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Note: THERE IS NO EDITOR FOR THIS YET! if you would like to be please PM me.( I have an editor but I could always use another to speed things along)

Do you like funny storys? Do you like romance? Action? Characters evading capture? Custom species?

Then this is a story for you!

After working in a Diamond dog mine for a year Jack and his lover Piper are finally free after a riot is caused during a royal army raid, Grabbing their friends and escaping to glorious freedom they find that, even freedom has a cost.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 25 )

Will your freinds really shield you from your friends?

5861726 the title is a paradox, its like trying to hide from discord by pretending to be part of the chaos, or standing next to him.

5866696 ...

The typo. I was making fun of the typo.

The fact that you didn't catch that, in your title OR my comment, tells me you NEED an editor. Without ever opening the story.

Sounds like a "no one here but us chickens!" kind of thing.
Hopefully the story does not get bogged down and stupid.

Dooooood! It's been a month! I NEED MOAR! :twilightangry2:


please? :pinkiesad2:

And thats when Ed realized, people like his storys..
*single manly tear* thanks pinkie. I am currently writing the next chapter i have re written it 12 times because i did not like how the story would progress from there, but I think I got it. -Edwax

5971600 Pats ed on the back
'Sallright bro. Much love very feels. *single manly tear*
I'll keep my eye out for the next part by the way. :P

~Sparkle on!

Also before I forget. I am in NO way saying it's wise to have a fan or follower of you edit for you without them having experience or something like that, HOWEVER. If you need someone to edit for you then I'd be glad to work as a last resort/temporary with no catch/charge(because some people do that... -_-)while you find someone more suited to edit for you. :twilightsmile:
If you want me to edit for you as a temp. Editor or a last resort just message me and I'll be glad to help. If not I don't mind. Again I'm not saying "hey I'm a fan who knows how to grammer good. You should let me edit." In the slightest. I'm just saying that I would be happy to help. :pinkiesmile:


Mani make long comments.........I think I watch too much twilight. XD I need a new favorite pony lol. I getting egg head-itus. :rainbowlaugh:

~Sparkle on!

"Yo,We have Guests!"

"ARE THEY GUARDS OR Mr. Dumb and Mr. Hornless?"

"Mesca, muska, Micky Mouse!"

:rainbowlaugh: lol

Dragon and pony hybrid is called Kirin not dronies....

...why can i not find luna deal whit it memes.

Lol i love this story... Also...I imagine it like this.

---in an alternate fanfiction---
(Pinkie) are you spies?
(Piper) yush. We shall do spy shtuf 'n eat all DA cake mix!!!
(Pinkie) aight den. Here, have some cake. *walks away*
(Piper) .......do you think she knows it was a joke?
(Jack) nope. But we still got cake soooo.....
(Piper) yea... Mmmm chocolate! :D

Yay know im bord someone send me the full rick roll song

Update coming soon sorry for the delay

I am going to be editing this and changing some story lines around to better fit a plot. And I also need to edit this entire story before I post more.

Great story so far, can't wait for more.

The references are strong with this one...

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