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Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pony procreation...

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This is going to be good.

The idea for this story was conceived when I was joking about it with DJFireFrost on Steam Chat. He liked the idea so much he said "I will pay you to write this." so here we are.

Did he pay you or is he going to pay you?

Double DIamond narrowed his eyes as her form kept getting closer and closer.

The "i" in Diamond should be lowercase

5959714 I payed him...in steam cards....


Double DIamond narrowed his eyes as her form kept getting closer and closer.

The "i" in Diamond should be lowercase

Thanks, fixed.

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to write this. I though of something like this a few days after the primer, but I didn't want to write it due to not having experience in clop at the time, so I decided to play the waiting game. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


I'm almost sure it's good, though~

Some grade-A domination! I especially loved the little touches like him slapping his dick against her a few times, or the slow penetration as he felt out and enjoyed the sensations of her pussy on different parts of his cock; things like that really gave a feeling for him using her body, which I adore seeing in dom scenes.

5960854 Glad I could deliver, then :trollestia:

This is nice, proper domination rape fic. I do hope for some pussy eating by Glimmer, to relieve Night Glider of this pent-up tension. I do love reading about cute mares blocking the air of other mares with their pussies :3


I can just imagine Night Glider facesitting Glimmer, while Sugar Belle plays with her back-end using double dildo, and after that Party Favor using his prisoner as party favor: imagine huge party about being free with punch, games and cute bound cocksock chained for everypony to use...

Argh, update soon I beg ya

Yeah! Sign me up, hot hot hot! Looking forward to more.

"Vengence cannot withdraw regret, as anger cannot lead to peace, forgiveness is the path to peace and harmony within one's self." : ~Bronyprophet~

Now that I have said my wise saying.

Excellently wrote I enjoyed the chapters so far. Well, Done.

For this story, Double Diamond is my bro. Revenge is sweet.

sweet premise heh....

Erotic... Simply erotic... I hope her estrus hits quickly... Nothing more primal in rutting the mare that cause so much trouble by having all that seed quicken within her.

Maybe one of the mare victims have a cutie mark in fertility to spice it up... Fuck her up, knock her up. :pinkiecrazy:

I really hope they all go to jail

For some reason i feel bad for Starlight. No, i mean, i cried. Why am i so emotional :raritycry:

>>MustangII You're right, they are being complete jerks to her, let's see what they did : raping, wich is illegal. Keeping into weird dungeon thingy attached, probably illegal of what i know. Stealing from her home, illegal once again... And probably more. Seeing the timeline of the serie, they might just get executed... And they will deserve it.

6198415 I think you're taking this a bit too seriously...

6198415 I agree with you on that one. I can settle for it if Starlight gets a light sentence if they were caught, but I have a strong feeling this story will only end badly for poor Starlight. Maybe Sugar belle will be the compassionate one. ..... Nah I know she wont. It's still a good story, but I just hope it ends well for Starlight.

She wasn't a bad pony, though a bit extreme for what she wanted to do. But i agree raping her like this is a bit much. But i still enjoy the story as it is but I really hope Starlight gets some sort of happy ending. This would literally be the first story to do it that I've found if it did.
6198445 Keep it up you!

This story is gold and every chapter leaves me wanting more! Well, perhaps not so much rapey time, but I still like how some of the characters are showing that they have a conscience. Like I believe it was Double Diamond who had second thoughts before he decided she deserved it? :unsuresweetie: Thogh as said before I do agree with the previous two I'm not at all dislikeing what this is. I just hope for hte best for all in this story.

Please don't make me wait again...:fluttercry: This story is too good to die unfinished.

>>Alcatraz Maybe i should calm down a beat :rainbowderp:... I need to stop being a overreactivly emotionnal foal. :trixieshiftleft:

Finally, an update. Also, YESSS, more of Starlight getting what's coming to her (if not a bit more than she deserves, but still)

I absolutely adore the fact that she can recognize the smell of Double Diamond's cum.

6199806 Well, in the part that was cut (because it was arguably pointless), Night Glider went to get the key for the door to the room from Double Diamond. Because he didn't shower after he got home, he reeked of musk. It was that connection that Night Glider was supposed to make.

Forgot about that XD

Here, I dug through the raw draft (unedited, not spell checked, just a planning document) to find the section that got cut.

