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What would you do if, by some miracle, you knew exactly how your life was going to play out? All of the choices you made, the mistakes, the missed opportunities, the things you should have done, the things you should have said, and so much more. What if you had the chance to re-live the most important years of your life?

For Twilight, a young unicorn preparing to journey to the tiny village of Ponyville, that's exactly the opportunity she's about to be given.

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(Note before reading)

A story that isn't a one shot? This gon b good, grab your popcorn people, things bout to get cray cray (No offence intended)

Damn this sounds like it's going to be very interesting, too bad I can't read it right now :ajsleepy:


Whoa. What an opener! I'm pumped, I can't wait for more of this. :)

And now I have to decide if this story qualifies as a timeloop story or not. I'm going to tentatively classify this as a Voluntary Timeloop for now.

Wait, forget I said anything... you beat me to it! XD

i can see this snowballing really, REALLY fast. I'm just waiting for events to fall so far off track that the sky falls, Pinkie grows wings, and the 4th wall shatters into a singularity.

This is the second time I've come across a 'second chance' type story, though it's the first to use is as the title. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Eh, I'm not particularly fond of these types of stories, and this first chapter honestly didn't hook me like some of your others, so I probably won't read further.

Sorry, dude.

Discord would be proud. And he'll need moar popcorn. Upvote, track, and all of my yes.

Keep it up! Excellent start and has a lot of potential!

Hmm... I'm intrigued.

Will there be more socializing for Twilight? More time spent with family and loved ones? Will the various baddies and foes get their butts handed to them much faster?

I have no idea, but I look forward to finding out! :twilightsmile:

I've been looking for a good time travel story, and you caught my interest!

Hm... showing the past you your memories. Tricky business... it doesn't cause as big a change as fully replacing yourself would, as having not actually lived through your memories, much of your personality would remain the same (and most importantly, in the cases of those who count their age by digits, your eyes won't hold the wisdom of elders).

Still, being found out would be an issue, to say nothing of how important it is for ponies to live through the lessons events toss their way.

I'm most interested, and look forwards to more.


I'm bothered the Why wasn't explained good enough. It must have been a very good reason for elder Twilight to do it and that was glossed to the younger Twilight (I don't mean explaining everything but giving something less vague than what was mentioned).

God damn it. The other second chance story is great but not finished and probably won't be finished for a long time. This one comes out and it's amazing, so now I'm going to go through this hoping the whole time that it doesn't end up like the other one. When will the waiting end???!!!!!

Ohh I like this! I hope we'll be able to read on soon <3

Off to a good start... I'm very interested to see what happens for Adorkable Twilight to be armed with the knowledge of Super Princess Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Reminds me a ton of "Take Two," a story I love but that the author doesn't seem to have all that much interest in moving forward.

How long will this one be?

Now to see how she reacts to meeting her old-new friends.

that was fast we allready got a second chapter....yay

This is going to be great! Can't get enough! :pinkiehappy:

Oh dear, I can already see Twilight about to run headfirst into the problem of reacting to people like she already knows them when she doesn't, and how that's going to spook them. Or worse yet, expecting her friends to react like their season 5, mature, post-character-development selves, and running back into their s1 issues that they haven't confronted and worked out yet.

Of course, as Twilight has a big shiny brain, once she actually hits this problem she will identify what the problem is and work on overcoming it. The difficulty will be in that she is, by all appearances, going to be completely oblivious to the problem until /after/ the first big crash. Let's hope that its not an irrecoverable crash.

Twilight has to stop the plunder seeds from overtaking the everfree forest BEFORE they sprout. Then they wouldn't need to lose the elements. Of course she wouldn't have a castle then.

Foreknowledge can be a double edged sword.

And even with this knowledge she skipped poor Moon Dancer's party.

Is this a rewrite or based on another story?
If not, guess I've read something kind of like this before :pinkiehappy:


She didn't receive the foreknowledge until the evening /after/ Moon Dancer's party.

Now she can go to the Gates of Tartarus and stop Tirek from escaping by making sure Cerberus doesn't run off!

And with Tirek out of the way, they don't need to release Discord!

Come to think of it, all she needs to do now is reinforce the binding spell on Discord to make sure he doesn't escape in the first place :pinkiehappy:

Well I'm glad that she's getting a second chance, I can't help but wonder exactly what made her future self consider this option in the first place? Something tells me this knowledge of the future has more to it than meets the eye...

Discord is actually a moral dilemma, now that you think about it. Unlike the other villains Twilight knows that he's redeemable and not beyond salvage, precisely because he actually did redeem. So it would be horribly cruel to let him stay petrified forever when she knows that when given the right chance, he could be a better person and not a danger to society and not deserve to be stuck in there.

But on the other hand, she also knows Discord's reformation was a series of low-probability events that could not be guaranteed to be reproduced, which means that letting him out is also a horrible risk.

So there is no clear and obvious answer either way, and its a decision to agonize over.

PS: I do, however, have a mental image of the stars being right and the mirror portal opening and Sunset Shimmer leaping out on a mission to steal the Element of Magic... to be suddenly greeted by a flying tackle, a group hug, a big apology from Celestia, and a 'Welcome Back!' party.

Sunset Shimmer: "... what."

I'm ridiculously curious.

Moar plox. :3

The dialog is very pretty. :3

Surprised Pinkie didn't paroxism with a Doozy at that point.

*hurries and reads*

That was fun, may I have another? Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

I'm surprised Pinkie doesn't already know her secret.

loving the quick updates!

Hole....Lee.....sheet man that was fast

Well, that's interesting. The younger Twilight has the memories of the older one but she isn't changed physically. (Edit: oddly enough, I mean magically: she tires out very quickly after using a spell meaning her magic reserves are still growing)

Becoming friends with Pinkie Pie isn't the hardest thing in the world, true, but I'm glad Twilight managed it well enough. At least this time she'll get to enjoy her Welcome to Ponyville party.

5865523 Ah but if she changed too much, others would know something is up.

I wonder if Spike will notice that Twilight knows where SAA is without asking for directions...

Go Twilight! Be social! It's awesome!

Seriously, I'm having fun. Keep it up!

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