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Everyone has wondered where Pinkie actually resided; the shophouse seemed too tiny to house an extra pony, and every other pony thought that Pinkie slept on the counter top. A curious Scootaloo asks her and gets more than what she asked for.

Now with a reading by Midnight29! Link here!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

God that was beautiful. Derp and meaningful and emotional and sad and sweet and wise and just...magnificent.

5855655 I just added extra 700 words... Also, apparently I failed moderation the first time (again...) because of incorrect ratings. Apparently, I'm not allowed to have one curse word in an everyone fic.

5856826 Wow. Yeah, getting a story passed is so stupidly hard sometimes.

5856830 K nvm, I removed the swear XD

5856933 Okay. I hope your story gets approved.

Wait...what? That last part. Something odd is happening here. *squints* I shall have to follow this story now to see what the what is. *click*

5857567 The second chapter was more of a bonus thing I added later on. Might just give this the ending it needs to have. Might not.

Wow I'm re-reading all this that I once wrote... and when I'm emotionally unstable the most, I deliver the loveliest messages ever.

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