Night Glider smiled a silent good morning with a cheerful wave to a few passer bys before she got to Double Diamond's house, where she knocked on the door. A few moments passed without an answer, so she rapped harder and longer, using the side of her hoof this time.

"It's Night Glider," she bellowed to the stallion within, "I need the key for the room!" She heard a large thump from the bedroom followed by some groaning, then the door opened some twenty seconds later.

"Wha di-ya say ya needed?" he sleepily drawled.

A heavy musk hit Night Glider's nose. She snorted in surprise, and to clear her nostrils of the Odour. Double Diamond really needed to take a shower. She passed it off a poor bodily hygene and asked for what she came to get.

"The key. For the room. So I can check on Starlight, remember?"

"Oh, uh, right..." he mumbled. From her place at the front door, Night Glider's eyes followed Double Diamond as he went into his room and came back out with a key in his mouth. He put it on his front hoof and extended it to his friend, who then picked it up with her mouth then tucked it under her wing.

"If you need it, just come find me. I'll give the key to one of the others after I'm done so they don't have to wake me up like I did you, so you've got nothing to worry about it. Just hold onto the little bracelet until one of the others need it; I'll mention you still have it."

"Alrighty." With an overdue yawn, Double Diamond turned back into his house as Night Glider heard him mutter under his breath, "Wow I had a good sleep last night..."

Night Glider gave a mirthful hum upon hearing that and ruffled her wings with excitement.

She had a pretty good sleep last night too.

I was hoping for something more fetish-y hardcore-y but this is kinda vanilla chapter, with some light BDSM at most... Hope next chapter will have some breath-play or facesitting or SPANKING (omg I so want spanked Glimmer!).

It is weird that after just raping her without a hint of remorse. Night Glider is somehow surprised that starlight is traumatised and enraged.


This si clopfic after all, they tend to lean to 'sex' territory without caring for logic or character motivation that much

I don't know if you know that a My Little Pony card game exists, but apparently Night Glider is "overpowering". Made me this of this story immediately.


Awww, I was hoping for a big gangbang ;3

I'd probably feel sorry for her too... Were it anypony other than Starlight.

But since it is Starlight, I'd instead just suggest she be glad it wasn't worse.

what did Nightglider think about Double Diamond raping her the day before?

It's a sad day for Starlight. Well, at least they didn't gang rape her. I give you kudos for that! :raritywink:

I'm still hoping Starlight gets some manner of justice for what happened to her, but knowing how most of these stories end, I won't hold my breath. Glad to see you got back into the groove! I was waiting for a looooooonnng time for this update. I checked daily since the last chapter came out for this. :twilightsmile:

6924463 I honestly find it hard to believe you came back on a daily basis for nearly seven and a half months to check if this got an update :rainbowlaugh:

6924491 Hey, hey, person named after a prison... the point is this is a great story.:scootangel::heart:

I love it that much. No I didn't check it EVERY DAY, but it was very close. I always looked at my Starlight Glimmer update folder and kept an eye out for it. At least I didn't claim I slew an ursa of some kind, right?:rainbowlaugh:

6924502 I didn't name myself after a prison.

I kind of feel more sorry for Starlight, if the goes down the path I think it's going then I'm going feel kind of horrible. It's kind of hard to read a story where the so called good guys do such a horrible action and there's no punishment for it.


Damn, I thought everyone had forgotten about that game. Good to see someone else played it. "Destiny's a bitch, huh?"

Otherwise, great to see you back. I've been eagerly awaiting this.

6924546 ..........Awwwww........ Sweet. :flutterrage:

I never played the Crysis series. Sorry.:fluttercry:

The season finale actually made me think Starlight deserves what's happening even more than before.

Great story! What's the source of the cover image?

7029568 I can't remember, honestly. You could probably reverse google it.

Starlight didn't deserve this.

6925839 Hopefully, Applejack comes along for the ride. At least then if Starlight tells the authorities about being raped, Applejack might believe her.

I know rape is bad, so when I say this I am comparing it to what could of happened. Nothing that happened to Starlight was that bad she can easily recover from the actions that happen to her during this story.

Starlight got what she deserved. She was lucky he didn't fist her or anything like that.

This is one sexy story to remember :pinkiecrazy:

Shame this was cancelled. Was really looking forward to the logical conclusion (read: raped to death) of this fic.

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