says "flip you I'll do what I want", a rival who is nowhere to be found, two people he can enjoy time with are gone, and his archenemy is MIA. And lets not forget-the gameverse in adventure is, in my opinion, BORING! Compared to Mobius wich has a whole bunch of mystical places to look around and run, there is nothing in Adventure. Also, Amy is not right in the head and Blaze isnt anywhere nearby so no dating excitement.

That is why I am loving this story, this is what would happen if Sonic just finally gave up and said what we are all thinking at a certain time. I also love how this fic shows the difference in the two realities

Hey! This has the same name a me! I'm gonna favorite it.

1876079 you just made me want to read this story... hopefully its as good as you made it sound :derpytongue2:

okay i have gotten this far, its pretty good, could see sonic getting like that when he has nothing to do, keep up the good work, please hurry with the next chapters/ episode cant wait to read on:pinkiehappy:

Cosmo was Sonic X exclusive, she never appeared in any other media. The closest thing to Cosmo the games have is Marine from Rush Adventure, since Tails seems to act like he has a small crush on her, but that's all.

Good crossover story your doing well :)

Dammit Sonic, Amy may be a stalker, but she does care about you, and Tails is happy, his garage in a success, be happy for you friend dammit! And Making Cream CRY?! Oh you are in so much trouble, seriously, just because Eggman isn't around for you to beat up, doesn't mean you need to be a jerk, can't you just, I dunno, try and set a new speed record for yourself? Or ask Tails to build you a ship or something and take trip. You better make up for this Sonic. Or I'll sic Discord on you.

There was little to no fighting, no sadness, no hate.

I got 4 words for you Cream, "Discord" and "Over a Barrel"


It's the universe Sonic and co come from I think. I wonder who would win, Rainbow or Sonic?


Try Return of Harmony or Lesson Zero.

This was an interesting way to begin the story. Mainly because, for all that Sonic said in her was hurting cream, it was the truth. Amy is a stalker, Knuckles just lays around, and Tails feel distant in th games

Looking back on this I am stilll of th opinion that Sonic's personalitly is excusable becaus this is Sonic fed up!!!!! He has had enough of th boredom tht comes with the adventure world.

A fun, if somewhat flawed, little story. It's a shame that it hasn't been updated or worked upon since 2012 as I would loved to see some of the kinks worked out. Maybe do more with Celestia, add some depth to Sonic and Amy, and just change the additions of the game elements.

here is the live read.

........................No Twilight. It did not.RUN OUT OF POWER!
The Chaos emeralds description: Gems containing near infinite power.

Anyway,I'm not sure how to feel about this.I like it, but I don't like some things you did.(Especially concerning Sonic)
But I guess I'll just have to keep reading and see what I think.

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